Video: Baby bobcat found killing chickens in Utah coop released into wild

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KANARRAVILLE, Utah — A baby bobcat was released into the wild Friday after it was caught killing chickens in a Kanarraville chicken coop.

According to Officer Josh Carver with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, the bobcat was found Wednesday in the chicken coop. It was released, but came back Thursday, and was trapped by the owner.

At some point, the cat did kill a chicken, Carver said. The owner was able to safely trap the cat so it could be relocated.

Carver said he kept the cat overnight Thursday, fed it turkey, then released it Friday.

Video of the release can be seen below:

Carver stated he released the cat on Pine Valley Mountain. He stated that he purposefully released the animal near roadkill so it could have something to eat for the time being.

"I'm hoping he makes it, he's young," Carver said. "[He's a] Tough little guy."

Carver estimated the cat was four to six months old.

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