2014 Super Bowl commercials – Watch and Vote!

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Which Super Bowl XLVIII commercial was your favorite? If you missed any, visit the links below.

Don’t see your favorite commercial on the list? Email webmaster@fox13now.com

Watch these Super Bowl XLVIII commercials:


  • Jenn

    Okay so why is Coke not an option on the voting but when you review the results it’s there with 0%? Of coarse it’s 0% when no one can vote for it.

  • Wes

    The Maserati ad was the worst. Some kid saying a bunch of artsy nonsense for about a minute and then a car driving around in the dark for a few seconds. If I could afford a Maserati, I wouldn’t buy one from seeing this ad. Hey, I’ve got an idea, how about showing the car in a car commercial, now that would be different.

  • G

    Why not give us a chance to vote for the worst commercial? The Coke commercial abusing the America the Beautiful song was the worst. Our family was shocked and offended to hear the quasi-national anthem sung in foreign languages.

  • Picque Donahue

    The Coke commercial was a total insult to America and our Super Bowl special day. Who cares about foreign versions of our song
    “America The Beautiful”. Totally offended by them. No go for Coke now!
    Worst Commercial-

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