Utah man Josh Holt to stand trial in Venezuela

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), released a statement Tuesday following news that Utahn Josh Holt will stand trial for charges that have kept him imprisoned in Venezuela for over a year.

“As we keep Josh and his family in our prayers, I've called on the President, Vice President, State Department, and our UN Delegation to redouble our efforts to bring Josh home, and I've had my staff working to explore new avenues to work with the Venezuelan government and their neighbors to secure Josh's release on humanitarian grounds. We will not give up,” Senator Hatch said.

The news comes after Holt's family received a audio message from Holt, where he is complaining of pain due to a serious illness. 

For the past 17 months, Senator Hatch has worked tirelessly with the Trump Administration and the Obama Administration to secure Holt's release.

According to a release made by Senator Hatch, " Last night Hatch called on the Madura regime to allow Josh to receive court-ordered medical attention."

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