15-year-old girl run over by truck while sunbathing in driveway has died

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SYRACUSE, Utah — A teen girl who suffered critical injuries after she was run over by a truck while sunbathing in a driveway died Sunday due to injuries suffered in Friday’s accident.

A posting on the Facebook page “Miracle for Marli” indicated that Marli had died, and later Sunday Audrey Glasby, Public Relations Director for Mountain Star Healthcare, confirmed to FOX 13 News the teen had died.

Marli Hamblin was injured Friday after her sister backed a truck over Marli; officials have said the incident is an accident and there are no charges pending in the case. Officials said the teen was listening to music using headphones and did not hear the vehicle turn on. Erin Behm of the Syracuse Police Department said earlier this week the driver could not see Marli due to her location.

“Always be aware, tragedies, accidents–unfortunately, they happen far too often,” Behm said. “However, if you’re in a big truck and you look behind you, you might not be able to see directly behind you, and I think that that’s what happened here: It was just an accident.”

Marli’s family spoke with FOX 13 News Friday about Marli, click here for their interviews. Her grandfather, Ron Hamblin, said Marli was a motivated young woman who had just earned a spot on her school’s cheer leading squad.

“She worked hard at it, her desire was to succeed in whatever she did,” Ron Hamblin said.

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  • Trish Ramirez

    My heart goes out to the family. This is a horrible, horrible tragedy. To her sister – don’t beat yourself up, forgive yourself as your sister would have forgiven you. Much love, and good vibes your way.

  • Leah Tate

    Terrible tragedy, condolences to the family. I must say, this is the first time in 62 years of life I have heard of anyone sunbathing in the driveway, hope a lesson is learned by all who hear this story.

  • MJ Brewer

    It’s always a tragedy to lose someone, and unimaginable running over a sister accidentally. Although it was a preventable accident, it remains an accident and Marli is gone. However, her sister will undoubtedly require counseling to continue as the accident will never be forgotten. My thoughts are for the family and well wishes to love every single day with fortitude and togetherness.

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