Supporters from across the country gather in Utah for funeral of LaVoy Finicum

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KANAB, Utah -- More than a thousand people from across the country gathered in Kanab Friday for the funeral of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, who was shot and killed by authorities in Oregon during the standoff and protest at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

LaVoy's two eldest daughters spoke at a press conference after the services, saying they believe their father didn't break the law, but the federal government did. The family is calling for a private, independent investigation into LaVoy's death.

"Do we believe that two hands up and surrender justifies the use of deadly force?" asked Belle Collier.

"We don't want the FBI's bias, we want the truth," said Thara Tenney.

LaVoy Finicum's family said a lot of people in the past week have only focused on the way he died, but they said it's more important to focus on the way he lived.

"These past few weeks our father has been called many names by the world, but I'll tell you what we call him: We call him daddy," Tenney said.

Horses with empty saddles galloped past LaVoy Finicum's family and supporters, as they carried the casket to his final resting place. It was one last ride for the lifelong rancher.

"We've often said LaVoy was born a century too late, you know, so the honor of being led off in a wagon and escorted by horseback is an honor for any cowboy,” said David Cluff, one of Fincium’s cousins.

Many of the people attending the funeral said they never even met LaVoy, but they wanted to be here because they share the same values.

"This is a great American patriot,” said Loie Corson, who attended the services. “I didn't know him, and I might not have done it the way he did, but I really feel in my heart that he tried to do it through the system. He tried to take the legal channels, and when you go up against the system: it's tough.”

Finicum and fellow protesters had been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Police tried to arrest Finicum and others on January 26. Aerial video from the FBI shows Finicum getting out of his truck, with his hands in the air. Police say he then reached into his pocket for a gun. That's when they shot him.

Finicum's family has said they don't believe LaVoy posed a threat and that they don't accept at face value the FBI's assertion he was armed when he was killed.

Terri Linnell was among the protesters in Oregon and she also attended Friday’s services. She said she believes the authorities were not justified in their actions.

"What they did to him was a hit, there was no other way to put it,” she said. “What they did to him was wrong.”

FOX 13 News also spoke to a local Kanab resident, who said he doesn't believe LaVoy Finicum deserves any of this recognition.

"He was not a hero; he was breaking the law," said Robert Brisette. "The cause was good, but the way they went about it was wrong."

Brisette said it is people like his son, who died of PTSD after serving his country in the Persian Gulf, who are the real heroes in this country.

"There are quite a few people who feel the same way I do, but they don't want to voice it because this is a small town and we all have to live with each other," Brisette said.


  • anotherbob

    It’s pretty funny just how much denial his family and supporters are in right now. He didn’t break the law? Went through the legal channels? Do any of you understand what an armed illegal occupation is? It’s not even worth stating the facts or all the evidence that says LaVoy and this group were responsible for what happened, his supporters are some of the biggest idiots and have all made up their minds that he was a gentle saint that did nothing wrong. They won’t even admit that he at least shared some responsibility in his own death, to them it’s always someone else’s fault. They wanted a shootout and that’s exactly what they got, good riddance cry me a river.

    • punk

      your the idiot you Obama suck ass you just like the dumb from here that was on the news there a reason he wasn’t picked for city council

      • Robert Brissette Wsf

        im sorry what did the fact i ran for the city council have to with any of this, NOTHING,, news at nine, did not use the hole line i said he was a decent man, hero no, i agreed with him on the issue that he was protesting,but he broke the law, patriot yes hero no, a protester that went over the line, you do not take over a place and demand ownership of it, once you do that you are no longer a protester, did he need to be shot? but this scenario is plays out in every city with o-mst the same results with all of them, it was a textbook felony warrant stop, and he ran and provoked them to shoot him, he was shot with in 15 sec of stopping justified??? but this dose not make him a hero, (so screen name punk) get your facts straight, i am actually glad i didn’t get on the council because people like you are not worth my time

      • Punk

        And your still crying about something that’s all you do in kanab my yard floods I don’t have gutter was wa wa wa .IM glad you didn’t either we need doer’s not whiners

      • Robert Brissette Wsf

        punk you have to hid behind your computer and an avatar, i didn’t get elected because, i speak my mind and do not care about political correctness,, my comments about lavoy finicum had nothing to do with kanab city politics, i do think this is going to tell the world that we are a bunch of gun toting redneck and will hurt our economy since we rely on tourism, to the BLM and National Parks That surround us for 80 miles,, i believe in the 2 Amd and government having too much control, but there are lines you do not cross when dealing with Bureaucrats, i found that out, you can not use force even if it’s in words, if you are trying to gain trust and respect, so Mr or Miss Punk if you feel you must try and bash me and belittle me, let’s have an open discussion face to face in public , you can voice your opinion and i mine, apparently you are the one with the axe to grind and that i have offended you in some way (like i care about that,not) but i am tired of people talking behind my back so say your grievance to me directly since you think you know me, then you know i will tell people to their face what i think and will have more respect for someone that will do the same

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    • Browneyedgirl

      I find it odd that you seem more concerned that public is going to perceive you all as gun toting rednecks and this will damage the town’s tourism when there were over a thousand people that descended on your town yesterday alone from all over only because of LaVoy Finicum. Seriously if the true decrease in tourism is your concern maybe you should figure out how to start marketing that “gun toting redneck” angle a little more.

      • Robert Brissette Wsf

        all i am going to say is wow just wow,, how people can take a very small part of a sentence and try to say that this is the person’s view,, ok then bundy said to the new yorker news that he thought all blacks would be better off slaves, Hummm and he’s a Patriot standing up for people’s rights.

    • KellyEAndrews

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    • TexasMD

      The Constitution says it right there in black and white, folks, plain as day. Them federal tyranists have hoodwinked the trusting, hard-working citizens of this Great Nation using subliminal messages (why do you think commercials are so much louder than the shows? Huh? Think about that, Mr. Liberal-Commie A.C.L.Loony! Right? It’s so obvious once you’re shown the pattern.)
      Who’s going to buy an excercise device that makes you look like you’re masturbating a weight set dumbbell??? The FCC is mesmerizing you and that device is the hypnotist’s watch. Their message is: Work harder and buy more stuff that you don’t need.
      You wouldn’t see Tom Jefferson or John Adams using one of those things, would you? Of course not! Now, they might go for an after-supper spin on something like Tony Little’s Gazelle, sure. Knock out a hundred reps on the Thigh-Master and then some discreet Kegels while debating Voltaire at the Common House.

  • Bob the Wiser

    This domestic terrorist should be getting no “martyr status” for the suicide by cop he sought and got. He chose his fate. If he were muslim rather than mormon, Utah would be spinning it a lot differently. When the Boston Bombing terrorist died, no mortuary even wanted to handle his remains. Bin Laden was dumped at sea. Finicum deserved no better.

    Not to mention we’re talking about a member of a religion that will excommunicate a woman for premarital s e x or encouraging other women to wear pants to church, but gives full mormon temple honors to a domestic terrorist when he’s killed in the act of domestic terrorism.



      Your problem with the Mormons Bob is that they just don’t except your same sex relationship with your boyfriend. Why don’t just marry him and make him an honest man?


    Lon Horiuchi, an FBI sniper, shot and killed Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge. She was holding her 10-month old baby at the time. The surviving Weavers received $3.1 million dollars in 1995 to settle their civil lawsuit.

    We’ll save what the FBI did to men, women, and children during the Waco, Texas siege for another day. (Hint – they burned them to death when the could have more easily arrested David Koresh when he was in town.

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