Max is a proud Ogden boy, graduate of Uintah Elementary School, South Ogden Junior High and Bonneville High School.

He then packed up his Subaru and journeyed to the big city to study all kinds of random stuff at the University of Utah.

Random stuff became Max’s specialty, meandering to a history degree and then into a two-year stint as a VISTA helping set up the Emma Lou Thayne Community Service Center at Salt Lake Community College.

Turns out Graduate School in random stuff is called Seminary, where you spend three years learning more history, psychology, theology and no-longer-spoken languages.

The real disappointment, a Master of Divinity did not qualify Max to make a fluffy white vanilla-pecan confection.

But from great disappointment comes revelation: there’s a job in random stuff and it’s called journalism!

And so Max’s meandering path led to the University of Southern California Annenberg School, and on to Palm Springs and home to Utah.

Of course, love leads from randomness to specificity, and Max loves politics. He’s not ashamed to admit he was a David Brinkley fan when it WASN’T cool (you band-wagoners know who you are!)

When Max found a woman who actually had fun on a first date at the Utah State Legislature hearing the “State of the Judiciary” address, he knew he’d found the one.

That was in 1994. Natalie still tolerates him to this day, and his two sons have no choice.

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    Supreme Court ruling likely to change Utah abortion law

    SALT LAKE CITY — The smiles at the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah told the story. “Today is an incredible day for women’s health care, for reproductive health care,” said Carrie Galloway, CEO of the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. The U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Whole Women’s Health vs Hellerstedt has implications for women and women’s health clinics around the United States, with broader implications in Utah than in most states. In a 5-3 decision, the Court struck down […]

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    Brexit highlights special Utah, UK relationship

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah World Trade Center Director Derek Miller tells FOX 13 that the United Kingdom is Utah’s biggest international trading partner, making the UK election to leave the European Union particularly important to the Beehive State. The most significant player in the Utah-UK relationship is Rio Tinto, the global mining conglomerate that owns and operates the Bingham Canyon Mine and owns much of the remaining open property in the Salt Lake Valley. It’s unclear how Brexit will […]

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    What to expect at the Utah Arts Festival

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Arts Festival is celebrating 40 years with 165 artists’ booths along with a film festival, concerts, food, children’s activities and performance art. This year, there’s a new partnership to help get folks there. The festival is working with Uber, including designating a drop-off and pick-up area on the corner of 500 South and 300 East. Residents and workers in Salt Lake City may want to avoid 400 and 500 South during the festival, where […]

  • promo290907076

    Utah donors ignore Donald Trump, campaign filings show

    SALT LAKE CITY — After a monthly financial filing showed Donald Trump’s campaign for President is struggling with just $1.3 million in the bank compared with Hillary Clinton’s $42 million, a FOX 13 News examination shows Republican donors in Utah have largely shunned the Republican nominee. Donald Trump received a total of $2,903.00 from Utahns in May of 2016. The total comes courtesy of only eight individual donors. By comparison, Former Utah Olympic boss Mitt Romney brought in more than […]

  • promo290216870

    U.S. needs more military commitment to ISIS fight, Rep. Stewart says

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Congressman Chris Stewart tells FOX 13 News he thinks President Barack Obama is too weak on ISIS and Republican candidate Donald Trump is too tough on Muslims. “The reality is we’ve been careful and cautious and tepid in our willingness to engage with them,” Stewart said of Obama’s action toward ISIS. However, the congressman doesn’t agree with Trump’s approach either. “I think he’s wrong for calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the country. […]

  • promo290132097

    Utah expert not surprised by site of Orlando attack

    SALT LAKE CITY — The director of the National Security Program at Utah Valley University, Ryan Vogel, said a lone wolf attacker like Omar Mateen is the most likely culprit of terrorist acts in the U.S. going forward. Vogel was a senior policy advisor to the Secretary of Defense specializing in counter-terrorism before leaving for his academic post. He said he’s not surprised Mateen went after an Orlando nightclub rather than a higher-profile target. “This is exactly the kind of […]

  • promo289612843

    Hogle Zoo record: three big animal escapes since 1999

    SALT LAKE CITY — Three big animal escapes have happened at Hogle Zoo in the past 20 years, with only one of the escapes ending in harm to the animals and people. On Tuesday, The female Amur Leopard, Zeya,was spotted by a guest outside of its exhibit in the Asian Highlands around 9:30 a.m. The 4-year-old, 60-pound-cat, was sleeping on a beam about 15 feet in the air just outside the fence to her cage. One tranquilizer dart brought the animal into safety. […]

  • promo289527563

    Chaffetz criticizes Trump on judge controversy

    SALT LAKE CITY — Donald Trump is not finding support for his stand against a federal judge, even in his own party. Add Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz to the growing chorus of critics. Trump says Federal District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel should be disqualified from a case involving Trump defunct “Trump University” because Curiel’s Mexican heritage represents an “inherent bias.” “I think people are disturbed that you would want to try to dismiss a judge based on his ethnicity,” Chaffetz […]

  • team names

    Teamy McTeamfaces losing ground in naming contest for Utah’s Indoor Football team

    SALT LAKE CITY — The top ten possible names for Utah’s newest professional sports franchise are in, and Teamy McTeamface still has a chance. Utah’s new Indoor Football League team plans to pioneer fan participation at every level, and their promise starts with the team name, which fans are choosing in an online vote. “We are really gonna go with the winner, absolutely, no doubt,” Sohrob Farudi said. Farudi knows that may mean living with the Utah Teamy McTeamfaces. “Hopefully it […]

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    Romney rumblings persist with nudge from conservative columnist

    SALT LAKE CITY — It was March 4, 2015, when Mitt Romney announced he would not run for president in 2016, and he has not changed his tune since, but like a case of hiccups, every so often the same sound erupts from the same place: columnists who don’t like Donald Trump. Chief among those columnists is the editor of the conservative magazine, The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol. Kristol has been actively trying to recruit an independent candidate for several […]

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    Second graders recognized for assisting computer lab aide who suffered stroke

    TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — Two second grade boys at Northlake Elementary School in Tooele County shared the spotlight with doctors and paramedics for their role in saving the life of Computer Lab Aide Gloria Thacker. Thacker had a severe stroke that paralyzed the left side of her body during the school day. The second graders came into the room and realized she was on the ground. Mason Johnson and Alex Layton immediately ran down the hall to the school office. […]

  • promo288492202

    ‘Teamy McTeamface’ and ‘Stormin’ Mormons’ top vote for pro team’s name

    SALT LAKE CITY — The owners of Utah’s soon-to-be Indoor Football League franchise promise fan involvement unlike anything seen in sports history, and the first evidence of that commitment is an online poll asking fans to submit team names and vote for their favorite submissions. If the current leaders remain at the top of the list, they will test the team’s commitment to fan decision-making. Imagine the Utah Team McTeamfaces, or the Utah Stormin’ Mormons. As of Wednesday evening, those […]


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