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David's interest in news media began early in life. Bored with the Dick and Jane books his classmates were into, he began reading The Salt Lake Tribune at age six. At seventeen, he became the Editor-in-Chief of Bountiful High School's student newspaper, The Brave.

David graduated Cum Laude from Weber State University in December of 2005 with a degree in Communication / Electronic Media. For his first post-college job, he began freelancing for KSTU-FOX 13 as a video editor. He was hired full-time in that position in June of 2006.

Then, in August of 2006, FOX 13 launched a new website, called MyFoxUtah.com (now defunct). David was the first Web Content Producer to be hired for FOX 13's new-and-improved online presence, and he has happily worked in KSTU's web department ever since.

In July of 2008, David was promoted to Senior Web Producer and began overseeing FOX 13's web department. In January 2009, the team launched an even bigger and better web site, Fox13Now.com - the web site you are now visiting.

In his spare time, David enjoys writing music, travel, cooking and cinema. Look for the back of his head on FOX 13's "Live at Eleven," "Live at Noon" and "Live at Five."

Recent Articles
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    Win a Trip to the 2015 Daytona 500!

    Hey, auto racing fans! Pick the 10 drivers you think will finish 1st through 10th for each race and your top 15 races count for your overall score. If you don’t pick in time the computer will select the most picked drivers for you. Drivers are awarded Fantasy Points depending on how they finish and the total Fantasy Points for all your drivers in the race becomes your Team Score. You could win a NASCAR Fathead or a trip to […]

  • Link: Earthquake Preparedness and Insurance

    http://beprepared.com/#default https://insurance.utah.gov/

  • Pigskin-Payoff-Contest

    Pigskin Payoff

  • Link: NAMI Utah

    Link: NAMI Utah

  • Waldorf Chicken Salad Wraps To Go (08.25.14)

    by Jennifer Burns, Dan's Market

  • healthfix_cancer_infothon_7


    Call and talk to medical professionals for FREE!

  • healthfix-august-21

    On August 21, watch FOX 13 to learn about women’s healthcare

    Call and talk to medical professionals for free!

  • daddy-took-nose-and-ear

    Video: Daddy took my nose and ear

    It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book known to parents, aunts, uncles and older siblings everywhere. This boy’s reaction is priceless.

  • Hormone health in women—The role hormones play in PMS and Menopause

    Hormones are chemical messengers produced by the endocrine system that assist with almost every function in the body. In women, hormones play a key role in reproduction, sexuality, and overall health. The ovaries produce female hormones—estrogen and progesterone. When a woman is experiencing menopause, both hormone levels droop, which causes menopausal symptoms. PMS and hormones Estrogen fluctuates during a woman’s menstrual cycle, causing the build up of uterine lining each month. The drop in estrogen causes women to have a […]

  • Happy Joe at the Ogden Roots and Blues Festival

    Happy Joe Wren went to the Ogden Valley Thursday morning for a preview of the Ogden Roots and Blues Festival.

  • Police looking for suspect in scrap metal theft

    BLUFFDALE, Utah — Bluffdale police hope someone can recognize a man who allegedly stole copper wire from a local business. According to Officer Nate Harward, Bluffdale PD, the theft occurred on August 16.  Cory Short, the owner of Light Link Communications, told FOX 13 he arrived at work early that day and found  a man loading his company’s scrap metal and copper into the bed of a truck.  The incident was captured on surveillance video (above.) Short said the suspect […]

  • FOX 13’s Scott McKane takes the ice bucket challenge

    FOX 13 reporter Scott McKane took the ice bucket challenge to help raise money for the ALS Association in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease.


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