Utah woman accused of helping hide baby sitter’s body sentenced to prison

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OGDEN, Utah -  A judge has sentenced Dea Millerberg to three concurrent terms of up to five years in the Utah State Prison.

Thursday the judge said prison is the appropriate sentence for Millerberg, calling her acts "depraved."

Dea walked into court Thursday without making any comments.

She then took her seat at the defense table, periodically weeping throughout the morning while first her attorney, then she herself, asked the judge to show leniency and sentence her to probation.

She also apologized to Lexi's family.

She said: "I just want to say that I am appalled and disgusted by what I've done and for your family, I can't fix. You're in my prayers, and one day I hope you'll be able to forgive me."

Dea Millerberg also told the judge she accepted responsibility for her actions.

"Your honor I'm not going to make excuses for what I've done," she said.

It was nearly three years ago that Dea and her husband, Eric, shot up drugs with their 16-year-old babysitter Lexi Rasmussen.

When Lexi later overdosed and died, the Millerbergs decided not to call 911; instead they disposed of Lexi's body in a remote part of northern Utah.

Almost 40 days later, after Lexi's remains were found and only after she was confronted with hard evidence, Dea finally told the truth and cooperated with police. Her testimony ultimately helped convict her husband Eric and send him to prison.

Despite her pleas for probation, the judge in the case said he could not reconcile the death of a teen and let Dea simply walk away. He called her acts "depraved" and said she needed to go to prison.

Lexi's mother said she knows that nothing will bring her daughter back but she is relieved this phase of the process is now over.

The judge acknowledged Dea finally did tell the truth and wound up cooperating with police and that her testimony help send Eric Millerberg to prison. However the judge said that a real, live person died as a result of Dea's drug use and her actions that night.

He also said that Dea was particularly culpable because she was a nurse and a mother herself and if it was up to him, he would like her to serve even more prison time.

Since the terms will run concurrently the maximum time she will serve is five years; she could potentially be out by this time next year.

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  • Melissa

    Seriously Bob….you are a troll! Every time you comment, it’s nothing but word vomit. We get it! You don’t like the LDS. Get over yourself or at least find another hobby.

  • Carla

    Bob…you are an idiot. Bigoted idiot. Not everyone in Utah is LDS. And they thought they could get away with it because they were drugged up and scared. Hey didn’t get away with it. Stick to the story, they were caught convicted and sentenced. Religion had nothing to do wit it

  • Danielle

    I will in some aspects agree with some, I said some statements or opinions that BOb has said. However, I can’t agree with it is a Mormon thing. I will give home the opinion about hipocracy and seeming cult like but nothing is ever a Mormon thing. This is a twisted example of a drug thing! Please be nice to Bob he truly may not understand your point of view. He might only know what he reads and us only able to base his opinion solely on the media and not the true meaning of anyone’s religion not just Mormonism. I myself have a negative feeling about the L.D.S. Church but I also grew up Mormon and understand. So instead of becoming angry and pointing fingers and beating one another up verbally, let’s remember a little girl who will never go to prom, never get married, never have babies. And let’s remember the devastation that her loving family has to endure forever as they celebrate a holiday or birthday. Let us remember that drugs did this, drugs destroyed innocent people, not religion. I am not sure any prison sentence is enough for such an animalistic action, but it sure is a start. Please let us not fight amongst one another. Let us remember the beautiful girl who was young and impressionable, and her innocence taken away by an adult who was supposed to be trustworthy and most of all a friend. To all of Alexis’ family may you have continue to have the strength as you continue on.

  • The TRUTH

    I agree that mormonism or lack thereof has an impact on everything that happens to every individual in this state.

    That being said, it’s beside the point in this case.

    The judge was right, this woman should be in prison for a much longer term, she did wrong and she knew it. She was messing around with a 16 year old child in more ways than one, and she sold out her husband to cover her own behind. She was absolutely culpable for all that she was convicted of and more, and may gawd have mercy on her soul.


      a 16 year old child? you mean teenager, who willingly shot her own self up with drugs.

      The only thing this women is guilty of is not reporting the death. The death itself is the teen’s fault.

    • bob

      Mormonism gave me a bad haircut! Mormonism undercooked my fish! Mormonism made it rain on my picnic! Mormonism gave me a parking ticket!


  • george m

    Here is the problem with this situation. Had they called 911 to try to save the young girls life current drug laws would have landed them both in prison for 20 years. Possession of drugs, possession of paraphernalia, distributing drugs to a minor, using drugs with a minor, child endangerment, corrupting a minor etc etc etc charge after charge. Instead this way she gets FIVE years and is out in THREE tops. The system is so so So broken it actually rewards these animals for murdering this child and everyone is OK with it.

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