Rally at Utah State Capitol honors Arizona rancher killed during Oregon standoff

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Protesters gathered on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Saturday to honor Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, who was shot and killed by federal agents during a standoff in Oregon in January.

More than 100 people gathered, wearing ribbons in his honor and waving flags with the words “liberty rising.”

They said the main goal was to continue spreading Finicum’s message of standing up for constitutional rights.

“I ask you, American people, to stand in your place, stand where you can, stand for what’s right,” LaVoy’s wife, Jeanette Finicum, said at the rally.

Jeanette said her husband was peacefully protesting at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon when he was shot and killed by federal agents. The FBI released video they say shows Finicum reaching for a gun after attempting to drive around a roadblock. Jeanette said he didn’t have a gun on him.

“He was grabbing the wounds that came to him, but then his hands went back up with nothing in them, and again he was shot," Jeanette said.

The Finicum’s daughters say their father’s death and recent uprisings are an awakening across the country. Saturday’s rally was one of several being held simultaneously. They want citizens to wake up to what they call oppression by the federal government.

“They are coming in and they are controlling their grazing rights,” said Finicum’s daughter, Brittney Beck. “Saying you owe me these grazing right fees, when in actuality, they didn’t even buy the grazing rights from the BLM, they bought them from the ranchers that established the ranch.”

Other leaders in the Oregon standoff, including Ammon Bundy, face a charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States.

According to a press release sent ahead of the event, supporters were also calling for the release of Ammon, Ryan and Cliven Bundy as well as Dwight and Steve Hammond, who the release referred to as "patriots" and "political prisoners."


  • Dee Bean

    Some thoughts: “Peaceful” doesn’t have guns in it. “Peaceful protest” =/= to invading a National Wildlife Refuge and then trashing it.

    “Grazing rights” don’t exist if you don’t own the land. “Grazing contracts” are what you need to live by. Some negotiation is o.k., but don’t ever think you own the land someone else owns.

    It’s not murder when a law enforcement officer shoots someone who looks like he’s reaching for a gun. No matter what you saw in the FBI video, it does show a man not cooperating with LEOs. It was not ‘murder’.

    • Jody

      I didn’t see a man not cooperating with LEO’s when I watched the video. He got out of the vehicle with his hands up. You and I are both smart enough to know that there are MUCH clearer pictures of the shooting that the grainy out of focus drone video. If he was going for a gun, we would definitely see the video. If they did not shoot his vehicle, as they say they didn’t, we would have seen the vehicle by now to prove that. At first the FBI said that he tried to run over one of their officers. The video they produced did not show that at all. They also said that they shot three shots total. But he was shot more than three times. So they at least lied to us about two things there are proof of. So I assume they are lying about the whole incident. If not, show us the video and the car with no bullet holes in it!

      • anotherbob

        It wasn’t a drone video it was shot from a heli, do you know what the difference is? The footage is more than clear enough to see that once LaVoy gets out of the vehicle, he doesn’t stand still with his hands up, he keeps moving around (probably trying to get his footing in the snow) but DOESN’T keep his arms up, he keeps reaching for his jacket pocket. The only thing I see that the FBI exaggerated on was trying to run over their agent, LaVoy steered to try and go around them through the snowbank and the agent darted out from behind the bed of the track and into the oncoming path of the vehicle.

        It doesn’t matter if his intent was to go for a gun or not, he clearly made it known over social media and news that he was not going to be taken prisoner and not going to wind up in a concrete box (prison cell). This means that the FBI had to treat him as armed/dangerous and willing to fire at them, they treated him as a threat. The only person here responsible for LaVoys death is LaVoy.

      • bob

        I saw a man pulled over on a traffic stop by a small army while a chopper just HAPPENED to be overhead filming a video that the Feds gleefully put on the internet as fast as they could get bars on their cell phone.

        He was executed, and the video is a warning to the rest of us.

        One that I am not heeding.

    • bob

      I hate hippies, and I carry a gun. If it was not possibly to carry a gun peacefully there would be a bunch of dead hippies by now.

      Don’t judge everyone by your own psychoses.

  • Randall E. Winn

    He crashed his vehicle trying to evade a roadblock, then he reached for a gun to try to shoot a cop, and so he ended up dead.
    If the family has any evidence to the contrary, e.g. that Finicum was shot in the hip, let them produce a picture of a wound there. Until they do, they’re just lying.


    • bob

      The cops filmed everything EXCEPT the part where he “tried to run over a police officer.” Funny how that snippet of footage just happened to be missing…..

      Oh, but his family are the “liars.”

      You sheep are predictable, no question about that.

      • villefort

        You’re a deluded person. The video is clear, I’ve watched it many times. When trying to drive past a roadblock the truck nearly strikes an officer who had to run out of the way. I think it’s likely that you’re emotionally unstable, and if that’s the case you should seek help.

  • Belinda Beek

    So FOX still says “LaVoy was reaching for a gun” when It is QUITE clear he was grabbing his side where he had been shot! Ever wonder WHY “FOX” news is no longer relevant? Because you are NOW just as bad as CNN, MSNBC & the rest of LAME STREAM MEDIA!

  • Iris Tooley

    Sorry Dee , have 2 disagree, if u’ve been listening at all 2 any of this u would’ve what the man was all bout asnd the typoe of man he was, u would’ve also realised late he was also reaching 4 where he was shot and that his hand came out covered in blood, also it didn’t take all of those shots 2 kill him, it was way over the top, it was ass if they were trying 2 make a point but they failed, it was murder no doubt bout it, it was nothing else but that, u can’t say it wasn’t, they executed him in cold blood

  • Ricardo Small

    The Bundy terrorists are delusional. The public land is NOT theirs. It belongs to every citizen. The lies that the terrorists keep repeating about land going to the states is NOT going to happen at the point of guns. All who committed felonies in Nevada and Oregon deserve to be imprisoned for a long time. It’s too bad that LaVoy
    Finicum committed suicide, when he reached inside his coat for the loaded 9mm he had inside it in a shoulder holster. That move required that police officers defend themselves. Here’s a link to an exellent article that points out the facts about the U.S. Constitution and public land: http://www.idahostatesman.com/opinion/readers-opinion/article62315242.html.

  • CYOA

    Everyone here has missed the point and that is very sad. The fact is he WAS NOT breaking the law to begin with so LE had no reason to stop his travel. Do any of you know what the U.S Constitution is? Here is a DIRECT QUOTE.. “Bearing Arms. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.. So these people had a right to be at the refuge and the fact that they were armed DOES NOT MATTER. because they as well as ALL AMERICANS have a right to possess and USE arms to ensure that NOBODY including those of ANY GOVERNMENT can use threats or action against ANY AMERICAN with such a free and blatant violation of civil rights as the US Government displays daily against its citizens. Bottom line, it takes 2 to tango, LEs job is to protect citizens against harm, this man meant no harm to citizens, so this is a DIRECT case of the government misusing their position over citizens. It will only get worse. Since when is it a crime to speak out and against policy a crime in the United States? A million blacks marched on DC in the 70s estimated to have had over 9000 weapons, nobody killed any of them and yet a small protest in an obscure corner of America you can justify road blocks, tactical units, snipers and threats?? Look at what we have become!! Have you forgotten what it means to be free? Tomorrow when you trod off to work , consider this, what line will you draw? When the government commonly kicks in doors in the middle of the night without a warrant? When the government can justify death of those following their constitutional rights? Bottom line.. YOU ONLY HAVE THE RIGHTS WHICH YOU CAN DEFEND. So once we as a nation allow the government to be able to do as they please with our rights, We have no rights left and that means while your forefathers kept the Constitution safe for 200 years, bled and died for it both here and abroad, you have failed to protect it, Bravo! You should be damn proud!

    • Mark Rubic

      You can’t be serious about Finicum not breaking the law. These men are domestic terrorists.

      Bundy and his social “parasites” were stupid enough to videotape themselves committing a series of federal crimes and brazenly post it all over social media while taunting the federal authorities. These parasites were clearly delusional if they thought the American taxpayers would just give up 300 square miles of our land so these societal leeches could turn it into their private ranch.

      These thugs broke into federal files and computers and then began following the wives and teenage children of BLM employees and local police; grown “men” with guns were following and harassing the women and children of Burns.

      The sheriff and others had to move their families and their parents to safe houses after these rural terrorists began attacking their private homes. (and unlike these “patriot wannabes”, the sheriff actually served our nation in Afghanistan.)

      No one wanted them in Burns, not the ranchers, not the townsfolk, no one.

      When the town tried to have a meeting with only residents (needed local ID to get in), these domestic terrorists threatened violence so the meeting had to be canceled.

      These brave” men” brought children to the refuge; gutless wonders hiding using their own children as human shields.

      And as soon as the first arrests occurred and things got real, these brave “patriots” screamed like little girls and fled like the cowards they are.

      The old fool who was fatally shot vowed online for weeks that he would rather die than go to prison. A real man would sit in prison for decades in the hope to be with his loved ones after being released. This self-absorbed coward choose his personal comfort over his family.

      The FBI wisely waited until these parasites were away from town before confronting them so no innocent citizen would be killed.

      I applaud the law enforcement officials who gave these parasites far more options to leave than I would had the patience to do. And I, for one, hope these parasites who were arrested spend the rest of their lives in federal prisons.

      And I hope the constituents of any “lawmaker” supporting these criminals removes them from office in November. And the beauty of our nation is that you can do that without getting a gun and taking over federal property.

  • James Young

    To most people LaVoy was a fool. Of all the causes one could die for, this imaginary child-like territorial dispute has got to the the lamest excuse of patriotism in recent years. What do you get when u mix a backwater-hick, a gun, and a serving of low I.Q? A dead LaVoy.

  • Roy Warden

    The BRILLIANCE and POWER of the U.S. Constitution is Wasted on “Red Necked, Ignorant, Finicum Worshiping Hicks!”
    On March 4, 2016 I held a RALLY in front of the U.S. District Court, Tucson Arizona, to present a “Petition for Redress of Grievance” to the locally employed U.S. District Court Judges, AND U.S. Attorney’s who have the power to help start the processes of Indictment and Prosecution of the “Finicum Gunmen.”
    However, the Ignorant Hicks who attended remained on their knees and frittered away their opportunity to address their government and voice their concerns.
    Don’t believe me? Read this. https://www.scribd.com/doc/302683230/Oh-You-IGNORANT-Red-Necked-HICKS

  • Michelle

    If any of you seen pictures of Lavoy when he carried a gun, it was on his right hip, he reached to his left because they shot and killed him in cold blood! Most states let ranchers cattle graze on blm land with no problem what so ever…been doing this for ages .

  • Mark Rubic

    We can all agree on a few things about Finicum, the man that was killed. A few weeks prior to being arrested, the other terrorists had posted a video in which they were praising Finicum for laying under a blue tarp with a gun ready to “stop” any BLM or federal agency from entering the refuge. So he was going to kill another American whose only crime was to work for a federal agency that the terrorists disliked. This video is still all over social media. You can watch for yourself. Finicum also repeatedly stated that he would never go to prison. Also available on video in many forums. The tape you referring to shows him disobeying police orders to stop at the first roadblock. So his own actions indicate he did not intend to comply with the officer’s orders. But the strongest evidence favoring the police is the fact they did not fire upon his vehicle when he ran the first blockade. The police would have been justified in riddling the car with bullets killing all the terrorists. They did not instead they gave chase. Finicum had almost four minutes to comply with police orders after he exited the truck when it hit the snowbank. That is about three and half minutes more than most people would get in a similar situation. And he went for his gun twice. The strongest evidence supporting the police is the fact that every other terrorist who complied that night is alive. If they wanted to kill them, all of them would be dead. That’s my analysis after carefully listening to all sides since this began.

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