Republicans and Democrats in Utah gearing up for Tuesday caucus

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SALT LAKE CITY -- After a whirlwind couple of days with most of the presidential candidates making stops in Utah (including Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz), along with the ensuing rallies and protests, it’s now crunch time for Republicans and Democrats as they gear up for the caucus.

All eyes will focus on Utah Tuesday, March 22, to see which presidential candidates will get the state’s delegate votes.

For Democrats, the delegate votes are divvied out based on votes those candidates get. For Republicans, it's proportional but becomes winner-takes-all if a candidate is able to secure more than 50 percent of the votes.

A new poll by Y2 Analytics shows Ted Cruz could make that situation possible, as the Texas Senator is polling at 53 percent and beat out John Kasich and Donald Trump.

The poll shows Trump in a far third place, with 11 percent of the votes.

When it comes to the Democratic Party, while the Y2 poll did not study those numbers, Utah Democratic Party Chair Peter Corroon said the race is bound to end up close between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

And, with the poll showing such unfavorable results for Trump, if he does end up the GOP nomination, Democrats think they could catch an unprecedented break.

"We’re just excited, that we could have a close race here in Utah this year, not only on the Republican side but on the Democratic side,” Corroon said. “During the general election, based on what we've seen, we may see a Democrat for the first time in 50 years winning in Utah. That is something that I would never have imagined during my lifetime."

Corroon said they’re focused on disseminating materials and ballots to each of the caucus locations, and making sure volunteers know the laws and rules.

FOX 13 News reached out to the Utah State Republican Party for their comments on the latest polls and the upcoming caucus, but they were not able to arrange an interview Sunday.

The Democratic caucus will run from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, the Republican caucus kicks off at 7 p.m.


  • Robert Alban

    Let’s think, Bill is a disgrace, Voting for Kasich is like throwing your vote away, Cruz only has three years experience in politics; not even a Bachelor’s Degree in Life, Clinton will sell America piece by piece to the highest bidder while getting Bill into the U.N., and Bernie, I love a socialist only it just will not happen, although we do need to move to the middle. The only Sane Choice for America is the one guy the 1% have to get and that’s Trump, if the 1% are trying to destroy Trump then he must be for the 99% and that’s you and me… Don’t Be A Chump, Vote for Trump!

  • Gregory Charles

    America MUST end the GOP.

    I have always been an independent; voted for Bush; voted for Obama; and have supported both parties because I believe Republicans and Democrats present us with very different views and that is healthy, or at least I always have up to now. At well over sixty, for the first time ever, I’ve had to rethink the republican side of that argument. What they are doing and have been doing since the Obama win of the White House is not healthy, it’s destroying the county. Their hateful actions, repealing something sixty times to feed the hate to their base, and complete inaction at anything positive for the country is like a double bladed ax chopping away at the foundations of who we are. I’m not saying democrats are not without fault but I do not see them and have never seen them do anything like the GOP has been doing the last decade.

    Even worse is when I see them bragging that they are refusing to do their job, I don’t care what their silly excuse is, they sicken me. We elected these people to do the job, not avoid it, not turn it into a hate fest, and not insist they don’t have to work with the other two branches of government or with the other people we elected to sit beside them. I believe I could make a real case that what they have been doing and continue to do is treasonous, yes; they are that big of a threat to all of us if we allow it to continue.

    Our nation, scratch that, our world can not the allow the world’s most powerful super power to run amok as it’s been doing, it must end now. Even other nations are warning us about it and still the GOP pretends it doesn’t matter. We’ll just go kill them, their families, their children, anyone in our way, on and on this sickness goes. I even hear fools in Congress too young to remember shutting their pants when we were forced to look down the nuclear gun barrel and rant that we should nuke someone. They scare me and the world to the point someone WILL take the rhetoric seriously and that would be a disaster that is hard to imagine.

    No one in their right mind thinks inciting racism, helps our nation or “Makes it Great” in any way and that is exactly what the GOP has been doing. NEVER has the republican party swore an oath to deliberately sabotage an incoming president, until we had one that was black and then they couldn’t do it fast enough, as in before he was even sworn in and they did it publically so they could,,, incite racism. There simply is no way around that fact.

    It’s is time (November) for American’s to literally kill off the Republican Party. Everything has an end, the GOP has reached theirs. May they R.I.P.

  • Tango God

    Mitt Romney is showing that he can not be trusted. He is a loser and is attempting to destroy the Republican party. The fact is the Republican higher ups don’t care about the party only their pocket book.

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