Family of LaVoy Finicum releases statement; funeral to be held in Kanab February 5

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KANAB, Utah -- The day after the FBI released footage from an incident in Oregon that ended with the death of protester LaVoy Finicum, the man's family has released a statement saying they don't believe the fatal shooting was justified.

The nearly three-page statement from the family opens by saying "We know that there are always at least two sides to every story. We also know and recognize that the FBI and law enforcement agencies involved will do everything in their power to make it appear as if the needless death of our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son, LaVoy Finicum, was justified."

The family states they believe the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was on track for a peaceful resolution and that the authorities should have been more patient rather than seeking a confrontation.

As to the video, the family states they believe Finicum was moving away from the vehicle to "draw any hostility or violence away from the others" when he was shot.

They further state he was not holding a weapon and said from their view it appeared he was gesturing or trying to keep his balance, not trying to reach for a gun in a pocket.

The family’s attorney, Todd McFarlane, spoke to FOX 13 on the phone Friday night.

“I would have to see a lot better, clearer, slow motion, blown up version, to be in a position to say that it looked like to me that he was going for something in his pocket or on his hip," McFarlane said.

FBI Special Agent in Charge for Oregon, Greg Bretzing, said in a statement of that portion of the video: "On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket."

Finicum's family said they are not "accepting at face value" the FBI's statement Finicum was armed, but they state even if he was armed they don't think he was posing a threat through is actions.

McFarlane said: “Why would he put his hand down there and then raise his hand again? I would be more inclined to say that he was moving around, using his hands and arms again gesturing, and trying to keep his balance."

Finicum was shot by an OSP trooper, and 30 seconds after that, law enforcement, according to Bretzing, deployed "flash bangs to disorient any other armed occupants. Shortly after that, they deployed less-lethal sponge projectiles with OC capsules. Those OC capsules would be similar to pepper spray."

The family goes on to offer their interpretation of the legality of the FBI and Oregon State Police's actions, citing Supreme Court precedent, and they claim their loved one was left lying in the snow as agents "terrorized" the others in the vehicle that had crashed while avoiding a police road block.

The FBI states they offered medical aid about 10 minutes after the shooting, and once they were confident "they had addressed any further threats."

They Finicum family states they are, "deeply troubled that our governments would view whatever was happening at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to be worth spilling blood over."

McFarlane says the family is focusing on burying their loved one, but he said they have been approached by several high power lawyers who have seen the video and want to take on this case.

The full statement from the family can be read in the embedded PDF below:

Finicum Family Statement 1.29.2016G

Funeral services for LaVoy Finicum will be held Friday, February 5 in Kanab, Utah, according to the statement. Kanab is located about 40 miles from Finicum's home town of Cane Beds, Arizona.

According to a Facebook post on "LaVoy Finicum's Stand for Freedom", the funeral will be at a church house at 1436 S. McAllister Drive with visitation from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a service from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The post states all are invited to pay their respects.


  • Bob (@the_first_bob)

    I’ve been pulled over before. So have a lot of people. By show of hands: Who had helicopters circling overhead when they were pulled over? Who were pulled over by a small army? Who’s “traffic stop” was filmed from a helicopter and the video put on the internet as a warning?

    No me.

    • plukasiak

      It wasn’t a routine traffice stop, and the FBI has made it clear that the stop was designed to bring the extremists into custody, to wit:

      “At approximately 4:25 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, FBI and OSP began a law enforcement action to bring into custody the people riding in two separate vehicles as they traveled between Burns and John Day.”

      The FBI statement does later use the words “traffic stop”, but its clear that its using those words within the context of the means by which the “law enforcement action” took place. There is no evidence of a deliberate attempt to make it seem like this was some kind of routine moving violation gone bad.

      • tom Kuettner

        If their goal had simply been to “bring the extremists into custody” they could have easily done that as they were leaving the refuge ….the same way they arrested 3 others that left the next day, even though they (the FBI) stated they would all be free to go (proof the FBI cares nothing for the truth) No they chose an ambush in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage for a reason … they wanted everyone to know that you stand up to them they are going to kill you!! This was Premeditated and carefully planned out murder!!

  • Love Utah

    I am sure they will be heavily armed just in case “The Man” comes to bust all the family members and put the corpse in area 51 with all the other non compliments such as aliens, Jesus right wingers, pot smokers, rebellious teens, hare krishnas, amway salespeople and Mormons that do not own cattle or wear a cowboy hat. God Bless Merica and my 9mm.

  • plukasiak

    Logic 101
    IF you
    1) illegally take over a federal facility, and hold it for close to a month AND
    2) make it clear that you will shoot any law enforcement officer who tries to do his job and remove you AND
    3) make it clear that you would rather die than be captured and jailed AND
    4) make it known that you are constantly armed AND
    5) when stopped by the authorities, refuse to get out of the vehicle for four minutes despite repeated instructions by law enforcement officials to do so AND
    6) then speed off in an effort to escape AND
    7) when you come to a roadblock, swerve off the road, barely avoiding running over an FBI agent AND
    8) then get out of the vehicle before the police have instructed you to do so AND
    9) then start walking around with your arms raised AND
    10) then reach into your pocket where you have a gun

    THEN you should expect to be shot and killed.

    • Djb

      Plukasiak. 3 flaws in your logic 101 1. You call protesting on public lands illegal. 2. The video shows the Agent running up the bank toward the oncoming truck. Insinuating Finicum was wreck less in almost hitting him, is not good logic. 3. You state that The Finicum got out of the truck before he was told, but after he was told. Bottom line, we don’t have all the facts, just sound bites the media has carefully crafted for us to “feel” logical. Try logic On this question: Why wood a loving, law abiding family man who has never hurt anyone, feel as frustrated as to leave his family in protest of unjust laws. Can you relate? I can. Unless you are dependent on the government by suckling on the teet of the public largess, you can relate to Lavoy Finicums frustration.

      • Toni Thayer

        Shawna Cox, a passenger in Finicum’s truck, has now been released, and in her eyewitness account she says they were under fire at the first stop even though hands were out the windows. Finicum began yelling out the window that he wanted to talk to the Grant County sheriff. They all realized that it was an ambush setup, and Finicum was bound and determined to get to the constitutional sheriff of Grant County (where the incident happened). He sped off because they were under fire and could not get out of the truck. His windshield was shot out as he approached the roadblock, and the truck began sliding on the ice. They were under heavy gunfire as soon as the truck hit the snowbank, and Lavoy got out in the heavy gunfire with hands up. Lavoy had a pistol holstered on his hip. At no time did he draw his weapon, and he did not have a weapon in his hands when he died. After his death the passengers in the van took hundreds of rounds. When they were allowed to exit the truck, they asked if they were under arrest and were told “no, you’re being detained”. Shawna videotaped it, but they confiscated her camera. She believes they wanted all of them dead but prayers did not allow that to happen.

      • plukasiak

        1) no, I call the armed month long occupation of a federal facility. Carrying weapons onto a federal facility is a crime (18 USC 930 IIRC.) a “protest” would be an unarmed “takeover” of a federal facility that lasted one night, after which the participants surrendered or submitted to the relevant authorities.
        2) It looks to me like the agent was trying to take cover behind his vehicle when he saw that Finicum wasn’t going to stop. Regardless, Finicum had sufficient time to stop the vehicle on the road — but he never even slowed down before swerving into the snow bank.
        3) huh?

        as to your question “why would a loving…” (BTW, he wasn’t law-abiding. A noted above he was committing a crime simply by entering a federal facility with a gun.) The answer is, in technical language, “he was nuts”.

      • bigmack1

        “As to your claim that the constitution only allows the fed to own DC — NOTHING in the Constitution says that.”

        –coming from someone who had obviously never read it. Yet another uneducated Sheeple.

        With the approval of the states where the land is located, the government can own enough land to establish a seat of government, along with forts, docks, and other necessary buildings.

        Try reading the Constitution sometime. You might accidently learn something.

    • Ed

      The only problem is that it was all initiated by the “government” coercion against the Hammonds.
      It’s a serious problem when a society becomes highly politicized, as is now the case in the U.S.. In normal times, a sociopath stays under the radar. Perhaps he’ll commit a common crime when he thinks he can get away with it, but social mores keep him reined in. However, once the government changes its emphasis from protecting citizens from force to initiating force with laws and taxes, those social mores break down. Peer pressure, social approbation, and moral opprobrium, the forces that keep a healthy society orderly, are replaced by regulations enforced by cops and funded by taxes. Sociopaths sense this, start coming out of the woodwork, and are drawn to the State and its bureaucracies and regulatory agencies, where they can get licensed and paid to do what they’ve always wanted to do.
      It’s very simple, really. There are two ways people can relate to each other: Voluntarily or coercively. The government is pure coercion, and sociopaths are drawn to its power and force.

    • Toni Thayer

      When you’ve already taken hundreds of rounds and cannot get out of your vehicle, you attempt to survive. The battles in the West have been in public meetings and in the courts. It’s been going on for 30+ years. The Feds have already stolen 51.5% of all Western lands as compared to 4% in the rest of the nation. By the Constitution the Feds can only own a few square miles in Washington DC. It’s like Gerald Celente says, when you’ve lost everything, you have nothing to lose. Finicum was a great speaker, and he was getting the real facts out.

      • plukasiak

        First off, the person you are referring to was not Shawna Cox, but was the “unnamed 18 year old” (Victoria Sharp) who was released without being arrested. Shawna Cox, in facts, is the eyewitness source who told Mark McConnell (driver of the first vehicle) that Finicum pretty much provoked the shooting (“he charged them”)

        Furthermore, its clear from the rest of the evidence that Sharp’s account is simply not credible. NO ONE, besides Sharp, has claimed that shots were fired when the second vehicle took off. Sharp herself makes it clear that Finicum was provoking the shooting (“He’s like, just shoot me then, just shoot me”). And there is absolutely no evidence that hundreds of gunshots were fired — if the cops shoot hundred of rounds at a jeep, the people in the vehicle will be swiss cheese. The cops did use flashbangs, “sponge” bullets, and pepper spray “bullets”–all non-lethal and designed to disorient/disarm the people in the car.
        (Sharp’s account, though clearly wrong, is understandable given what happened.) But from the video evidence, the windows remained intact — which would simply not have happened if real bullets were used.
        As to your claim that the Feds “stole 51.5% of the land”….how could the Feds steal something that only the Fed have ever owned? When Oregon became a state, it recognized Federal ownership of those lands — a condition of Congress allowing Oregon to become a state. Congress obviously wanted to retain control of that land, and could easily have drawn the state map comprising the eastern 30% of Oregon (where over 96% of Oregon’s population lived at the time), maintaining control of the western 70% (which had less than 1700 people, and a population density of about 1 person for every 41 square miles.)
        As to your claim that the constitution only allows the fed to own DC — NOTHING in the Constitution says that. Moreover, are you saying that places like Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, cannot be owned by the Federal government?

      • Unknown

        Hey @ Plukasiak: You need to listen to Shawna Cox’s testimony. Search Youtube “BREAKING: SHAWNA COX Testimony “They were Trying to Kill All of Us” 1/30/2016″ Listen to what she says about Mark McConnell. You have it wrong. Toni Thayer is on track. Listen to Shawna’s own words.

  • Matt Richardson

    LaVoy drove off from the police stop for some reason. Who knows. He only drove about 40-45mph. He came around a blind turn and there was a blockade. I presume that the FBI opened fire as soon as they saw the truck. Based on what little time he had to react, it looks like LaRoy actually saved the lives of the agents who shot him by swerving off the road like he did instead of hitting the barricade. I stepped thru the tun on google maps. It’s a bind turn and there was little time for LaRoy to react.

    Then he got out of the truck with his hands up. It looks like he was shot in the side when he had his hands raised, and he lowered them because wounded (I don’t know this to be true, but it looks like it). He’d obviously be alive if he just stayed in the truck or if he didn’t drive off in the first place. But cops brought OJ in alive ( a guy who actually killed people) after a lengthy police chase. Laroy was just protesting.

    The Bundy militia should pack it up. I hate what the gov’t is doing like they do, but dag. It’s not worth getting killed; and they’ll kill ya.

  • Verner Hornung

    Pretty sad; Finicum was younger than I am. But law enforcement was patient with this group of armed demonstrators for nearly a month. No one rushed the visitor center at the wildlife refuge to create a mini-Waco as might have happened in 1993. I doubt the police would give me that much time to surrender if I were barricaded somewhere and wanted for a felony. I can’t say whether the actual shooting is justified because I’m not sure what rules of engagement apply and video never shows an event from the perspective of its participants. It remains clear that police always win. Earlier news reports quoted Finicum as saying that he preferred death to jail. While such an attitude is honorable in its own way, those who adopt it must be prepared to die. The sovereign citizen and militia movements need to realize that armed political action is futile until they have sufficient numbers and popular support, which they’re not too likely to get right now. They might stand better if realizing that some government control of land and people is necessary, looking at what they might achieve in Congress or in the courts instead. After all, a relatively sympathetic GOP has majorities with Oval Office chances this November. Hopefully all involved will find peace in the end.

  • Greg jacquart

    Bottom line? If he wasn’t there causing needless trouble he would still be alive. Yes this was a needless death and sad fro his family but he brought it on himself. He made the statement that he would rather die than go to jail in a video. Of course the authorities are going to be on high alert. He was known to carry weapons and he made moves toward them. I think he baited the cops to shoot him so he could be a martyr. Sad day. If I was pulled over like this the first thing I would do is comply not be beligerent. Condolences to his family and the the cop who had to pull the trigger. His life will change forever also.

  • Steve El

    Anyone who flees at high speed and tries to ram through/around a roadblock could easily have a suicide vest, a detonation button, a gun…. who knows? The officers who risked their life in pursuit and manning the road block have families too. Meanwhile, was an autoposy performed? Did Mr. Finicum have any medical conditions that might have factored into his decision making?

    • laurajs22

      Yes he had a medical condition, it was called save the 18 year old girl in the truck even if you have to run the barricade where the idiots are shooting into the truck and jump out and draw fire to do it. It’s called doing the only sane thing.

      • plukasiak

        There is no credible evidence that Finicum had been “fired upon” prior to his getting out of the truck. There was one report that a warning shot was fired at Payne, when he ignored the instructions to put only his hands out the window, and put his head out. But unless the LEOs who were there are the world’s worst shots, no bullets were shot at Finicum’s jeep.

  • FinnyWiggen

    The biggest tragedy of this mess left behind by LaVoy is the generational mistrust he has fostered in his children towards the government. How many of his children will die in a similar manner, because they follow his example? Believing that their terrorism is justified!


      Yeah. LaVoy MADE the police administer a roadblock when they were on their way to a peace talk. He MADE the police fire into his windshield. He MADE the cop hiding in the woods shoot him in the back. get the #@#% outta here.

      • plukasiak

        consider this scenario…
        Muslim’s with guns take over a federal facility, demanding that Sharia law be instituted in the United States, refuse to leave that facility, state that they will kill any cop who tries to remove them from that facility, and some of them say they’d rather die than be arrested.

        Would you say those Muslims were terrorists? Or “non-violent protesters?”

        Answer honestly.

  • John smith

    The OSP and FBI just sh=tted there case here, It is plain to see Finicum was trying to hold his balance in the deep snow with also trying to hold up his arms. Just watch how the officers try to walk thru the snow after shooting him. The exact same way waving there arms around trying to keep balance. THEY ARE BLATANTLY LIEING!!!

  • Dad in Az

    So Plukasiak… The federal govt occupation of public lands is Ok with you. Especially when the truth behind it is the value under the grass on the land is why the people in office are making their puppets do as they do. Then OK with you is the govt response to every ” right wing nut is to silence them” . The sheriff of that county should be recalled immediately. A true American with the utmost respect and understanding of the Constitution should be put in place that will protect the citizens first with the full weight and support of the Constitution. When needed call upon àn army of deputy sheriffs when the federal govt acts out of it authority under the Constitution. Maybe call that a militia…

    • Toni Thayer

      Since you brought up the Constitution, go one step back further than your starting point. The Feds cannot own any land outside of Washington DC by the Constitution. The feds currently own 51.5% of all Western lands and 4% in the rest of the country. There are no legal “public” lands unless they are owned by the states. And by the Constitution who is the federal, state, county and local governments? WE THE PEOPLE. The sleeping people have forgotten their foundation.

    • plukasiak

      Since the feds have owned the land from the time they were sold/ceded to the US by other governments, its just fine with me. As I noted to Toni above, Congress intended that land to be controlled by the feds from the time the state lines were drawn — and the various state legislatures all acknowledged federal control of those lands in the bills they passed making them a state. Congress could easily have maintained control of the lands by not including them within a state — for instance, over 96% of Oregon’s population was in the western 30% of the state when Oregon joined the Union. Congress could have drawn the lines to exclude the other 70% (all of which, at the time, was considered Wasco County). Even YOU will concede that the Constitution permits the feds to control the land in territories… and had Congress suspected that your theory would gain credence, they would have just left most of the west “incorporated territory”, and created states out of the most heavily populated areas.

      • Jester

        Yes, what a wonderful excuse for not eventually ceding the land to State control in order to further the State’s rightful goal of equal footing with other States. But instead the Fed utilizes the BORDERS of that Federal owned and managed land to gradually impinge and encroach upon the rights of those private and State/county held lands on the other side of wherever a border exists. Not to mention the acknowledging of rights to certain private property on federal lands through prior appropriation doctrine, only to later legislate the need for licensing the use of that property, leading to the ability to regulate those “so called rights” out of existence when the feds eventually decide to use that land for their capricious purposes.

  • Nick Staniewicz

    Quick draw Finicum decided to play chicken with the Feds and he lost. The Wild West ended a long time ago. The vast majority of the country has decided on representative government; not what these morons thought to accomplish.

  • Toni Thayer

    Lots of folks here need to get the real facts before they start judging a very brave man. We have lost our government to tyranny because of brainwashed people like you. Get a grip. It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better, beginning with the economy and most likely simultaneously with a world war on American land. Look to history for your answers and apply what you learn to today and your living environment.

    • Wayne Busse

      I watched the entire video and this is my observation:
      1View was probably from a circling Predator drone( notice all the data blacked out). 2 Truck was moving at a high speed and rounded a curve just before the roadblock( setup for minimal reaction time to avoid the roadblock) and unable to stop in time, swerved . 3 Finicum exited the truck with his hands up saying, “Just shoot ME”.( maybe because the truck had been fired on?) 4 Was approached by men in black from rear of truck and from the trees (indicating the roadblock was set up as a typical”Hammer and Anvil” ambush setup.) 5 Finicum with his hands still up turned toward the man at the back of the truck. Finicum appeared to be talking to the gunman and pointed toward the truck. At this point Finicum,seemed to suddenly,turn away to his left and toward the gunman at his back. This could be also explained as reacting to a gunshot to the body and not reaching for a weapon.
      Finicum’s associates relate that he carried a revolver and not a 9mm automatic, in a holster. (Was this because possibly he was unarmed and the FBI didn’t know he preferred revolvers? A lie to cover the shooting?)
      6 At this the gunman to his rear delivered a “kill-shot and Finicum dropped. ( The report that he was shot in the face seems to indicate sniper training).
      The whole government plan seemed to be directed toward an armed confrontation, that never would have happened had the roadblock been placed close to the compound and they had been starved out. After all, they were in an isolated area over 20 miles from anything? Sounds like,Waco and Ruby Ridge thinking.

      • plukasiak

        to give you some idea of how twisted your interpretation of events is…
        Listen to the audio. Finicum did not say “Just shoot ME”, as if he was trying to protect the other occupants of the car. He was egging on the cops, saying “Just shoot me. Just shoot me. If that’s what you want. Just shoot me.”
        Given that, its pretty easy to understand what happened next. The cops didn’t respond to Finicum’s provocation, so he (feigned? a) reach for his gun. The cops didn’t shoot (perhaps didn’t see the gun?) but when Finicum went for his gun a second time, he got shot.

      • Eric M.

        The government is not responsible for Finicum failing surrender 101. He was an armed seditionist criminal who died in the midst of forcibly resisting arrest, and my compliments to the FBI and OSP for handling the situation well.

  • Seth

    What an idiotic comment, Bob. This is like comparing apples to oranges. When were you ever stopped by the fbi? This is completely different. These guys were armed and occupying a federal building. Black people have been shot instantly for far less, but we won’t delve into white privilege here; suffice it to say, you are very, very ignorant of the reality of the situation.

  • C. Smith

    Those of you referring to the ranchers as “extremists”, etc clearly have not taken the time to understand what their complaints are about. You have accepted the govt narrative at face value without question. Yes, there is usually more than one side to a story. There are many landowners, big and small, being harrassed off their lands by Federal agencies that are raging out of control. If you are not familiar with the issues, please keep quiet until you are.

    In the 1960’s, you Progressives would have been in the streets in support of the ranchers and farmers. The tables have turned, now you are the oppressors. You are The Man.

    • Eric M.

      Been an exploration geologist working in the west for 30+ years, have dealt with BLM and Forest Service many many times. Finicum and Bundy are seditionists who want free gifts, I can’t imagine anyone in my industry supporting these criminals, and we also work with good and law-abiding ranchers constantly. Stop trying to defend the indefensible.

  • End the Fed

    Barry .. from Salt Lake City Utah .. former LEO .. Police Academy Instructor
    … says LaVoy Finnicum was MURDERED! ..

  • strangecorn

    We are all labeled “terrorist” now. That’s why they made all those “anti-terrorism” laws last few years.

  • Royce Lerwick

    Well, a couple of thoughts gleaned from other comments on other sites showing this “traffic stop”: First of all, it’s not the complete, “unedited” video. The FBI has removed nearly 4 minutes of it during the original ambush, where Finicum’s truck was sitting still. The witnesses in the truck claim the vehicle was fired upon at this stop, probably the bit edited out by the FBI.

    The fool being claimed as a near-victim of LaVoy’s “running” the second barricaded stop, is nothing more than a jackass for throwing himself from his position of safety, directly into the path of the truck, possibly firing as he did so. It’s most likely that Finicum just didn’t have time to stop and bailed out into the snowbank to avoid a head-on collision.

    The witnesses say the truck was then fired upon while stuck in the snow, and particularly as they tried to exit and signal a surrender by putting hands through the open windows and trying to talk to the officers shooting at them. Many observe that just before LaVoy starts doing his jig, shuffling around and lowering his hands a bit, you can see a window of the truck being shot out and falling into the snow. Others have speculated that if he’d been shot he’d he would instinctively reach for his side, accounting for his hands gesturing and wanting to go there–but it is clear he never pulled a weapon or got close to it.

    Others claim to have run the serial number of the 9mm gun “planted” on LaVoy as they see it, and it came up as stolen, and this from a patriot group in California. If you look at old photos you will indeed see LaVoy carrying a possible 9mm, possibly a Beretta, in a tightly held horizontal shoulder rig under his left arm. Having said this, you’d be an idiot to carry a full-frame 9mm of any sort in a coat pocket, if you have a shoulder rig and wanted it to actually be useful, rather than fishing around in your jacket for it in the middle of a “firefight.”

    Since none of the audio has been conveniently released, it’s hard to tell when and how many shots were fired by the FBI and State Troopers. LaVoy could have been standing there with his hands up while a hail of gunfire is ringing all around him. That’s pretty much what the survivors are claiming. The State Cops and Agents had laser scopes on them all and shots were hailing into and around the car during the whole incident. The FBI originally claimed only three shots were fired at him. That is now know to be an outright lie. The medical examination actually showed 9 shots hit him, and there’s no accounting for how many were flying past him before, during, or after he debated pulling a gun and shooting back–if that’s what happened.

    As a matter of fact, had any of the “militia” fired first or at all, that would have been the FBI’s lead story, so you can be certain the FBI shot first, last, and only. That’s not a “shootout.” That’s an execution by indirect means.

    And by the way, that’s not an “airplane,” or “helicopter,” as the media describes the FBI drone footage, possibly armed, with telemetry, gps, operator and targeting data masked from visibility on its screen.

    But the bottom line is, they can call it a “felony,” but the “federal officers” who the prosecutors are claiming had their line of duty interfered with, which ostensibly justifies this huge over-reaction to an otherwise peaceful protest, are a couple of off-season caretakers at a remote, isolated park closed for the winter. Hardly seems worth shooting a man for that, much less a massive paramilitary State and federal ambush. They could have just cut off supplies, heat, and electricity, and they’d be frozen, hungry and bored silly in a few weeks and go home anyway.

    No, the feds and the macho governor with his State Police wanted a shootout, a show of force to set an example and satisfy their constituencies that they are indeed manly and in charge–and they wanted it in a remote location where they could put to bear massive, disproportional forces to insure maximum advantage and minimum risk of failing and looking bad. Unfortunately, LaVoy Finimum gave them every excuse they needed to have their turkey shoot.

  • timgoodluck72

    Ya know whats interesting. The FBI never denied shooting Finicum before his hands dropped.

    As per

    “During this operation, OSP troopers utilized deadly force [[[due to their proximity]]] to LaVoy Finicum as the situation unfolded.”

    This statement doesn’t say they utilized deadly force due to him reaching for anything.

  • Randal

    Video shows shooter on right behind vehicle shoots Levoy in side causing Levoy’s hands to go to his side and shooter running away right after firing. Nice trick to execute someone and say he was going for a gun! Levoy left guns at ranch. Gun planted. Murder!

  • Mike Dickson

    You may not like LaVoy Finicum, you may not like his well reasoned understanding of the limited role of the federal government. You may not like the fact that he’s a rancher or a Christian. You may not like his association with the securing of a “federal” animal/bird sanctuary in the middle of nowhere. We are not getting all the details, however any clear thinking person can see that the amount of planning and premeditation which went into confronting LaVoy Finicum in such a provocative way, while set up to prevent counsel (don’t think the FBI did not know there was no cel coverage to call sherif or upload documentation of FBI’s aggressive posture) no clear thinking person could conclude anything but that everything that went down went as planned. There is no evidence at present which indicates that this FBI arrangement was intended to be resolved without the FBI instigating violence. Remember, this came about because good people were being harassed by armies of pencil pushers hiding behind the “law”. Ranchers harassed around the country. Ranchers threatened with lawsuits. Ranchers getting 5 year prison terms for back burning 8 years ago during a wild fire. Ranchers now considered “terrorists”!! You may not agree with the LaVoy Finicum’s but if the FBI can put their boot on LaVoys neck they can put it on yours.

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