Three dead, two critically injured in crash near Wendover

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WENDOVER, Utah — Three people died and two others were critically injured in a crash on westbound I-80 near Wendover Friday evening.

The crash occurred around 7 p.m. near mile marker 29, 30 miles east of the Utah/Nevada border.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the victims who were killed are a mother and her two children.  One of the children was an infant, the other child was between the ages of 10 and 14. The children’s father suffered extremely critical injuries and was taken by helicopter to a hospital.

Nye said it appears neither of the children were properly buckled in.

Those four victims were occupants of a Suburban that was involved in an 80 mph head-on crash with a pickup truck.

Lt. Cory Nye, Utah Highway Patrol, said UHP received multiple reports that the pickup truck was driving recklessly prior to the crash. The pickup truck driver was also critically injured and taken by helicopter to a hospital.

“We suspect at this point that alcohol and/or drugs might be a factor in this particular collision,” Nye said.

A witness told UHP about an unusual encounter with the pickup truck driver prior to the crash.  At some point, a UHP official said, the pickup truck driver was parked in a median between the eastbound and westbound lanes.

Another driver, who had observed the pickup truck driver’s alleged reckless driving, also pulled into the median and confronted him. The pickup truck driver then turned around and drove west on I-80.  According to UHP, the pickup driver then made a U-turn and drove east on the westbound lanes, ultimately colliding head-on with the Suburban at 80 mph.


  • Janet

    Any updates in when 80 will reopen would be appreciated. My daughter and 4 grandbabies are on the east side of this tragedy and trying to get to Wendover

    • Joseph Whitmore

      The border is in town. Mile markers don’t start until you’re out of city limits.

      • RicoS

        Mile markers for numbered state routes start at the western or southern end of the route–in this case, the state line. They are independent of city limits (though, in this case, there’s not a big diff).

        But that’s pretty trivial and unimportant compared to the tragedy involved in this story.

  • Rory Siwik

    Pissed off drunks…. making their misery…everyone’s misery..And of course driver of the truck lives….. now we can amongst other things ask what in THE HELL were you thinking? Then hopefully execute him.

    • Arnold Schuiling

      Regardless of what he did he is still my cousin…..not cool and these comments hurts….
      Sure let’s execute him….u don’t know his background or what he is been through so don’t judge people’s lives….
      I’m not justifying what he did but he also has family and friends who are hurt by this…..

      • Deirdre Yazzie

        I’m sorry for the harsh comments made to your cousin Schuling. We forgive him for what he has done to our family and we pray for his family as well. I can’t imagine how it feels on your end. But no matter what we never want him behind the wheel again. And I’d ask for my Aunt Delphine and my cousin sisters Delilah and Naya that you keep these comments clean and respectful don’t speak too harshly it’s not fair to ever say anyone should die believe me words exchanged in an ugly way are no way to seek justice for my family members they would never want that. My prayers again to Mumfords family dealing with their end of this situation and thank you to all the commenters being polite and respectful to both families involved Mumfords and Our family as well. Be nice to one another.

  • Bubba Sizemore

    So tragic. Why is it that the perpetrators in these cases so often live while their victims don’t? This man needs the book thrown at him. He destroyed a family through his selfish actions. Let him rot in prison.

  • mike

    This is terrible news! hopefully he don’t get to inhale fresh air ever again unlike most inebriated idots who kill people and receive a only a 90 sentence. Clown…..

  • Ness

    I witnessed this horrific accident happen before my eyes. I was heading westbound on I-80 and saw the two vehicles collide. It was the worst thing I have ever encountered in my life. I dialed 911 as fast as I could and begged them to send life flight. I cried and prayed the whole way to Tooele. My deepest condolences go out to all families involved.

  • KristieandTyson McKeever

    Prayers for both families. Hoping all can heal from this, finding peace very soon. Just prayed for this father, the driver and all witnesses. Jesus is the healer, giver of peace and redeemer of souls. My hope is that this father and his family will be lifted up in prayer and that their loved one will reach out and support them in their time of healing. My hope for the driver, please repent and in doing so you can be helped. You are not hopeless or trash, if Jesus would forgive Paul who murdered Christians and make him new there is hope for you as well if you so humble yourself. To the witnesses & workers there was nothing more you could have done but you can now find peace for yourself and help in the healing of all involved, just talk to God. <3

  • Mari

    Such judgemental people, how sad and ugly this world has become!!! I’m sure you who are judging and wanting this person dead are perfect right!!!? Man how it would be I be a PERFECT PERSON!!

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