Family pit bull attacks toddler, grandmother loses fingertips trying to save her

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo.  – A 22-month-old girl is in critical condition after she was attacked by her family`s  dog.

The little girl is fighting for her life and her grandmother was also seriously injured.

According to KTVI, the dog that attacked the child, an 80-pound pit bull mix, has already been euthanized.

Investigators say the toddler`s grandmother was babysitting the little girl and her two brothers, ages 5 and 8.

Authorities say the pit bull mix was normally kept in a room but it somehow got out just after the grandmother had finished feeding the little girl and put her down.

Investigators say the grandmother tried to get the dog to release the toddler but could not and told the other kids to get out of the house.

They ran to a neighbor for help.

Officials said the neighbor went to the house and stabbed the dog with a steak knife until it released the girl.

Authorities told KTVI the girl had bite marks all over her body with a neck wound being the most serious.

KTVI reported the grandmother lost two fingertips on each hand trying to get the dog off her granddaughter.

Officials said no charges are expected in the case.

Authorities are calling this “a tragic accident.”

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  • Desert Pete

    Pit Bulls were bred for use in bloodsports such as bull baiting, bear baiting and cock fighting. Owners of pit bulls repeatedly tell us how gentle this breed is. In this particular story the dog’s owners bet their daughter’s life on the pet dog …. and may lose. My condolences to the little girl who will be scarred for life if she survives.

    • Christina Sams

      No one bet their daughter’s life on the pet dog. The article says that grandma was babysitting and the dog was normally kept in a room. She knew the dog would be better kept away from the children. You can’t judge every single dog by the breed “standard” just because of a few people who fail to raise their dogs properly and train them.

      • Desert Pete

        Grandmother “knew” that the dog would be better kept away from the children. What kind of parents would keep an animial in their home that they knew She knew the dog would be better kept away from the children?

        Oh well, time for these parents to …. go out and buy a new pit bull to replace the killer they had to put down.

  • John

    THANK GOD she did not shoot it or she would have been strung up by the the dog lover coalition. Whew close call!

  • jessica

    Any animal kept in captivity without human interaction is natural to attack humans. A dog only does as it is taught much like a child if you raise it right it will act right

    • Amy Webber

      Bull hockey. The breed is dangerous, but you pit bull people can’t see the forest for the trees. Ban the breed!

      • Sara Goad

        Amy is love for you to see the difference in my house. My pits know if I open the door for you, even if they don’t know you, you are ok. Most they’ll do is sniff you. But then let’s see after they’ve met you, and you walk out and then just walk into my house without an invite the difference. They will attack you. My pits are well trained. There ARE bad dogs but it’s because of the bad “parenting”.

  • amanda

    Mix breed hello people any dog is capable of this behavior,if they had to keep it in a room that’s a red flag….negligence on owners part for having a dog that can not be trusted with childern !!! Prayers for the child an grandmother…

  • terry

    Prayers for them all. There will be so many affected by this. The little boys seeing there sister attacked. Granny fighting to save precious granddaughter. The neighbor trying to save them. The parents will mentally beat themselves up for years. And that precious little girl fighting for her life. If she survives and I pray she does will be traumatize for life the scars unbearable. And yes my daughter was attacked by friends loving dog that was not a pitbull. Any dog can snap. So instead of putting blame on certain breds

  • alex

    Its obvious that this dog wasn’t a “family” dog… It was kept in a room.. symbolizing that it wasn’t safe for the kids to be around at all. They also don’t say how long they’ve had the dog, seems to me like its poor judgement on the grandma for even having the dog. This is truly terrible though!

  • britt

    The “news” is so pathetic to try and get a story out there about “pitbulls” being such a horrible breed. Get it together . . So it says pit bull mix ? Tell me how we know its even pitbull what else is in it ? Lab , cattle dog . ? Oh but pitbull is the big seller there huh . Its ridiculous the amount of time you spend on putting them down . .
    Deepest condolences for the family , i hope she makes it outta this

  • Sara Goad

    This IS the grandmother’s fault. I have 2 pits and I’ve never had a problem and yes, they are very gentle. But, Mr friends has a bunch of pits and she doesn’t socialize them. She too, keeps them locked in a room when people come over and this is so when someone who comes in the house, besides the owner, will indeed be attached. This IS that grandmother’s fault!

    • Desert Pete

      The story speaks for itself. Amy has it right. A 1991 study found that 94% of attacks on children by pit bulls were unprovoked. A 9-year (1979–88) study of fatal dog attacks in the United States determined that 42% of the attacks were by pit bulls. The list goes on and on.

  • Spaz

    Put Bull owners clearly underestimate the role of genetics in animal behavior. Many many generations of pits were bred to clamp and shake. This is a deadly action for anything that finds their way into their jaws. This behavior they cannot control. Many dogs bite and/or attack… but few have been bred with such deadly behavior and the jaws to go along.

  • charly

    The thing is that it is more news worthy to call any dog with a large square shaped head a pit .all breeds can be vicious a responsible owner of any of these dogs should be able to tell if their dog is unstable ,whether its a pit or any other breed. the owners are the ones at fault not the breed.I have seen many gentle pits. and spaz did you know that german shepards,rotts,dobermans,mastiffs,and many many more breeds were bred as attack dogs! that is bred to attack humans hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • Desert Pete

      This pit bull was as gentle and loving as any other pit bull …. right up until the moment he escaped from the room he was normally in and attacked the family’s 22 month old child. Gosh, I wonder why their beloved pit bull decided to do that?

  • Laurie

    This Pitt was obviously not beloved if it had to be kept in a room. If your dog has to be kept in a room, he should be put down, regardless of its breed. This was not an unprovoked attack. A dog being kept in a room obviously has issues and keeping him in a room is provocation enough.

  • charly

    Laurie has it right the owner must have been aware the dog was unstable,once again the owner was at fault. if it had been my dog whether pit, poodle. pug. whatever if i had to keep my dog in a room when i had visitors i would have got rid of it.end of story.

  • charly

    Youre right Christina evan though i dont own a pitbull i can see its just more media propaganda.better news if its a pitbull and did everyone forget the MIX part of this story wonder what else it was mixed with maybe on of the more loved killers lol

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