2 LDS missionaries found dead in Taiwan apartment, carbon monoxide leak

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Two missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were found dead in their Taiwan apartment, according to church officials.

Elder Yu Peng Xiong, 24, a Taiwan native, and Elder Connor Benjamin Thredgold, 19, of Springville, were serving in the Taiwan Taipei Mission.

Authorities said it would appear the cause was a carbon monoxide leak in their apartment.

Xiong had been serving as a missionary since March of 2013 and Thredgold since March of 2014.

"We pray for their families and for all those who knew them and express our love and deepest sympathies at this tragic time," according to the statement.

Thredgold's family spoke about their son during a press conference Saturday, see the video above for their comments.


  • forrestc2013

    They left with dreams of changing hearts,
    one soul at a time.
    They were following their Savior’s footsteps,
    and seeking out the blind.

    And though today we mourn their loss,
    Remember, eternity waits.
    They still are serving the God they love,
    beyond His golden gate.

    So look to the sky for rainbows of love
    for they are waiting there;
    someday we will walk with them,
    and climb up heaven’s stairs.

    © Forrest Phelps-Cook

  • Scott C Waring

    Taipei Times is has this title here in Taiwan, “Carbon monoxide cited in deaths of LDS missionaries.” Prosecutors found a faulty indoor gas water heater, which they determined to be the cause of the fatal carbon monoxide leak.

    Sadly taiwan still uses gas water heaters and stoves. Finding a normal size electric stove with an oven is almost impossible over here.

  • ken

    Couldn’t help but comment on “one of the Bob’s remarks.
    I’m very grateful for the service men & women and their service to us but one thing different from them and missionaries is they get paid and it is a job.
    Missionaries from the LDS are not paid but they pay their own way or other members of the church contribute to help them serve missions.
    The only people who profit are the ones that come to know their savoir better and make covenants with Him to obey His commandments and live Christian lives.

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