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Shooting, crash forces lane closures on State St. in Midvale

Posted on: 6:32 pm, December 27, 2013, by , updated on: 09:29pm, December 27, 2013

MIDVALE, Utah — Unified Police say one person sustained a fatal gunshot wound, resulting in a car crash on State St. Friday night.

The shooting and crash occurred just after 6 p.m. at 7793 S State St. Two vehicles, a silver Dodge pickup truck and a Toyota Camry, were involved

The shooting victim, a 32-year-old woman, was a passenger in the pickup truck, which was driven by her 43-year-old husband.

“After the shooting occurred [...] the vehicle struck another vehicle that was driving down State St. and then collided with a fence in an adjoining parking lot,” said Det. Jared Richardson, Unified Police Department.

The two occupants of the Camry were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The northbound lanes of State St. were closed down and Unified Police requested the assistance of a major accident team for their investigation.

The lane closures are expected to last several hours.

Police have not identified any of the people involved in the shooting and crash.

Watch FOX 13 News and for updates.


  • Mrs. wills says:

    Midvale is so Disgusting …. The police aren’t much better either… Called em twice in 3 days because we could hear peoe trespassing at our local business… Physically saw them and heard them outside our door … Coos came and couldn’t even be bothered to check the property. Came to the door and said they didn’t see anything. 3 robberies in Midvale in 2 weeks and they couldn’t check. Disgusting

  • Christopher mowery says:

    I saw this happen and it turned my stomach

  • MJ Brewer says:

    Disgusting for people to wipe another person’s existence out so thoughtlessly. Imagine all the people whose lives changed by this one gunman’s inability to think like a person. Happy Holidays, loser.

  • Greg says:

    Father in law called the same police because his toolbox was broken into and tools all stolen. People had left fresh tracks in fresh snow leading back to their residence and they said “there is nothing we can do”, yes disgusting excuses as cops on that day too.

  • michelle says:

    She would never have killed herself. Please investigate the husband. I knew her well, her husband had a temper.

  • Dusty says:

    We rented a RV to go to Disney land, on Christmas night the RV was broken into my daughters two suitcases and backpacks plus the make-up carrying case was stolen called the police they came out I asked if the would try to lift the fingerprints left on the window, they stated they looked a little smeared so he didn’t even try, there where footprints on the side of the RV he didn’t take pictures nothing. It’s sad they don’t even put an effort in to catch thieves, no wonder crime is so high in Murray the criminals know the cops won’t do anything so why not.

    • MJ Brewer says:

      The only time cops will truly interfere is when solving the crime or busting the subject either 1) breaks their boredom, or 2) gets them some sort of notoriety such as knowing first-hand so they can boast to their friends, or get their names in the paper.

      The most repulsive portion is the lawmakers and state officials don’t care. They’re busy lobbying about same-sex marriages and boosting the morale so we can continue fighting in other countries while our own are starving. They certainly couldn’t care less about a family’s vacation.

      I, however, am sorry to hear that a period that is planned to be such a wonderful event ended up in such a gut-wrenching headache for you, especially if it was near the holidays.

      I think half the reason they’re trying to remove guns from homes is for their own protection. There will soon be an upheaval if things don’t substantially turn around.

  • j.l. mccardle says:

    you are talking about a vacation problem when a woman was murdered. you are in need of a priority adjustment. read the facts, this story is about a murder, not the poor policing. remember this woman had family and friends who are hurting now, and they could care less that you got some things stolen. She had her LIFE stolen

  • Christopher mowery says:

    This was not a suicide but this is what I saw
    I Saw I saw the Dodge pickup hit the Camry and her husband get out of the truck his pants where covered in blood he said his wife shot herself I looked at the truck and seen her hunched over in the passenger set there was blood every where then some one turned her towards the door and I say her face

  • Christopher mowery says:

    She also had two kids

  • Jayne Erickson says:

    When are we going to find out more???

  • rose says:

    I’m only saying that he KILLED her!!
    The man is evil and has a terrible temper.
    He also has a criminal record.
    Assault with a deadly weapon…a gun
    He pleaded guilty. He is also threatening
    centain people publicaly on his Facebook
    page. Centain people on his list of friends
    have already contacted the homicide
    detective on the case. God watch her 2

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