Family members speak after teen run over by truck while sunbathing

UPDATE: Hospital officials confirmed to FOX 13 News Sunday that Marli Hamblin died due to injuries suffered in Friday's accident.

Previous story continues below:

SYRACUSE, Utah -- Prayers, hugs, tears and togetherness, that’s how Ron Hamblin’s family is coping with the news that his 15-year-old granddaughter, Marli Hamblin, is in critical condition and in a coma following Friday’s accident, when Marli was run over by a truck while sunbathing in a driveway.

“We haven’t given up hope, there is still a possibility that she could pull through, not a very good percentage, but we’ll take what we can get,” Ron Hamblin said.

According to police, Marli was lying on a blanket, sunbathing in her driveway while listening to music on her headphones when her older sister backed out of the garage in a pickup truck, accidentally running her over. It occurred around noon near 3000 west and 2700 south.

"The driver wasn't paying attention, obviously didn't think there would be anyone in the driveway, and just backed out of the driveway," said Officer Erin Behm of the Syracuse Police Department.

Marli’s cousin was outside at the time, just a few houses down.

"Everyone was in shock and in panic," Takenna Hamblin said. "It's been tough, we're really close and it's hard to see a loved one like this."

Marli was airlifted to Ogden Regional Medical Center.

“Her dad and I gave her a blessing yesterday and I could see her face that’s all,” Ron Hamblin said.

Marli’s sister is not facing any charges in this case.

“No foul play, it was just a tragic accident," Behm said.

“She’s having a very difficult time, beating herself up, all we can do is encourage her you know, it’s just an accident, it can happen to anybody at any given time,” Ron Hamblin said.

The Hamblin family said Marli has a bright future, and had recently made the Syracuse High School cheerleading squad. They said it’s that motivation that gives them hope that she will pull through.

“She worked hard at it, her desire was to succeed in whatever she did,” Ron Hamblin said.

For those who wish to help the family with medical costs, a donation account has been created in Marli's name at American First Credit Union. Donations can be made at any branch. A GoFundMe account has also been set up, click here to visit the page.


    • Reah

      I hope she doesnt feel any pain, as im sure everyone hopes.

      But unfortunately the drs are not always correct on that. I speak from personal experience. Some patients do feel physical and emotional pain in a medically induced coma. I was one of those at age 11 when I was hit by a car. And I know an other person who experienced it too.

      I will keep a candle lit and I will keep marlie in my prayers .

      • Reah

        I will be keeping her loved ones in my prayers also. I could not imagine losing my babies, or my siblings!

        There was no fault here. Accidents do happen to every day people and they are horrific and sudden. Those of you placing blame because a teenager with a mind of her own, as we all do have, didnt think before she acted……. shame on you!

        God speed with this beautiful young girl and all who loved her!

  • William Campbell

    Our prayers are with Marli and the Hamblin family for a fast and full recovery. Katelyn & the Campbell Family

  • Gloria H.

    My prayers are with the family during this difficult time. I pray for strength and that God grant you peace and understanding.

  • jennette young

    While in the hospital having my third child. My there year old ran to get some candy he left NY struck tire. My brother had looked before getting in the truck believing all children accounted for. We faced a very similar situation. My young son was not at fault. My wonderful brother and loving uncle wasn’t at fault. It was a tragic accident. Although we got a different outcome. Who at fifteen, twenty or sixty haven’t wished God for a do over. There is no blame here just tragedy. Since then I have lost a daughter, no blame just illness and had to make a decision to turn off life support to a another beloved child after minor surgery. No blame just another tragedy. Please no judgments this family will need, family friends,church and community support for to come. No fault
    No juudgement, just love

  • Audrey Burt

    No one on this earth can actually feel this families pain and how this will effect so many in the future before anyone judges what happened remember but for the Grace of God gi I

  • Tom

    I don’t mean to be insensitive, but it is the drivers fault. When you’re operating a vehicle weighing hundreds if not thousands of pounds, you must be overly aware of your surroundings. What if I child had been chasing a ball across the driveway. You always look before you accelerate. Always. Tragic loss but this should teach people to be more aware, not say oh its an accident it happens.

  • Rosie Reyes

    I lost my brother 4 years ago. Tragic accident. Your kids will help each other out with the news of Marli passing away. She’s in a better place now. She’ll be watching over the whole family.

  • Teri Williams

    She was a beautiful young girl who left this earth too soon. I wish Marli had not of sunbathed in the driveway that day or any day!!

  • Jeff

    I am surprised that no one has said anything about her creepy cousin who was smiling as she was being interviewed.

  • dave

    tristen and trish im a big fan of taking responsibility but in this case whether or not your right or wrong comments like that have no place in situations like this. its easy enough to imagine marlys sister is thinking that enough for her self, it would be devastating if she or any of her friends or family were to read those things you said. although its easy to have a little appreciation for the fact that you recognized this was a sad situation it dosnt soften the blow of your harsh words in a sensitive, emotional and bad enough situation.

    also thanks to the people who gave your condolences for these grieving people, thats much more appropriate.

    i too have given prayer for this family

  • Trish Ramirez

    Dave, you are absolutely right. I humbly wish I could have been as eloquent as you with my previous reply. I really didn’t want to point fingers in this case, but I saw that comment insinuating that she had somehow brought it on herself and it made me angry. I commented with my emotions and not all of my reasoning abilities.

    Of course I don’t want to point fingers at an older sister who is going to carry this with her for the rest of her life.

  • Wendy Park

    Tristin – that poor young girl will feel overwhelming guilt her whole entire life. Now, why would you want to add to that by adding a hurtful comment such as that? Do you have no compassion what-so-ever? At this point, who really cares about who was at fault? A sister’s life hung in the balance and a young girl has to live with that forever, and YOU decided to write that comment. Shame on you. “Are you kidding me?????” I would call that bullying. All I can think to say is RIP beautiful Marli Hamblin.

  • Rachel

    Honestly, I lay out in my driveway all the time. If you don’t have a backyard or a beach or somewhere to go besides a tanning bed then that’s probably where she decided to lay out… Me on the other hand, I’m 19 years old and I layout in my drive way, on my dock, in my backyard, and at the beach. So to say that it’s weird and not right to layout in the driveway is very nerrogative. This was an accident and nothing more… What the family needs now is to know that we’re all praying for their loss and for their grieving. Especially now for the older sister. Who is going to have to live with this in her mind for the rest of her life.

  • kendra

    When you are 15, anywhere sounds like a great place to get sun kissed! This has nothing to do with parenting. Before you comment on such a sensitive situation, place your self in the moment. Parents don’t need to tell their teenagers where or where not to “layout”. As we used to call it. I and all my sisters anf friends used to get tan anywhere we possibly could! So sorry to hear about this. God bless all of you.

  • dave

    i can easily respect that trish thank you very much for trying to straighten things out. i dont blame you for being upset the comments about it being her falt and in reply its easy to swing to the other side of the fence and say its her sisters fault. trying to correct peoples ideas. ive done that before too.

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