Max is a proud Ogden boy, graduate of Uintah Elementary School, South Ogden Junior High and Bonneville High School.

He then packed up his Subaru and journeyed to the big city to study all kinds of random stuff at the University of Utah.

Random stuff became Max’s specialty, meandering to a history degree and then into a two-year stint as a VISTA helping set up the Emma Lou Thayne Community Service Center at Salt Lake Community College.

Turns out Graduate School in random stuff is called Seminary, where you spend three years learning more history, psychology, theology and no-longer-spoken languages.

The real disappointment, a Master of Divinity did not qualify Max to make a fluffy white vanilla-pecan confection.

But from great disappointment comes revelation: there’s a job in random stuff and it’s called journalism!

And so Max’s meandering path led to the University of Southern California Annenberg School, and on to Palm Springs and home to Utah.

Of course, love leads from randomness to specificity, and Max loves politics. He’s not ashamed to admit he was a David Brinkley fan when it WASN’T cool (you band-wagoners know who you are!)

When Max found a woman who actually had fun on a first date at the Utah State Legislature hearing the “State of the Judiciary” address, he knew he’d found the one.

That was in 1994. Natalie still tolerates him to this day, and his two sons have no choice.

Recent Articles
  • Utah was last state to name MLK Day, and it came close to failing

    SALT LAKE CITY – In 1986, Coretta Scott King spoke to Utah lawmakers from the well of the Senate floor, asking for their votes to create a state holiday in honor of her husband, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the days following Kings visit, the legislature stalled in it’s attempt to create Martin Luther King Jr. Day, instead compromising with the creation of Human Rights Day. Fourteen years later to the day, Utah was the only state […]

  • Safety inspections no longer required, but safety is

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utahns don’t have to get car safety inspections anymore, but they can still get in trouble for having an unsafe car. That’s the lesson state troopers want to pound home. They tell Fox 13 they are already seeing more violations of the law that changed on New Years Day. Fox 13 rode along with UHP Corporal Mark Thompson, who pulled over two pickup trucks over the course of one hour for having too much tinting on […]

  • Firebrand Senator talks Mormon past, Russian kidnapping and more in upcoming one man show

    SALT LAKE CITY — If you pay attention to Utah politics, you know Jim Dabakis, but you probably don’t know the story of how the firebrand gay rights activist wound up in Utah from a childhood in inner-city Boston. The State Senator and former chair of the Utah Democratic Party is changing that in a one man show he’ll perform three times this weekend at the Salt Lake Acting Company. “I’m terrified,” Dabakis told Fox 13. In an interview with […]

  • Controversial Commissioner fights back saying Congressman misquoted him

    SAN JUAN COUNTY, Utah — San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman gained a reputation in the national public lands debate when he rode an ATV up Recapture Canyon to protest its closure by the Bureau of Land Management. The subsequent criminal trial ended with Lyman spending 10 days in jail for his role in the 2014 act of civil disobedience. Lyman says he stands by his actions then, but he says he has been unfairly portrayed as an enemy of […]

  • Tense moments in hearing, regarding Bears Ears National Monument bill

    SALT LAKE CITY – Some tense moments as the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands was hearing a bill from Utah Representative John Curtis that would give the authority of law to President Donald Trump’s executive order shrinking Bears Ears National Monument. Utah Representative Rob Bishop is known for his sharp tongue, and he unleashed it on the Chair of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee, Shaun Chapoose. “Do you know where fish creek actually is?” Bishop asked Chapoose […]

  • President Oprah? It could happen, says political expert.

    SALT LAKE CITY – Oprah Winfrey took more than the entertainment world by storm in a speech at the Golden Globe Awards. As the talk show host, actress, and billion dollar businesswoman accepted the Cecil B Demille lifetime achievement award, Winfrey gave a speech that galvanized the movement against workplace sexual harassment and assault, leading to question of a possible future as a presidential candidate. President of the Exoro Group, a firm specializing in government relations and political consulting, Maura […]

  • Tired of bad Winter air in Utah? Summer is bad too, says EPA

    SALT LAKE CITY — Living through winter inversion is hard enough, and now the federal government has made it official that summer air in Utah is too often unhealthy. A letter from the Environmental Protection Agency dated December 20 informed Utah Governor Gary Herbert that Salt Lake and Davis Counties are in “Non-Attainment” for ozone levels. They gave the same designation to portions of Weber, Tooele, Utah, Duchesne, and Uintah Counties. Salt Lake City’s new Council Chair Erin Mendenhall started […]

  • Thomas S. Monson presided over growing LDS Church in era of social change

    SALT LAKE CITY — President Thomas S. Monson presided over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a time of rapid social change and dramatic growth in the LDS Church. During his tenure, the church membership grew by more than 11 percent from 14.1 million to 15.9 million members. In 2010, the LDS Church had 52,000 missionaries in the field. In 2017, they have 71,000—and that’s after the initial boom in missionary numbers following the change in missionary […]

  • Sen. Hatch talked with members of Romney family leading up to retirement decision

    In an interview on Fox 13 News’ Live at Four, Senator Orrin Hatch said he didn’t discuss his retirement with Mitt Romney in recent weeks, but he had been in communication with members of the Romney family. Hatch also talked about his experience with late LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson, he continued his praise of President Donald Trump, and he said one of his hallmark achievements, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), will be renewed in the coming months. […]

  • Orrin Hatch’s retirement signals the end of a career of consequence

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hatch was an author or sponsor of several landmark pieces of legislation. His relationship with Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts was one of the most productive bi-partisan friendships in Congressional history. There will be months to look more thoroughly, but here are links to some stories, from the past and from today, that show perspectives on aspects of Hatch’s legacy: The famous deal occurred when Hatch, Kennedy, Harkin, former White House Chief of Staff John […]

  • Crazy? Yes. Fun? Crazy fun! Fifth annual Polar Plunge in Stansbury Park

    STANSBURY PARK, Utah – Stansbury Park has become the Polar Plunge capitol of Utah, with dozens of people from around Utah and beyond jumping into the frigid waters of Stansbury Lake for the Fifth New Years Day in a row. Among the plungers, Josh Ayres, wearing cut off jean shorts, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and camoflage vest, though his long red beard stands out even more than the outfit. “It’s colder than a mother in law’s kiss out there,” said […]

  • Murder rate falls in America’s cities, including Salt Lake City

    SALT LAKE CITY — A disturbing statistic from 2016 turns out not to be a trend. Murders are down so far in America’s big cities in 2017, by 5.6 percent. That follows a 13 percent uptick in the number of murders in 2016. The numbers come from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. They analyze crime statistics in America’s 30 biggest cities. Among the findings: New York City is among the safest big cities in the country, […]