Funeral services held for Springville teen who died while serving LDS Church mission

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah – Funeral services were held in Springville Saturday for a teen who died while serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his body was taken to the cemetery in his beloved truck rather than the traditional hearse.

Connor Thredgold and his companion--24-year-old Elder Yu Peng Xiong, a Taiwan native--died due to carbon monoxide poisoning last month, and on Saturday the 19 year old was remembered for his time in Taiwan.

Tom Mchoes spoke on behalf of Thredgold’s family: "He passed away serving the Lord, he passed away serving his fellow person, helping his fellow person, and you heard it in there,” he said. “You know, the smile on his face all the time, and you know, whenever you think about him, I think a smile will come to our face as well."

Thredgold was taken to the cemetery in his old pickup truck, which is known as Big Blue. Before his mission, Thredgold spent hours tinkering with the vehicle.


  • Matt

    This about a fine young man that was, and is still, serving GOD and God’s children. Just so that you all understand the truth about the LDS Church, everything belongs to GOD and nothing belongs to us. We are simply stewards over the things we are blessed with. Apparently, there are those that think that missions are not important and that earthly “things” are. I served a mission after serving my country and it was among the most important things I have ever done. Many great blessing came from my service to the Lord. So will Connor’s service. As for false Prophets…there are many but fortunately Thomas S. Monson is the only true Prophet on this earth right now whether you all want to believe it or not. As for giving back to the Lord what is His…I’d give everything if He asks me to because the real rewards of our lives will be manifest in the next life. Connor is a great man and he died serving GOD. He gave all and is now serving those that have passed on. Show some respect for someone who did something right and honorable. Maybe someday those of you being critical in this comment section will be anywhere near as humble and honorable as those you criticize. “By their fruits…”

  • Tracy Hyland Painter

    There is a time to make your beliefs known, but this isn’t one of them. This family is in pain, and has buried their child. This isn’t the time to spew hatred. The insensitivity never ceases to amaze me. I left the church behind long ago, but still have compassion and empathy. I pray that those who are hurting from this loss are able to find some solace and peace.

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