Max is a proud Ogden boy, graduate of Uintah Elementary School, South Ogden Junior High and Bonneville High School.

He then packed up his Subaru and journeyed to the big city to study all kinds of random stuff at the University of Utah.

Random stuff became Max’s specialty, meandering to a history degree and then into a two-year stint as a VISTA helping set up the Emma Lou Thayne Community Service Center at Salt Lake Community College.

Turns out Graduate School in random stuff is called Seminary, where you spend three years learning more history, psychology, theology and no-longer-spoken languages.

The real disappointment, a Master of Divinity did not qualify Max to make a fluffy white vanilla-pecan confection.

But from great disappointment comes revelation: there’s a job in random stuff and it’s called journalism!

And so Max’s meandering path led to the University of Southern California Annenberg School, and on to Palm Springs and home to Utah.

Of course, love leads from randomness to specificity, and Max loves politics. He’s not ashamed to admit he was a David Brinkley fan when it WASN’T cool (you band-wagoners know who you are!)

When Max found a woman who actually had fun on a first date at the Utah State Legislature hearing the “State of the Judiciary” address, he knew he’d found the one.

That was in 1994. Natalie still tolerates him to this day, and his two sons have no choice.

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  • seal-surgery-fi

    Salt Lake City seal gets eyesight saving surgery

    SALT LAKE CITY — Cataract surgery is routine, unless the patient happens to be an adult harbor seal. Nika, a longtime resident at the Hogle Zoo’s Rocky Shores exhibit, started developing cataracts months ago, and her keepers noticed she wasn’t seeing their hand gestures as well as she usually did. The Zoo invited two world-class experts in seal surgery to remove the cataracts from the 13-year-old seal’s eyes. Dr. James Bailey, an anesthesiologist, and Dr. Carmen Colitz, a veterinary ophthalmologist, […]

  • promo304736856

    New owners triple Gateway investment, promise a new vision

    SALT LAKE CITY — It used to be THE place to be in downtown Salt Lake City, and its new owners say The Gateway is coming back. Soon. Vestar Corporation bought the Gateway Mall in February, and has since invested $30 million in deferred maintenance: repainting, fixing escalators, improving lighting and updating security. Now comes the fun stuff, according to Jenny Cushing, Vestar’s Vice President of Leasing. “We came to the resounding conclusion that there is a market here that is […]

  • promo304656613

    FBI Inspector who confronted ‘Baby Face Nelson’ honored in SLC

    SALT LAKE CITY — Samuel Cowley was honored at his grave site in Salt Lake City, 82 years after his death. FBI Inspector Cowley already has a place of honor in FBI history, but it’s the man he brought down who is far more famous to the general public. Cowley and Special Agent Herman Hollis confronted gangster, bank robber, and killer Lester Gillis, AKA Baby Face Nelson after a high speed chase in Barrington, Illinois on November 27, 1934. Gillis […]

  • black-friday-2016

    Utahns line up for Black Friday deals

    SALT LAKE CITY — Feel like Black Friday is the worst of materialism overtaking the true meaning of Christmas and Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and Kwanza every other celebration of something good and joyous? Just watch Darin Adams and you’ll see that Black Friday can have a joy all its own. “It’s the pursuit of the deal,” Adams said. “It’s the whole hunt. It’s the getting good deals. It’s waking up early. It’s the whole atmosphere. It’s the ambiance.” Watch the […]

  • A file photo of a handgun.

    Recent poll shows most Utahns oppose ‘Constitutional carry’ law

    SALT LAKE CITY – A new poll from and Dan Jones & Associates shows that most Utahns believe a permit should be required to carry a concealed weapon. Rep. Lee Perry, Box Elder County, plans to introduce a bill he calls common sense carry, which would allow Utahns to carry a concealed weapon even without a permit. That set-up is often referred to as “Constitutional carry”, and there are already 11 states with similar laws on the books. But […]

  • Aaron Shamo, 26.

    Suspect in Utah-based national drug operation faces judge

    COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — The case of the biggest criminal pill press operation in Utah history is far from over, as suspect Aaron Shamo made his first court appearance and was held in jail until his next scheduled appearance on Monday. That’s the word from prosecutors who say Aaron Shamo’s operation in Cottonwood Heights sent drugs across the United States and obtained chemical components from as far away as China. “It’s not only of a local impact, but it’s of […]

  • 160224185807-mitt-romney-donald-trump-composite-exlarge-tease

    Is Trump leaning toward Romney for Secretary of State? New report says yes

    WASHINGTON — In the “Trump Transition” all the talk of a “Team of Rivals” has been just talk, but that may be about to change in a big way as a new report suggests the President-Elect may soon pick Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Wall Street Journal reporters Michael Bender and Damian Paletta report two sources close to the decision-making say Trump is leaning toward the former Massachusetts governor. Here’s a portion of their report: ‘Delaying Mr. Trump`s decision […]

  • promo304044005

    Republican coalition urges immigration reform without mass deportations

    SALT LAKE CITY — A group of big names in Utah’s Republican Party have signed on to an effort to soften the edges of President Elect Donald Trump’s hard line on immigration. The Coalition for Immigration Reform is an effort of  the group, New American Economy. They said they want secure borders, a growing economy, and no mass deportations. U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) addressed the group, calling for the same goals with a nod to his own I-Squared Act, […]

  • promo303784181

    Senator Hatch hopeful for outcome of Romney-Trump meeting

    SALT LAKE CITY — On the eve of a meeting between former foes Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, Senator Orrin Hatch opened the door to his conversations with the President-elect. “I talked to Donald last night and he’s very high on Mitt,” Hatch said. Hatch also split from some members of his party, notably Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, by saying he does not want to see Hillary Clinton prosecuted for anything related to her email server at the State Department. […]

  • promo303698870

    Six teens saved by one decision tell their story

    OREM, Utah — It could have been a tragedy, but instead it’s a story of suspense with a happy ending. Soon Utah television viewers will see a Zero Fatalities public service announcement based on the Homecoming date of six Orem High School students. On October 15, the students went to dinner at Sundance Resort then took pictures showing off their tuxes and dresses. They were happy, healthy, and looking like they were having the time of their lives. Then during […]

  • promo303533192

    Embattled Trump appointee also insulted Mormons

    The national stories about Donald Trumps choice of chief strategist, Steve Bannon, have focused on his website’s more extreme headlines about Jews and women: BILL KRISTOL, REPUBLICAN SPOILER, RENEGADE JEW. THERE’S NO HIRING BIAS AGAINST WOMEN IN TECH, THEY JUST SUCK AT INTERVIEWS. It’s understandable that the focus hasn’t been on the more subtle critique of Mormons. For example: NEVER TRUMP TAPS THEIR CANDIDATE: BALD UNKNOWN MORMON HILL STAFFER FROM GOLDMAN SACHS WHO ‘RESETTLED’ REFUGEES FOR U.N. WILL THE MORMON […]

  • A chart shows the cities in Utah with the most hate crimes reported in 2015. West Valley City (6), Salt Lake City (4) and Tooele (2).

    Hate crimes hold steady in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY — FBI hate crime statistics are informative on two levels. First, they show that hate crime is widespread, with 5,850 incidents reported around the country despite the fact that the FBI considers it among the more under-reported crimes. Second, they show that some jurisdictions, and even entire states are choosing not to acknowledge hate crimes exist. For example, Mississippi reported no hate crimes to the FBI. Utah’s hate crime statistics from 2015: 47 total crimes, with 29 […]