Video: Chevy creates touching puppy dog commercial

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  • Kathy

    What was Chevrolet thinking? Horrible, horrible commercial. I would NEVER buy a Chevy after watching this ad. They need to take a lesson from Anheuser Busch that uses the Clydesdales in such a kind and light-hearted manner. I even called Chevy to share my thoughts; 800-222-1020. I would encourage others to do the same.

  • Mag

    Watched the commercial with little hope of it really having any effect on me. Boy was I wrong. The commercial completely struck every nerve as I sat watching with tears coming down my eyes. If you have owned a pet you know exactly how this woman feels in the commerical. The loyality, and love that dogs give to us is unconditional, all they want in return is to be near us. I happened to think it was a eye opening commercial that made me sit for a moment and think. I was compelled to write about this commercial, it completely blew me away.

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