Utah Rep. Chris Stewart faces crowd angry over death of LaVoy Finicum

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ST. GEORGE, Utah – Utah Rep. Chris Stewart faced an angry crowd during a town hall meeting in St. George Friday, and some in attendance questioned the congressman about the death of LaVoy Finicum—who was shot and killed during the standoff in Oregon.

Stewart was hosting a town hall in southern Utah Friday, where he took questions from constituents. He quickly found that the room was packed with people who believe Finicum was illegally gunned down by authorities. Video courtesy of St. George News shows some of that dialogue.

“Anybody with open eyes can look at that video and see he was shot with his hands up,” St. George resident William Lehman said during the town hall.

Stewart responded to questions regarding Finicum by saying it’s important to allow the legal process to continue.

“We’ve been as involved as we could be, but we have to let the legal process play out as best we can,” he said. “If at the end of the legal process, if we think there are unanswered questions, then of course I would support some type of congressional inquiry.”

Many who were attending the town hall had traveled from Nevada, and among them was Michelle Fiore, a Nevada state assembly woman who famously had an hours long phone conversation with Oregon occupiers broadcast live on YouTube the day they surrendered.

The Malheur District Attorney’s Office has ruled that the shooting of Finicum was legally justified. The FBI previously released footage from the incident, saying that when Finicum was shot he was reaching for a pocket that contained a 9 mm handgun.

Earlier this month, protesters gathered at the Utah State Capitol to honor Finicum and his message, which they say is about standing up for constitutional rights.


  • liberalssuck

    The new video that was released from inside the vehicle CLEARLY shows the occupants including Lavoy,HAD NO MURDEROUS INTENT.
    What gets me is the difference in liberal/democrat opinions/ALSO the mainstream media.If this was a black thug this video would be all over the news.You WILL NOT see this video on one MSM outlet.
    When a white conservative is killed(murdered)the liberals /democrats are all pro law enforcement,he got what he deserved.When a black thug is killed,they suddenly turn anti law enforcement and espouse the prosecution of the police for murder even if it was justified.
    If you think for one moment that the shooting of this man was justified how do you justify them shooting at the occupants of the vehicle who were hunkered down in fear and offered NO threat whatsoever to the law enforcement agents?

  • bob

    Isn’t it interesting how liberals pick and choose whom the cops are allowed to shoot. White male conservative? Shoot him in the back! Black thug trying to kill a cop? NO!

    I think we should all be allowed to shoot liberals. No bag limit.

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