Viral Video: Budweiser Super Bowl 2014 puppy love commercial

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  • Donna

    Joseph Baria, what a lot of bull!!! Would you rather the dogs be put to sleep instead of being adopted out??? Budweiser did a great thing by promoting adoption. I have 3 rescues myself of all different breeds, the first I adopted was a pitbull/ridgeback mix that had been severely abused, she was almost 2 years old when I got her. She is now the queen of the house and almost 16 years old and she has been a wonderful dog. With lots of love and attention she learned to trust again. The other 2 “adopted” dogs know that she is the alpha, one a husky/doberman mix that is now almost 14 years old, the other a chocolate lab/plothound mix that is 4……all three sleep together, play together and each of them has their own “human” that they had bonded the deepest with……no one needs an education on how some dogs are emotional and may not bond well, most dogs given love and attention will do just fine and will end up in very happy homes. Most people who adopt know that it takes a lot of love and attention when adopting a rescue…..both of my kids worked for the aspca and pet adoptions and the people that were adopting the animals were always explained that. So get a grip……I understand you wanting to keep the pair you had together, but realize that is a unique situation not the norm.

    • jbillyb

      What are you even talking about– it’s like you don’t read my post at all. The commercial literally portrays an adoption denied because of a preexisting bond and I’m trying to say that that’s not right because dogs are loving animals and find new bonds. You just agreed with me and then called me an idiot– maybe you just like cute animal stories so much your reading comprehension goes out the door.

  • Sonia

    I happen to foster for a local dog rescue in my town. We have had hundreds of pure breed dogs come through us for adoption. Breeds from Bernese Mountain Dogs, Red Bone Hounds, Poodles, Shih Tzu’s Labrador Retrievers and many, many more! I for one applaud Budweiser for promoting pet adoption. Every pet rescue needs all the free publicity they can get. Thank you, Budweiser!!!

  • pjtrouble

    The commercial was so sweet! Combining friendship loyalty and love. It was like a Hallmark movie clip. Why can’t everyone appreciate a heartwarming commercial instead of all those negative comments. We got a beautiful full blooded Whippet from an animal shelter. The breeder had issues and was closed down. Besides bloodline shouldn’t define our worth.

  • pjtrouble

    Hello! It’s a commercial for Budweiser not a debate on puppy adoption. I don’t drink but some of you need to have a bud to relax and enjoy a sweet commercial. It’s everyone’s personal decision where they get their pets from or to watch a commercial or not. It’s a commercial!!

  • Laura (@stratcat45)

    Well bred puppies DO end up at shelters whether or not the agreement was to bring them back; trust me one of my best friends works at a shelter. And good dogs come from rescues/shelters, I know because my 3 dogs are rescues as are my 2 cats. We’ve been fostering a kitten since she was 4 weeks old…she’s now ready for adoption and we’ve decided to keep her. Why? Because she’s bonded so well with our other pets – how could we possibly tear her away from them into the unknown?

    Love the commercial! Animal friendships cross boundries and are forever!

  • Colonel John C. Grant

    BUDWEISER is to be complemented on always quality commercials that have great content and meaning! Never will forget their 9-11 Tribute, Stll makes me cry! God Bless the folks that work for BUDWEISER, their hearts are in the right place!!

  • Julia

    Years ago I had an adult black lab (adopted from the pound) that used to go out in the field and ‘play’ with my 2 yr old Pinto all the time. This type of bonding between animals is quite common :)

  • Chanda Hall

    Thought it was a great commercial and gave my dreary,cold,wet,miserable day the ‘aww factor’ . So thank you budweiser :0)

  • cara

    The whole plot of the story was the puppy made a friend with the horse. And he didnt want to get adopted because he already found his home. #Bestbuds forever :)
    quite frankly it was a cute commercial. Thumbs up..

    • Linda Boo

      How anyone can find fault with this commercial, you must be pretty sad people, I loved it and everyone I know loved it, our boss was emailing it all around the office. Can you not just let something so beautiful just be beautiful. They did right by saying adoption because breeders have gotten such bad names because of some very bad places. Pet adoption is much better. Any dog would be lucky to be adopted out of this farm, it was a beautiful place, just enjoy people.

  • Marina Tucakovic

    Congratulations BUDWEISER. It made me cry and it made me smile, and regardless of the how it portrayed love and caring and sharing and connection. THANK-YOU. I suspect while millions will see it at the Superbowl many more will see it as this one will travel the world.

  • Ginger

    It is a great commercial. Very cute. But the puppies do come from a breeder in CA. Which I have no problem with. My problem is that there area some rescues that are claiming the pups are from rescue AND using them to seek donations. That is wrong.

  • Kathy

    I can’t believe all the negative comments, it is a commercial that is adorable. Just enjoy the cuteness and what it was meant to be!!! Entertainment!!!

  • Marybeth

    that was the BEST commercial I have seen in a long time !! Excellant!! Brings tears to my eyes ! Beautiful and so very heartwarming . !!!

  • Sarah

    I thought it was a cute commercial too. The puppy and the horse were so sweet to watch and I liked that the man was cuddling the puppy by the end.

    I find the cannibalistic cereal commercials are more disturbing than a commercial about loving relationships. I think it’s the Crave cereal commercial. Will have to see if there’s postings about that.

  • Hugo

    Te commercial is great…! Those of you that cannot see the fun in it are simply ignorant. A commercial is not ment to be a documentary. Great job Budwiser….!

  • Victoria

    I rescue shelter dogs every waking minute and loved this commercial. I started to over analyze the breed versus buy and a fellow rescuer said to get a grip. Luckily, I don’t think this commercial will encourage too many folks to buy a dog because they probably didn’t sit there thinking “breeder puppies are cute…think I will get one”. Hopefully, they thought “how cute…think I will drink a Bud”. At least Anhauser Busch hopes so…

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