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Utahns react to FDA crackdown on e-cigarette use among teens

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SALT LAKE CITY -- DeAnn Kettering is the Utah PTA Health Commissioner. She applauds the FDA for putting the industry on notice.

“Nicotine is an addictive substance and kids are developing their brains. They’re more susceptible to addiction," Kettering said. “In Utah alone, just in the last five years from 2013, we’ve had over 50% rise in e-cigarette use.”

Austin Healy is the co-owner of Peak Vapor in Taylorsville.

He said manufacturers bear some of the responsibility, but ultimately it falls in the hands of business owners.

“Vape shop owners, smoke shop owners, we need to do our part and make sure we’re id’ing these people that come through the door," Healy said.

Representative Paul Ray/R-Clearfield says Utah lawmakers have been trying to control the industry for some time.

He would like law enforcement to have more authority. Right now, local health departments conduct sting operations, but there’s limited funding.

“I’m running a bill this year that will tax e-cigarettes. Part of that tax will go back to the local health departments so they can actually fund these stings they’re doing and also fund the inspections they do for compliance.”

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