NAACP asks Justice Dept. to investigate shooting of Darrien Hunt

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The NAACP is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the shooting of Darrien Hunt by two Saratoga Springs police officers.

The shooting, ruled justified last week by the Utah County Attorney's Office, has prompted the civil rights organization to get involved. At a news conference on Monday, NAACP Salt Lake Branch President Jeanetta Williams said they reviewed the findings and disagreed with them.

"He was carrying a sword, running away from officers, when he was shot six times in the back," Williams said. "The NAACP is asking for the investigation to include the alleged initial confrontation with the officers, and the shots that were fired as Darrien Hunt was running away from the officers."

Williams said the NAACP wanted to know if Hunt's civil rights were violated, focusing on police tactics and whether they were consistent with law enforcement policies and procedures.

Williams said the NAACP waited until the Utah County Attorney's Office had ended its investigation before getting involved.

"The NAACP is seeking transparency and accountability," she said. "We do not want our young people to look at police as their executioner, but as an authority of safety."

In a statement to FOX 13, the U.S. Department of Justice acknowledged the NAACP's request -- but did not confirm any federal probe.

"We acknowledge the NAACP's request this morning. We appreciate their concern. However, we do not comment about investigations," the statement said.

The request was welcomed by attorneys for Hunt's family. Robert Sykes, the lawyer for Darrien's mother, Susan Hunt, said he was proceeding with a wrongful death and civil rights lawsuit against Saratoga Springs for the shooting.

"We clearly believe there was excessive force that was used," he told reporters on Monday.

Sykes accused police of shooting Darrien Hunt when he was down on the ground. He blasted the Utah County Attorney's Office for failing to hand over video, audio and investigative reports into the shooting. He acknowledged he would get it once his lawsuit was filed, which he expected to do by Friday or next week.

"We'll get it," Sykes said.

For its part, Saratoga Springs said it welcomed an outside investigation.

"The Saratoga Springs Police Department and the City of Saratoga Springs welcome any other official investigation into the officer involved shooting of Mr. Hunt," city spokesman Owen Jackson told FOX 13.

Cindy Moss, Darrien's aunt, said the family has been reviewing frame-by-frame the surveillance videotape released of the shooting. She said it has been "traumatic" for the family to relive it. She challenged the Utah County Attorney's findings.

"We need and want the Justice Department to investigate this. We need other people that are more honest and will hopefully, look at the evidence more honestly, to investigate this whole situation so we can at least have the peace of knowing it was honest when it came out," Moss said.

Beyond a federal investigation, the NAACP called for diversity and sensitivity training within the ranks of the Saratoga Springs Police Department, as well as a civilian review board and body cameras for all officers.

The Salt Lake Branch of the NAACP has been reaching out to police agencies in Utah to encourage the use of body cameras. Of the 10 agencies she has met with, Williams said, none have objected to the idea.

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  • Bri-Guy

    All of this ‘racism’ garbage only makes me become racist. The dude was shot because he was a threat. All this does is bring out more ‘black’ people who cause problems, which in turn makes people begin to think negative towards that group, who is black.. Therefore giving the ‘black’ community a bad name.

    • Are you related to County Clerk Bryan Thompson?

      “All of this ‘racism’ garbage only makes me become racist.”

      So no matter what race can never be brought up even when its an obvious factor? It’s good to know that you think it’s garbage. Now that Bri-guy has told us what he thinks is garbage and what makes him racist we can all be on our way or kiss your arse like your family, friends and those seeking your votes do or we can tell you to shut that pie hole of yours.

      “The dude was shot because he was a threat.”

      The dude had a name and it was Darrien. He was NOT a threat to anyone but just a man who was about his business when he came into contact with two people who are like you. This is why our society is falling apart at the seams. The Hunt family has to deal with reading your garbage. How about the officers families meet with the Hunts and say “our family member was right to shoot your loved one in the back. How does it feel to know that Darrien is dead and our loved one is alive? How did you vote in the last election? Hahaha. It doesn’t matter since no matter how you voted you are powerless to bring your child’s killer to justice because those our loved one has spent years working with has ruled that the men they know, worked with and spent hours with were justified. We agree with our family member, Jeff who he worked with and knew has made his decision that those he knew were justified in shooting your son who he didn’t know.”

      “All this does is bring out more ‘black’ people who cause problems, which in turn makes people begin to think negative towards that group, who is black.. Therefore giving the ‘black’ community a bad name.”

      The fact that an innocent man was gunned down has some racial undertones is all the reason for people like you to think negative towards blacks need. I don’t care what you think or if you are racist or what makes the mentally challenged child of your parents racist. It’s getting old DUDE. Really old BUDDY. We are tired of what you have to say so do us a favor and just shut up because no one is going to agree with the mentally ill child of your parents except for your mentally ill family, mentally ill friends and the mentally like you who aren’t posting online but are giving speeches like the mentally ill County Attorney who is as mentally off his rocker as those who are saying the same thing here that he is saying.

      Do you want to know what is garbage. Everything that comes out of your mind.

      So save the garbage because you aren’t convincing anyone who is not as insane as you are. Be grateful that we have a mentally ill County Attorney who is as sick in his head as you are in yours. Be grateful that the Hunt’s will not get justice no matter what. That they just have to know that their loved one is dead as the family of these officers get to spend holidays with them. Let’s see how Susan feels on Thanksgiving and Christmas as she grieves her lost child and the officers evil families feel when they spend Thanksgiving with one of their own kind and who they won’t disown for what they did to Darrien Hunt. Maybe you can do the Hunt’s a favor and not say anything nasty online on Thanksgiving or the week of the holidays so they can have some peace knowing that their child is gone and that evil voters like you are okay with it because you aren’t good people and neither are your families that the Hunts would never have been friends with. Have a great life with those disgusting people you call family and friends and maybe one day you can even run for public office and represent other mentally ill people including yourself and your whacked out family.

      Then you can be a State Legislator or Congressman making nasty comments about how those like you can shoot men running away in the back because your mommy and daddy didn’t raise a good person and instead raised a monster in their own evil images. In the meantime Bri-guy. From one voter to another: I don’t care what you have to say. You are vile and disgusting piece of garbage and I am sorry your family is not decent enough to see you for what you are and to despise you as much as good people everywhere despise men like you. That said.I am now on my way to have a good day and put your evil comments behind me knowing that you won’t be anything of importance until the next time you get to vote for someone just like you. Please consider running for office so that you can be of some significance in between when you cast mentally ill votes. I have given a worthless loser enough time for now. Maybe you can seek the Utah County Attorney’s office and then we might be interested in what a loser like you has to say since you are a loser who has the ability to do harm to others we care about.

  • Mike

    The NAACP should get there facts right, two autopsies showing Hunt was shot 3 times in Front and 4 times in the back in her report Jeanetta Williams said he was shot 6 times in the back ?? 3+4=7

  • Dick Thompson

    I agree with Bri-guy He was running away from the police with a sword. That makes him a danger to others. Ask yourself this. If he was running towards your son or daughter at the time. What would you want to police to do?

    • Are you related to County Clerk Bryan Thompson?

      “I agree with Bri-guy He was running away from the police with a sword. That makes him a danger to others. Ask yourself this. If he was running towards your son or daughter at the time. What would you want to police to do?”

      He wasn’t running towards my son or daughter and he was another person’s son. You can try to personalize this Dick but if you want to do that I will be glad to go along with you and say that if your son was a cop and he shot my son who was running from him in the back as these men did and your family defended your disgusting child because you are just like them then you and I would have a personal problem, Dicky.

      He was someone’s son. Her name is Susan. She loved him and no one cares that the father of your children thinks these officers were justified because they are just like Dick Thompson. Do you think that you are right? That those with your sick mind can just shoot those of us who disagree with you. We have told you over and over that you are wrong yet all you do is argue and tell us what you think. We are honestly tired of your stupid arguments justifying the murder of a man by two men who are as sick in their heads as you are in yours. He’s someones child, someone’s brother and someones loved one and he was running for his life when one of your kind gunned him down because you are off your rockers and the fact that you can’t see that because you are crazy doesn’t change the fact that he has a right to place value on his life

      but it’s good to know that you agree with Bri-guy. Maybe you might be lucky enough to vote for the mentally ill Bri-guy or he may be lucky enough to vote for you but the fact that you are both as crazy as these officers does not give you or your messed up families the right to gun down those of us who don’t think in the twisted way the offspring of your parents do.

      I will tell you what I think. If my son was running from yours and yours shot my child in the back because of some stupid thought that they might harm someone else and your child doesn’t go to prison I would be so upset that I don’t think I would honestly be able to restrain myself. The fact is that there are many reasons he may have been running from the cops other then wanting to kill someone such as he wanted to live and did not want to go to prison when he broke no law. What is wrong with you?

      I just love your question though. Maybe you should ask Susan Hunt what she thinks. Her child is running for his life and you use the ignorant question about what if it was our child he was running towards. That is EVIL. Did you learn your morals from your family?

      He was running for his life when two of your kind shot him in the back and you dare use the argument that he was running towards others as justification for your kind doing this kind of thing? What is wrong with you people and your families? Let’s just assume for the sake of argument that he was running towards my child. I do not believe that someone running towards my child necessarily plans on killing them and I certainly don’t think the police should gun someone down running towards my child unless they actually attack my child. This is why I am different. Now shut up with the stupid questions since they don’t make sense. The reason you ask them is because you think it proves your point and all it proves is that you are crazy, these cops are crazy, those in our government who think the way you do are as crazy as those of you who are voting for them or marrying them. Are you Bryan Thompson’s family? The Utah County Clerk has the same last name as you so I am curious to find out if you have shared genes with the Utah County Clerk? It might explain a lot about both of you. Problems like yours do run in families.

      • SheepDog

        1. There is ZERO evidence that this had anything to do with race, other than the officers were white and Mr. Hunt was black. Alleging racism based ONLY on the skin color of the officers, is itself racist.
        2. The officers families read this also and to hear you proclaim them racist murderers and evil is no better than the insensitivity that you are alleging to other posters.
        3. There is witness testimony that Mr. Hunt swung his sword at the officers. You may disagree (although you were not there) but it is more evidence than you have of racist motives.
        4. Had Mr. Hunt DROPPED the sword, then “ran for his life” he would have no longer been a threat to anyone and would not have been shot. The fact that he swung it at officers, then ran toward a populated area STILL HOLDING THE SWORD forced the officers to make a choice. They chose to prevent him harming others. It was not an unreasonable choice, given the totality of the circumstances.

        My heart bleeds for the family and friends of Mr. Hunt, but the ultimate outcome was a result of his choices.

      • Dick Thompson

        Do you feel better? I sure hope so. I feel for Susan as I have lost a child also. You want everyone to agree with you but that is not going to happen.

      • AnotherBob

        Another nice rant ARE YOU RELATED. Nobody read your first thesis and so there is no reason to believe anybody will study your second one.

  • AnotherBob

    Mr. Hunt earned the consequences for what he did and not for the color of his skin. Perfect example of the NAACP tilting at windmills.

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