Police identify victims in fatal crash after seeking public’s help

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – Police officials were requesting the public’s help in identifying the victims in a crash that left three people dead and two others with critical injuries Friday evening, but by Saturday evening officials said the victims had been identified.

Utah Highway Patrol officials tweeted that "UHP has been able to identify the victims of last night's crash on I80. We no longer need people to call in."

The accident occurred around 7 p.m. on I-80 near Wendover Friday night, and officials said a man driving a truck changed directions on the interstate several times before driving the wrong way into traffic and colliding with an SUV.

Officials said Saturday the driver of that truck is Paul Michael Mumford of West Jordan. Lt. Cory Nye of the Utah Highway Patrol initially said they needed the public’s help identifying the victims who were riding in the SUV.

“We need the help of those individuals out there in recognizing and identifying, whether it be family members or friends or a neighbor, that can recognize this blue, 2007 Chevy Suburban and please give us a call and help us to be able to bring closure to these family members,” Nye said.

The driver of the SUV is currently in a medically induced coma. Officials identified that man Saturday as 36-year-old Jose F. Adame-Orozco. Delphine John, 44, was killed in the crash, as were 3-year-old Anaya Orozco and 18-year-old Deliah Ramirez. Anaya is the daughter of Adame-Orozco and Delphine John, and Deliah is Delphine John's daughter from a previous relationship, according to a press release from the Utah Highway Patrol. The release stated the victims are from Farmington.

Police officials said they did locate an identification card in the SUV that was issued in Mexico, but they said the condition of the victims is such that positive identification could not be made using the ID card alone, which is why they initially sought the public's help.

Officials said the individuals in the SUV were either not wearing a seat belt or were not restrained properly.

Police said Friday the driver of the truck that struck the SUV may have been intoxicated.

“We suspect at this point that alcohol and/or drugs might be a factor in this particular collision,” Nye said.

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.



  • Robert Snow

    None of the following survived? They’ll narrow down the results fairly quickly.
    Vehicle VIN Number
    Registration in Glove Box
    License Plate Number
    Wallet ID card

  • jen

    If I were an Attorney I would have several angles to use in defense of my client. .The first would be a recreation of the same accident but with everyone properly seat belted. ..Secondly people need to read..The police are not sure if the other driver was intoxicated let alone on drugs . Thirdly…If they were here illegally they would never have been killed AND then both drivers were in the commission of a crime at the time of the accident

    • kartmann

      If you were an attorney you’d keep your mouth shut until you know whether they’re here illegally or not. (They are Navajo, and more “American” than you are, ancestrally speaking.)

      If you were an attorney you’d know that their failure to properly secure their children does not excuse YOUR client’s drunk driving.

      But you’re not an attorney…..you just play one on the internet.

  • Heather

    You are so ignorant! Just because it said they found a identification card issued in Mexico does not mean they are illegal! Believe it or not people from Mexico drive in the United States all the time. Who is to say they were visiting family here. Nor does it say they were speeding. So before you
    decide to write your ignorant comments think about the unfortunate accident that these young lives were lost!

    • kartmann

      Apparently the wife was Navajo, which makes the kids U.S. citizens and the husband “legal.”

  • Deirdre Yazzie

    SHUT THE HECK UP that’s my family and they didn’t come to this country illegally her husband is from Mexico and is a worker here paying TAXES!! and providing American’s with job with his business so SHUT UP !

    • laytonian

      Thank you, Deirdre.
      Can you tell us more about your family? I think some of Utah’s worst butted in here with assumptions.
      Is there a connection to Farmington and Shiprock, NM?

    • Eric McGuire

      Sorry to hear about your family. I was sadden to hear about this incident. Thoughts and prayers and God bless.

  • Tim Lund

    Jen you would be a real dirty attorney you care about nothing about your own thoughts, for you to come on here and run your mouth about race, well, let me tell you accidents happen you might be an accident waiting to happen, Truth I love Mexicans, I am half Spanish, I frame and my Spanish speakers do the best work better than you white people do, I do everything to make sure they get there papers, and they come here to better there family and have a life here like you do Jenn.

  • Tlias Paul

    This Was My Auntie & My Very Close Cousins I literally still Can’t Stop Crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Chris F

    So sorry to hear about this tragic accident. Internet search shows Paul Michael Mumford mugshots (4 that i could find) going back to 2000. Hope this human garbage goes away this time.

  • Ben

    Jenn the Mexican Id did not put all those beers in the other driver and specially did not made him go on the wrong side on the intersection and let’s also not forget who made the stupid mistake and we’re HE is from keep your stupid comments to yourself there’s bigger problems than race here.
    I’m very sorry for the loss.

  • kartmann

    In case anyone was wondering: Regardless of who the vehicle was registered to, mere license plates are not enough to establish the identity of the people inside. They don’t make assumptions. The vehicle registration would give them a direction to look, but until there is positive ID of the PEOPLE, and not just the vehicle, they can’t say for sure who they are.

    Perhaps no one in the Suburban was carrying any ID. How, then would the cops know? They’d run the plates and call the phone number connected to it, but who would answer in this situation? No one, obviously.

    I’m sure they had a pretty good idea who they were, but needed more information before they could say definitively. And the next-of-kin obviously need to know before the public hears about it.

  • Family

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but my heart aches for both parties. If yall knew paul like I did, this isn’t normal. But whatever happened I do not condone the actions made this horrible night. I pray for the victims family and friends.

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