FBI releases footage from fatal traffic stop during Oregon standoff

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: The video below contains footage from a fatal encounter involving the FBI and Oregon State Police as they encounter LaVoy Finicum and other protesters. While not necessarily graphic in nature, viewer discretion is advised. 

OREGON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released video footage captured by an airplane that shows a traffic stop near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon during which protester LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed.

The FBI posted two clips on YouTube, with one shorter, edited video focusing on the moments of greatest action and another, longer video reportedly showing the events in full. The shortened video includes notations describing what was cut and why in some cases. See above for the shorter version and the bottom of this post for the complete video.

In the shortened video, a white SUV or van appears to travel some distance with police vehicles behind it before it stops. Law enforcement agents appear to prepare for an approach, but ultimately the vehicle starts moving again.

At about 5:50 into the video, the white vehicle appears to accelerate toward a road block before diverting off the road and into the snow.

A moment later, a man presumed to be Finicum exits the vehicle and stands with his hands up. At about 6:02 the man appears to make a gesture as if reaching for something in a pocket or on his hip. The man makes several similar gestures, and at 6:07 into the video he falls to the ground as an officer appears to fire a weapon.

Oregon Live reports the FBI stated during a press conference that Finicum had a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol in the pocket he appeared to be reaching for. Oregon Live reports five people were arrested after the traffic stop, including Shawna J. Cox, 59 of Kanab. The other arrested parties are 40-year-old Ammon Bundy of Emmett, Idaho; 43-year-old Ryan Bundy of Bunkerville, Nevada; 32-year-old Ryan W. Payne of Anaconda, Montana; and 44-year-old Brian Cavalier of Bunkerville, Nevada.

The video comes after family and supporters of Finicum have claimed the man was murdered in cold blood while he had his hands in the air. FOX 13 News spoke with Finicum family attorney Todd Macfarlane, who said the witness accounts contradict what law enforcement reported about the incident. 

“This wasn’t some kind of routine traffic stop; this was a planned ambush with over 40 vehicles,” Macfarlane said. “We don’t know how many people, they were out for blood.”

Victoria Sharp, another protester, stated via social media she was in the car and offered this account: “He got out of the car and he had his hands in the air and he’s like, ‘Just shoot me then, just shoot me,’ and they did, they shot him dead.”

Protest leader Ammon Bundy, through his attorney, has called for an end to the stand off, saying people should take a step back in the light of a loss of life. 

Greg Bretzing, the FBI’s special agent in charge of Oregon, spoke to CNN about their decision to release the footage.

“We know there are various versions of what occurred during this event: most inaccurate, some inflammatory,” he said. “To that end, we want to do what we can to lay out an honest and unfiltered view of what happened and how it happened.”

He also said: “I want to caution you that the video does show the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. We realize that viewing that piece of the video will be upsetting to some people, but we feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.”

There are currently four people believed to remain inside the wildlife refuge, and CNN reports they say they are ready to leave peacefully or are prepared to die.

“Our negotiators are working around the clock,” Bretzing told CNN. “As I indicated earlier, nine people have left since the roadblocks have been established. We’re hopeful that those negotiators will continue to be able to persuade others to leave the refuge.”

This is a developing story. FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • Anotherbob

    Great vid. LaVoy nearly took out that one guy while trying to bypass the block. It’s clear he had no intent to put his hands up and surrender so they did what they had to do. Who were the idiots again commenting earlier about him being on his knees while being “executed”? Lol.

    • macwise7

      I suppose you won’t understand how I could be confused by your claim that he had no intent to put [sic] his hands up when the video clearly shows him travel a dozen or more feet with his hands high in the air.

      • Anotherbob

        You should get your eyes checked and then go watch the video again, he goes from putting his hands up to reaching for his gun and then hands up again a few times before he is shot. It’s like his common sense told him to surrender but his freedom raging fanatical side said otherwise and he had no idea what to actually do.

      • macwise7

        Wow, talk about seeing what you want to see anotherbob. After exiting the video, LaVoy takes no less than 11 steps over the course of at least 7 seconds, and travels easily the distance equal to or greater than 1.5x the length of the truck, which would be anywhere from 18-21 feet long for a crew cab. All that while there are 9 agents visible, all with guns drawn and pointed directly at or in the vicinity of LaVoy, a man who has his hands up and empty of any weapon, posing zero visible threat. Facts are hard. Don’t think you can make them up when we all have access to the same video.

      • Finny Wiggen

        there are people in this world who are insane. This is a reality that unfortunately we have to deal with. After hitting one officer with his truck he jumps out, runs towards another, and clearly reaches for his gun three times.

        Sorry you don’t like that. It would have fit better in your narrative had he been shot execution style. But the video speaks for itself.

        While you are too insane to see that, thankfully 99% of our country is made up of much more level headed people.

      • macwise7

        Great, Finny. Since you are so well-informed by this highly detailed video presentation put on by the illustrious FBI, and since I’m so terribly insane, would you do me the kindness to tell me the timecode which marks the precise moment when the first shot is fired in that video? Was it after he reached down the third time? The second time? The first? Before he reached down? Before he got out of the truck? At the first stop? I can’t tell, what with me being the lunatic I am. But your vast intelligence should be able to answer that question no problem with the drone video footage you claim is so informing. I’ll be keenly awaiting the definitive answer from both you and anotherbob, since you both know everything about this showdown.

      • macwise7

        Look, it’s simple. Go on the record, right now, telling the world when the first shot was fired. We’ll compare notes once any kind of actually definitive evidence is released.

    • Brian

      Why are you making up evidence that is not in the video? If we strictly go by the evidence (video) your points are not validated. First of all from the “evidence” how do you know LaVoy was driving? We see a person exit the vehicle but it is not clear from what door. So then how can you say that he was trying to bypass the block if we do not even know from the evidence if he was the one driving? Second, if the person driving the vehicle was trying to bypass the block then why does his brake lights go on just before getting to the roadblock? You would think that if the driver was trying to bypass he would hit the gas and not the brake. The logical conclusion would be that he hit the brake as it shows in the video but does not have time to stop before hitting the road block so he veers off in order to avoid hitting the vehicles and people standing there. Third, how did you see a gun? I watched the video several times and I could not see a firearm. Did you see one? If we are using the video as evidence there is no gun. What we do know is that he exited the vehicle, had his hands away from his body initially, stumbled and turned his body before falling to the ground. There is no sound so we cannot tell when the first shot was fired. Was he going for a gun? Possibly. Was he shot and that is why his hands went down? Maybe. Was he stumbling in deep snow and was having a hard time keeping is balance so his hands dropped? Could have been. Let’s not jump to conclusions and use this video as evidence that he was going for a gun or as evidence to the contrary. Too many people here make up stories in their mind and fill in the gaps with whatever they feel which is not supported by the evidence. We should wait for more hard evidence before jumping to conclusions.

  • Gerald Benge

    What I seen in both videos was a man being shot down in cold blooded murder at the time the trigger was pulled he had his hands in the air where is the justification here

    • t

      Are you kidding??? He kept reaching into his jacket to get something out. His other hand was holding the jacket open. Oh wait, he must be Doc Oc! I didn’t know Doctor Octopus was really LaVoy Finicum. That would explain how he could have been reaching into his jacket and holding his hands up in the air at the same exact moment! Thanks for noticing that!

      • macwise7

        You are ignoring the very real possibility that he was already shot when he reached down, and was responding to the searing pain of one or more bullets riddling his body. I only postulate as the footage is nowhere near definitive enough to make any absolute statements as to the timelines or intent. Certainly you’re not claiming to know the answer to what he was reaching for on his left side when his .45 revolver is apparently well-known to have been worn on his right side?

    • Anotherbob

      It was a great clip wasn’t it Gerald? I did up some popcorn before I watched it, the best part was when he was put down like a little B into the snow, very entertaining material. He wanted to die, he fantasized about a shootout with the feds, he got exactly what he was looking for. Suicide by cop at worst.

      • Dottie Smith

        I am so saddened by this post….sarcasm does not have a place when we are speaking about someone being shot, and is now dead and while a family is grieving. I cannot say exactly what happened. I see both a man raising his hands in surrender and him reaching into his jacket. As someone stated, we have no idea when the first shots were fired or by whom since we have no sound and this has been obviously edited. I think to calling each other idiots, morons and insane doesn’t solve anything. Read this story from it roots….all the way back into the 1980’s and I think you will see why people do not trust the government….not in all cases just in this case.

    • Truthtalker

      What you have to understand is that the kooks on this message board who are supporting the kooks that took over the refuge are looking at this from an anti-government standpoint to begin with and that allows them to see what they want to see in the video. The old man was clearly acting VERY squirrely when he got out of the truck, hands up, then hands down reaching towards his waist, stomping around, then hands up, then reaching towards his waist again, spinning around. That’s not how you keep from getting shot by law enforcement, especially when they already know that you’re a heavily armed extremist and have stated publicly that you are prepared to die. I’m sure they were screaming at him to put his hands on his head and drop to his knees, which he clearly wasn’t going to do. It’s too bad Ammon Bundy didn’t give them an excuse to pump him up too. Now they need to go out to the refuge and haul the last four extremist nut bags out of there kicking and screaming and if they try to draw a gun on law enforcement like the old guy did, take care of them too. I want to see my federal taxpayer dollars at work, like we already did at the road block.

      • jm gearbender

        What I get from these post is that a man died and the people calling others kooks are the ones making the most deplorable comments, any death is horrible and anybody that thinks themselves smart by saying mean spirited heartless things are the real sickos! Nobody can tell what really happened from this worthless video, and to claim otherwise shows that the truth is Irelevant to the uninformed that choose who is right without using their brain and unbiased research, you should hang your head in shame for your bloodthurst.

      • Truthtalker

        Ok, maybe that heated rhetoric of mine went too far, these gun brandishing tough-guy outlaws clearly get me a little fired up. I don’t advocate anyone being killed, am not “blood thirsty”, and certainly don’t want to stoop to the level of these idiots. But remember, these guys are the ones who showed up heavily armed and tried to intimidate or dare law enforcement to confront them under threat of violence. They are domestic terrorists man, plain and simple. Scroll down a few posts if you want to know how I feel about “free grazers”.

  • David

    How can anybody make any sense of things out of a video that keeps getting trees in the way? First story says the victim rushed the Feds and got shot, now this story says he reached into his pocket and the Feds shot him. Yet, a witness claims that the victim said shoot me if you are going to shoot me…and they did. All in all right now, I’m siding with the witness….he has nothing to gain from his story except seeing proper justice done here.

    • Finny Wiggen

      Really? You are believing a witness who clearly is contradicted by the video? What wonderful powers of logic you have.

      The same witness stated that after being stopped the first time, LaVoy slowly pulled his truck 100 feet or so forward to talk to the Sheriff. The video clearly shows he speed off at full speed more than a mile,and then plowed into an officer.

      You have to want to believe your own narrative pretty desperately to hold onto it, when great portions of the witness’s story you are basing it on are clearly false.

  • LouAnn

    Just another vigilante cop, for god sakes he had his hands in the air giving up, so why did the cop have to shoot.

    • James

      Here’s an idea, how about when the police try to stop you, you obey their commands for your safety and not reach for a 9mm in your pocket. It clearly shows him reaching in that area. I’m nearly dumb founded with the continued stupidity of the average American these days. Unbelievable.

      • zack

        this video could of been messed with the put that massage about the 3min in it and blacked out allt the info stuff. so yea it could of been fudged do we cant say for sure who was driving the truck

      • Finny Wiggen

        It is not the average American that is this stupid. It is just a few. They just happen to be posting. It is indeed dumbfounding that anyone would choose to ignore logic and common sense, as well as many of them the leaders of their own Church. (my church too)

        But there are insane people in the world. That is a reality. It is why this world is so dangerous. Thankfully though, most American’s are far brighter.

        On the Right and on the Left you have extremist nuts. Who base their anger in illogical nonsense, hatred, and misguided foolish pride. These kooks represent the worst of humanity, but they are a tiny minority.

  • hocuspocus13

    The group was headed to a meeting they were invited to with the FBI to hold peaceful talks about the Feds stealing their land

    This was a clear ambush with the intent for blood

    • Anotherbob

      Nope, go actually watch the clip. They were originally pulled over but refused to get out and then took off again against orders, completely their own fault they escalated it themselves.

    • Truthtalker

      “The feds stealing their land”??? Are you freaking serious right now? These guys are running their livestock on OUR PUBLIC LAND moron! They pay a pittance to the feds for the right to do so and now they don’t want to pay their little fees anymore and instead just want to pretend they own the land that they’ve been ALLOWED to make a living on for decades. They’d love to just do whatever they please with OUR PUBLIC LAND, as if they owned it outright, like light illegal fires, divert streams, let their cows and sheep run amuck, crap everywhere, eat every plant in sight, and trample everything in their path! I’ve seen it over and over throughout the west. There’s nothing like camping in a perfect wildflower meadow in the shadow of a beautiful mountain range on PUBLIC LAND, only to hear bells and baahs in the distance before being overrun by a herd of 300 sheep! I’ve had it happen at least twice and you know what’s left after they pass through? Sheep crap everywhere, not a single wildflower left standing, either eaten or trampled, rendering the campsite totally wasted, unless you don’t mind stepping in sheep crap with every other step. I’ve also been off trail in what looked like an otherwise fairly pristine National Forest, again PUBLIC LAND, only to step inside and see a maze of cow trails and crap piles throughout the woods, nothing left standing that could be eaten, just dusty crap filled cow trails. Talk about a downer! And these are the guys who don’t want to pay their grazing fees that are only a small fraction of what they make off of that PUBLIC LAND. I have ZERO sympathy for these outlaws.

  • Theresa

    Maybe I need glasses but looks like he was shot in the back to me was he armed he did flea in a car though didn’t look like he seen the one behind him why not raze him from behind

    • Jerry

      Has anyone even looked at all the hole in the truck, windshield has about 20 holes in it, you can see all the smoke coming off the truck from being shot at. Yes the cop dam near got hit buy look again, he jumped in front of the truck 5-6′, they had snipers in the trees, don’t tell me they didn’t set it up! Open your eyes people and look at the whole film not just parts.

      • t

        Those were flash bangs and pepper bombs, used in a non-lethal way to disorient suspects so police don’t have to shoot them and so they don’t get shot at. Too bad LeVoy ran out and tried to pull a gun on the FBI / State Police or he would have survived. The guy was a complete moron.

  • Tyler

    I am outraged by this video! I am not in favor of the Bundy clan taking over the preserve in Oregon. However, The actions of the FBI and Oregon law enforcement is horrible. From the time the truck is first pulled over, law enforcement was there as only an execution squad. He was clearly shot while unarmed. He lays there dying and not one officer went over to “disarm” him or try and perform any life saving procedures. What happened to “Serve and Protect?” The officer should be charged with first degree murder but I am sure the FBI will be able to lie and get away with it.

    • Idiot spotter

      No it clearly shows him reaching, and a case could be made that he just about killed that one guy while trying to evade a legal roadblock after committing felonies. Cut and dried shooting. If you try to shoot my partner in front of me I’ll shoot you in the back any day. What a stupid fool, he paid for those mistakes

    • David Whittington

      Tyler My Boy – Please watch the video again and pay attention. LaVoy had his hands in the air, then he took his hands DOWN in an attempt to draw out his 9mm pistol. This is old west justice. If you try to draw your gun out to shoot the sheriff, the sheriff might shoot you first. LaVoy already stated often he would NOT go to jail – and LaVoy got his wish. This was simply ‘suicide by cop.’ … LaVoy knew he would be killed if he tried to draw his gun, and LaVoy got his wish.

    • Anotherbob

      Lol at all these idiots posting about how he was murdered in cold blood and was a defenseless poor man, did none of you watch the entire video? The man forced their hand and there was a shootout still going on inside the truck, do you think the agents are just going to rush over to a still existing threat with blankets and warm cocoa to see if he’s ok? They all should be given medals and you charged with first degree stupidity.

    • Larry

      My work ethic came with a paycheck. not just room and board. Maybe you should use some of yours and do some research on these people. Let me give you some hints check how many boys went through this work ethic mill. How much money did they take from church charities. How much did they owe to the BLM for overgrazing our land. Do you know how much they pay per month to graze a pair of cows on our land ( you do understand that BLM land is owned by all of us). I will help you out its $1.68 per month. Can you feed your pet on that per month?

    • Finny Wiggen

      No one is saying that it is not a planned confrontation. It obviously is. As is any arrest / roadblock… Planned confrontation is different than planned shooting.

      They are filming it because they knew that these men were armed, and that they had publicly stated that they would die before they went to prison. They further knew that a bunch of nuts like yourself, who lack common sense would claim that he was shot in cold blood.

      Look at yourself! Even after watching a movie where LaVoy is clearly at fault, you still are so insane that you are blaming the FBI.

      Which is why you have absolutely no credibility with anyone other than your own children. Which honestly is very sad. Will you raise them to be as insane? Will they find themselves in the crosshairs of an FBI weapon, because you raised them to be terrorists?

      • jm gearbender

        With your ability to make information from a soundless video without knowing if he was reaching for his side because of pain from already being shot or trying to reach for his gun to shoot someone , I would not want to have you on my jury!I am not saying they where right, but being they where 30 miles from the nearest homes, it would have been better to just let the occupation play out peacefully, now they have lost any trust in future situations and have created a martyr.

  • Chad

    Of course this was set up, and anyone thinking otherwise is just plain ridiculous. Now, was thus set up as a suicide squad cause they were out for blood? NO!!! They just took every precaution necessary in order to apprehend and serve warrants on those that committed felonies by illegally occupying federal land and property.

    He knew he wasn’t going to jail. He knew if it came to that that he was going to make sure they killed him. He even talked about killing law enforcement if needed.

    He is not a hero, he got what he wanted. He fled, high speed pursuit, then whether accidental or not almost took out a officer with his vehicle. Then kept reaching for his left side.

    He disregarded orders numerous times. I’m sorry to say, he got what he wanted and ultimately what he deserved.

    • paul tooley

      is it necessary to remind you that federal landsUnited States and not in the bureaucracyso a part owner of this land protests the management of this land and he deserves to get shot? I don’t like you very much Chad Just know that

  • anotherbobisjustaslob

    ONLY a complete moron and someone that needs to mentally put through a battery of tests would find joy in the killing or death of any human being.You are a troubled individual with your little “LOL”.
    Would you have gotten the same sense of joy if the black lives matters protestors were shot and killed when throwing rocks and bottles at police,or burning police cars or pulling people form their cars and assaulting them? BY your logic they also deserved to die,but you won’t dare touch that one will you?
    Or any muslim committed crimes.Fear is the reason you won’t comment on that.
    You make me sick.

  • God

    Wrecked. These guys should have been taken down a long time ago. Think about if the people occupying this building were middle eastern or some other minority. A raid would have happened the first day. Lol. Good riddance. Welcome to the hypocrisy that is the USA.

    • paul tooley

      He was not reaching for his pistol he was shot with his hands up grabbed his side where he was shot please keep your ignorance in check COD

    • john

      Nice comment Mark….. Live by the sword die by the sword……………Yes it works both ways Mark; they both have swords.

  • MA

    From what I see in the video, he clearly had his hands up. I don’t think you shoot someone until the gun is exposed. Not for just reaching in his pocket. The officer has his gun in hand, finger on the trigger.

  • Bob (@the_first_bob)

    Ambushed, murdered, and the video put on the internet as a warning.

    This is why we have a Second Amendment. If the government is going to simply assassinate its opponents then it’s reasonable for its opponents to assume they’ll be assassinated, and act accordingly.

    • David Whittington

      Yo Bob(@The_First_Bob) My Boy – Do you really think the shooting of armed and dangerous LaVoy was an ‘assassination’ ? Pah-leese. If all this was a planned assassination, then why weren’t all the other nut cases in the SUV killed ? LaVoy was killed because he was reaching for his loaded pistol. LaVoy also barely missed killing an FBI agent by running the SUV at him. I am a HUGE supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but this whole criminal episode perpetrated by these rancher nut cases has NOTHING to do with the 2nd Amendment !! Please stop posting your inane drivel here and go read a book.

  • paul tooley

    Levoy had his hands up he was shot he grabbed his side where he was shot he pouted put the guy that shot him put his hands back up grabbed his side and was murdered plain and simple

  • FauxNews

    Why would a highly trained officer jump out from cover into th way of a high speed vehicle? He wouldn’t. Finicums truck tried to avoid the road block. The officer/agent was trying to tackle or Hulk punch the truck. No officer safety training or human self preservation dictates this action. I submit that that shadow cop was put there. He materializes out of from behind the truck and into the path of the truck. Not the other way around. If you watch closely you can see him “leap” out of the shadow behind the truck.

    • macwise7

      Or maybe it’s as simple as the cop, ‘roided up and hellbent on killing the evil spawn of satan in the truck, decided to play the hero cowboy and bet on the bullets flying between himself and the truck to come to his rescue before he was squashed like grape. He bet wrong. He lost.

    • David Whittington

      Yo FauxNews Boy: ‘Tackle or Hulk Punch’ the truck ? Pah-leese. When is the last time ANYONE tried to tackle a fast moving truck ? NO sane person would purposely jump in front of a fast moving truck ! The cop thought LaVoy was gonna RAM the barricade with his fast moving truck. The cop left the safety of the barricade because he thought LaVoy was gonna attempt to barrel right through the barricade !! The cop did NOT know LaVoy was gonna swerve at the last moment to miss the barricade !! Please go try to tackle a fast moving truck and let us all know about the results.

      • FauxNews

        You dive away from danger. If you watch the video they make it look like the law enforcement officer runs TOWARDS the truck (in its way). Not away from the direction of danger but in it. This is used to create a justifiable homicide situation with the execution of LaVoy Finicum.

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