Trump blasts Cruz ahead of SLC rally: ‘Mormons don’t like LIARS!’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Republican frontrunner Donald Trump will be in Salt Lake City for an event Friday evening, and several hours prior he took to Twitter to promote the rally while also taking  a shot at Ted Cruz.

Trump will be speaking at the Infinity Events Center in Salt Lake City at 7 p.m., and while some Utahns are ready to show their support, others plan to protest.  Friday afternoon he tweeted about the rally while claiming members of The LDS  Church don't like liars and calling out Ted Cruz as such.

"Going to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a big rally. Lyin' Ted Cruz should not be allowed to win there - Mormons don't like LIARS! I beat Hillary" the candidate tweeted.

Watch FOX 13 for live coverage of Trump's event at 7 p.m. The event will also be streamed live on FOX 13 News' Max Roth spoke with some of the folks waiting in line Friday afternoon, see the video above for his report.

After the jab at Cruz, who will be in Utah for several events on Saturday, Trump set his sights on Romney. The former Massachusetts Governor said Friday he would vote for Cruz in Utah, where Romney resides, and has previously drawn ire from Trump for promoting a Republican nominating strategy of anyone but Trump.

Primaries for both Republicans and Democrats in Utah will be held Tuesday.

See below for the tweets from Trump:


  • John

    Romney didn’t just say that he’s supporting Ted Cruz, he also called Trump a racist, xenophobic, woman hater. Advocating a pause on Islamic immigration until a new vetting process is established and simply finishing the wall that congress actually voted for is now racist. In no other country on earth is opposing illegal immigration considered racist by mainstream politicians.

    • Todd

      “Advocating a pause on Islamic immigration until a new vetting process is established and simply finishing the wall that congress actually voted for is now racist. ”
      No, John. That’s the xenophobic part, not the racist part. And he fact that he’s targeted at Islam specifically makes it religist as well, which is right on par with racism”
      The “racist” part comes from doing things like kicking a group of black students out of his rally despite them being there to listen rather than protest, or for discriminating against black applicants over rental of his properties, or for retweeting unfounded statistics saying that 81% of white murder victims were killed by blacks when the actual statistic is more like 15%, or from refusing, when asked, to acknowledge having any problem with the white supremacy groups who endorse him. The list goes on.

  • Rob

    Real unfair coverage for Trump. Bad news for Fox because are smart enough to realize they are trying to block his airtime. People will rebel at the polls just like what happened in FL and Illinois. It would be funny if Donald bought Fox News. The people know that he can’t be bought and isn’t crooked like all the other politicians getting kickbacks and money under the table. You just lost another devoted viewer today.

  • Jess Muniz


  • David John Francis


    Learning that GOP establishment is aggressively thinking of changing the rules in this election, to undermine THE PEOPLE’S selection for President, Donald Trump will split asunder the Republican Party. Everybody’s listening to the walls in Washington; the facts of their objective is going to leak out and anything of changing the rules, so they genuflect to their big corporate paymasters will indubitably turn the American voter against Senator Ted Cruz, John Kasick and those that back them.

    I have a huge following on my Twitter account and I am telling you now, if the GOP Cartel manages to overturn Trumps run, then I will not vote, but walk away from the appalling situation and from the tweets on my website, people who write their thoughts are telling me they will not vote for Ted Cruz, John Kasick, Mitt Romney or any involved in the RINO money machine. Ted Cruz owes his loyalty to donors as Club for Growth $700.000 plus, Goldman Sachs and Citi Bank, which means some time ahead he will have to pay it back, especially if he becomes President. Kasich’s top donors are MNBA Corporation giving over a $100.000 dollars, followed by Huntington Bancshares gave over $96.000 and that they will demand something for their blood money at a future date.

    It should be remembered that Trump wants nothing from these people; not from corporations, industry of the US Chamber of Commerce, the investment and financial institutions or the mega wealthy that control our government and are far from beholding to the people I’m yelling now that if these ignorant power hungry human beings irritate me to the limit of my patience, I will vote for the person I despise for her repeated psychopathic lies and ability to slip through the cracks of the justice system, And that is Hillary Clinton who first appeared on the scene in the Whitewater complicity fraudulent land deals-and the devil take the hindmost?

    If Donald trump is within sight of the 1273 delegates, he should become the nominee. It was less than 48 hours after an Iowa caucus defeat; Donald Trump had a right to call “FOUL,” with Cruz dirty trick and then Trump calling for repeat performance of that caucus. The New York business man accused the Ted Cruz campaign of fraudulent activities during the Iowa caucuses, after controversial voter mailers and reports that Cruz staffers lied to caucus goers by signifying that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out in order to gain votes for Cruz. Afterwards Cruz called for the firing of those people and apologized, but even so it was the first of dirty tricks by the man.

    Donald Trumps main topic and growing epidemic is the illegal alien invasion and was first to speak out about it last June. Later Donald Trump went to the dangerous border, and then indicating he was going to build a massive wall, anywhere there was not a natural barrier and then place an army of ‘Boots of the Ground’ agents right at the border line. So of course this inflamed the 15 million plus illegal aliens who came here to steal jobs, edged on by anti-American business owners. Once here they living off the federal, state, and local financially funded public programs. Last year the majority of parents unloaded their unaccompanied kids on the unsuspected population, explaining to them what to say once detained by the US Border Patrol. Once in, then the parents can smuggle themselves past the border and the cost is becoming astronomical. In the last few days that Criminal Hillary Clinton said, if she becomes President, she is going to give every illegal alien Obamacare.

    Our elections are not safe as many blue states as California have suppressed the official need for photo ID, so it opens not only primaries to voter fraud as the Democrats have pressed many states in demanding identification to vote. The Republicans should require a legal team to oversee has a right to enter the voting halls?

    Don’t we already have enough financial woes in the United States, with a 19 Trillion deficit, (7 Trillion caused by Obama in office) a huge majority of average Americans unable to locate a job while Democrats pledging to give low cost housing, medical care, food stamps and even Obamacare and a wealth of other programs to people are violated the law. I don’t want to contribute my part of the $$150 BILLION PLUS DOLLARS to the illegal alien invasion, as I have my own family to financially support?

    While illegal immigration has been a gathering storm, the power grabbers, the global profiteers as taken our jobs and manufacturing industry to foreign countries, owing to the destructive fast track FREE TRADE agreements and I am sure the government negotiators made a pretty penny under the table for themselves approve of this one-sided parody. How can the America government allow China to deceive us enough to not only steal our jobs, but stealthily walk-off with a $600 Billion deficit or Mexico $58 Billion in the fiscal year? What seems wrong to me is foreign nations buying US companies inside America. Our auto industry has departed across the border and so many other industries have gone to other foreign countries as if they never existed

    For me Trumps wall will stop the loads of drugs from across the Southern Border; illegal immigration will become a trickle through using Mandated E-verify and new-age scanning equipment of who comes to the US, and when and if they leave and to audit companies hiring these workers. Trump demands fair and balance Trade or otherwise the culprits, will face importation duties. None and I mean none of these promise will materialize From Cruz, Kasick or Hillary Clinton or any of the ‘Insiders’. Without Trumps new government Obama’s already flatten economy will further fade and our nation will become a third world country over time.

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