Ben Winslow is a multi-platform journalist for Fox 13 News, experimenting with new technologies and ways of sharing news across multiple platforms.

He covers a wide variety of topics ranging from politics to polygamy, courts and city hall, and is known for “live-tweeting” news events. He has covered some of Utah’s biggest stories over a nearly 20-year career in news working in newspaper, radio, digital and now television.

Winslow has won numerous awards for his work, including a national Edward R. Murrow award, the Religion Newswriter’s Association’s local TV news report of the year, numerous Utah Broadcaster’s Association awards, local awards by the Society of Professional Journalists. He has also been recognized by Salt Lake City Weekly, QSalt Lake and in the online “Chappy Awards.”

Recent Articles
  • paper or plastic grocery cart

    Plastic bag bill could make the state of Utah millions

    SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that requires stores to charge you a dime a bag for not bringing reusable bags when you go shopping could make the state of Utah millions of dollars. A fiscal note made public Thursday for Sen. Jani Iwamoto’s Senate Bill 244 revealed that the state of Utah could make nearly $27 million in 2018 if the bill were to pass. In 2019, the amount of money would drop to $19 million. Sen. Iwamoto’s bill would earmark […]

  • 05-11-aids-drugs

    Bill to require disclosure of HIV or AIDS passes House committee

    SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that requires someone to disclose their HIV or AIDS status before engaging in any sexual activity or face a criminal penalty has passed a House Committee. Rep. Justin Fawson’s House Bill 369 passed out of committee Friday morning over objections from the ranking Democrat on the committee and an LGBT rights group. In an interview with FOX 13, Rep. Fawson said his bill would enhance the penalties if someone engaged in sexual activity with […]

  • promo312183041

    Prosecutors drop some charges against John Swallow mid-trial

    SALT LAKE CITY — Just before resting their case against him, prosecutors dismissed three charges against former Utah Attorney General John Swallow. Deputy Salt Lake County Attorney Chou Chou Collins asked the judge to dismiss a bribery, evidence tampering and a money laundering charge. Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills granted the request. The jury was then summoned into the room to hear Collins announce the charges being dismissed. The bribery and money laundering charges that were dropped focus on claims that Swallow was soliciting […]

  • Former Utah Attorney General John Swallow in court on Feb. 22, 2017.

    Prosecution’s case in the Swallow trial is winding down

    SALT LAKE CITY — The prosecution’s case in the corruption trial of former Utah Attorney General John Swallow is winding down. Prosecutors on Wednesday called a couple who hosted a fundraiser for Swallow that raised eyebrows with the cost of the event. But Tim and Jennifer Bell insisted they did nothing to influence Swallow. “The government’s theory is that you and your wife attempted to bribe John Swallow, are you aware of that?” Swallow’s defense lawyer, Cara Tangaro, asked Tim […]

  • A Zion Curtain inside a Utah restaurant. (FOX 13 file image)

    Survey offers a glimpse of what’s behind the ‘Zion Curtain’ bill

    SALT LAKE CITY — A survey being sent to local restaurateurs reveals more details about what may be considered in a bill that would tear down “Zion Curtains” in Utah restaurants. The survey, sent to members of the Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association (and shared with FOX 13), asks for feedback on “associated trade-offs” and whether they are acceptable. In addition to removing the walls that prevent people from seeing drinks being made, the survey asks about: Requiring Dining Club liquor licensees to choose between being […]

  • olympics-graphic

    NSA denies spying on everyone in SLC during the 2002 Olympics

    SALT LAKE CITY — The National Security Agency denies conducting mass surveillance on everyone in the Salt Lake City area during the 2002 Winter Olympics. In a new court filing, the NSA acknowledged that then-President George W. Bush had authorized a terrorism surveillance program that became known as the “President’s Surveillance Program.” However, the NSA rejected accusations that it conducted surveillance on people in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Olympics. “…they are denied, including, specifically, allegations that the PSP (or any […]

  • thinkstockphotos-86493571

    House approves bill to let people as young as 18 carry a concealed weapon

    SALT LAKE CITY — In passionate debate, lawmakers debated a bill that allows people to carry a concealed firearm as young as 18. Rep. Karianne Lisonbee’s House Bill 198 lowers the age for concealed carry in Utah. Discussing her bill on the House floor on Tuesday, Rep. Lisonbee, R-Clearfield, said it was good for campus safety. “Being armed is obviously not for everyone. It will not prevent every rape, even for a woman who is armed continuously,” she said. “But […]

  • House Speaker Greg Hughes, R-Draper. (FOX 13 file image)

    House Speaker Greg Hughes subpoenaed to testify in Swallow trial

    SALT LAKE CITY — House Speaker Greg Hughes has been subpoenaed to testify in the ongoing corruption trial of former Utah Attorney General John Swallow, his attorney confirmed to FOX 13. “He has been subpoenaed, but whether or not he actually gets called or not remains to be seen,” Brett Parkinson, Hughes’ attorney, said Saturday. Hughes, R-Draper, was subpoenaed by Swallow’s defense attorneys. He is expected to refute testimony by Marc Jenson who claimed to have seen him at the posh […]

  • File image: LGBT pride flag.

    Utah asks judge to halt litigation over homosexuality in schools to buy legislature time to repeal law

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Attorney General’s Office is asking a federal judge to halt litigation against the state over a law that forbids classroom discussion of anything that could be construed as “advocacy” of homosexuality in schools. It’s buying the Utah State Legislature time to repeal that part of the law. In a court filing obtained by FOX 13, the state, Equality Utah and the National Center for Lesbian Rights agreed to stay legal proceedings until the Utah State Legislature wraps up. […]

  • i-voted-stickers

    Settlement talks under way in ACLU’s lawsuit over Navajo voting access

    SALT LAKE CITY — Settlement talks are apparently under way in a lawsuit filed against San Juan County over Navajo voters’ access to the ballot. In a court filing obtained by FOX 13 on Saturday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah disclosed that it was entering into settlement talks with San Juan County. It asked a federal judge to delay upcoming deadlines in the lawsuit. “The parties continue to explore possible settlement. The parties have (met) and are in ongoing […]

  • Cooper Van Huizen in an interview with FOX 13 in 2014. (FOX 13 News file image)

    Utah appeals court overturns decision that sent Weber Co. teen to adult prison

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Court of Appeals has overturned a decision by a juvenile court judge that ultimately sent a 16-year-old boy to adult prison. In a ruling issued Friday night, the state appeals court ordered a new hearing for Cooper Van Huizen, who was sent to prison at age 16 for aggravated robbery. Van Huizen was convicted in adult court and sentenced to serve up to 30 years in prison for aggravated robbery in the burglary of a […]

  • taxes

    Big changes proposed to Utah’s tax structure

    SALT LAKE CITY — State lawmakers are proposing some big changes to Utah’s tax structure to deal with a loss in revenues. Senate Republican leaders confirmed on Friday they are looking at a bill that spreads out a lot of the state’s existing tax structure, raising and lowering some of the taxes that you pay. Lawmakers are grappling with more needs to be funded, but a decline in revenue. “We do not have the dollars to cover anywhere near the requests […]