Man charged with murdering his wife, suspect told police death was a suicide

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SALT LAKE CITY – Nearly two weeks after a woman was fatally shot in a vehicle on State Street, the victim’s husband is facing a criminal homicide charge.

A woman died of a gunshot wound, and the shooting caused a car crash on Dec. 27 near 7793 South State Street.

According to court documents filed Thursday, Komasquin Lopez has been charged in connection with the death of Shannon Lopez, who was his wife.

A probable cause statement obtained by FOX 13 News states that the pair was traveling in a pickup truck on State Street when Shannon Lopez was shot on the left side of her head above her ear canal. Investigators determined the wound was caused after a shot was fired with the barrel pressed against the  victim’s head.

Komasquin Lopez was the only other occupant of the vehicle at the time, according to the document, and the defendant told investigators he never saw a gun and never heard it go off. He told investigators he had only heard glass breaking, but investigating officers did not find broken glass in the vehicle.

A handgun was found in the vehicle near the driver’s seat, as well as a shell casing. The suspect said in an interview with police that he owns the gun and always carries it in the vehicle. The suspect told police his wife committed suicide.

According to the document, the victim was right-handed and the location of the wound “and other physical evidence were inconsistent with the defendant’s statements.”

The document alleges that the defendant had told a friend that as he was driving he hit a bump, and his wife accidentally discharged the firearm while trying to reach for it.


  • J E

    I can’t believe there hasn’t been more about this story on the news.
    This poor family!!! They couldn’t afford an obituary in the newspaper. The only notification of her death is in Larkin Cemetery’s obituary.
    Home Depot paid for her funeral, but still need help financially.
    Search: ( Shannon Chase Lopez ) on Larkin Cemetery’s website.

  • Christopher mowery

    I was there after the crash and knew some thing was wrong with his story also I have been in contact with Shannon’s family
    Since this happend and the grandma to her two boys
    As well as her ex sister in-law stated that they knew he was capable of murder I just can’t believe he thought he could get away with this

  • nagusty antonio lopez

    I’m komasquins older brother and I belive he did this
    He has a very bad temper and he likes to controll everything
    He is extreamly greedy and dosnot care why did this woman go
    With this devil his frist wife left him cause of the same reasons
    If you need to know I’m in florida I only feel sorry for the ladies family
    Not the monster of my brother.

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