Ben Winslow is a multi-platform journalist for Fox 13 News, experimenting with new technologies and ways of sharing news across multiple platforms.

He covers a wide variety of topics ranging from politics to polygamy, courts and city hall, and is known for “live-tweeting” news events. He has covered some of Utah’s biggest stories over a nearly 20-year career in news working in newspaper, radio, digital and now television.

Winslow has won numerous awards for his work, including a national Edward R. Murrow award, the Religion Newswriter’s Association’s local TV news report of the year, numerous Utah Broadcaster’s Association awards, local awards by the Society of Professional Journalists. He has also been recognized by Salt Lake City Weekly, QSalt Lake and in the online “Chappy Awards.”

Recent Articles
  • Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments in crosshairs as Trump signs executive order

    SALT LAKE CITY — President Donald Trump signed an executive order on the Antiquities Act that starts a review process of America’s national monuments going back 20 years. It’s an order that will likely affect two of Utah’s national monuments: Grand Staircase-Escalante and the newly created Bears Ears, which has been a flash point for controversy over the Antiquities Act. The order may not rescind the monuments entirely, but could shrink their boundaries or open them up for development or further […]

  • The DABC’s signs for Utah restaurants and bars are getting changed by the Internet

    SALT LAKE CITY — Since FOX 13 first reported that Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission approved new signs that will be displayed at every Utah restaurant and bar, they’ve been mocked online. The signs, part of an omnibus liquor bill that passed in the Utah State Legislature, must be 8 1/2 x 11 inches and displayed in a “conspicuous” location near the front entrance. They must designate whether, in fact, you are entering a bar or a restaurant. The […]

  • Every restaurant or bar in Utah will have to display one of these signs

    SALT LAKE CITY — Starting next month, every single restaurant or bar in Utah will have to display a sign designating whether they are a “restaurant” or a “bar.” Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission approved the signs at its monthly meeting on Tuesday. The signage was included in a massive liquor bill passed by state lawmakers earlier this year. “Each bar is going to be required to have a sign that says this is a bar not a restaurant,” […]

  • Ad running in Idaho urges people not to vacation in Utah over new .05 DUI law

    SALT LAKE CITY — An ad running in an Idaho newspaper is urging people to skip Utah as a vacation spot in protest of the new .05 DUI law. The ad, paid for by the American Beverage Institute, a restaurant and liquor industry lobbying group, ran in Tuesday’s Idaho Statesman. It declares that it’s “time for Idahoans to rethink their vacation plans.” Similar ads ran in both of Salt Lake City’s daily newspapers in an effort to pressure Governor Gary Herbert not to sign […]

  • Dispute over downtown parking tickets reaches Utah Supreme Court

    SALT LAKE CITY — For years Salt Lake City has been plagued with problems over their downtown parking kiosks, but now the problem could finally get solved. The Utah Supreme Court is considering arguments over whether or not Salt Lake City violated driver’s due process rights and collected millions of dollars in unjust parking citations since 2012. That’s when Salt Lake City switched from curbside meters to electronic pay stations. Attorney Shane Johnson argued Wednesday before the justices that the […]

  • Utah court rules on ‘worst ever’ Yelp review

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Court of Appeals waded into Internet meme culture in a ruling over a negative Yelp review. The ruling centers around a Yelp review posted by Stephen Glover in 2015. Upset over his representation in a divorce case by attorney Terry Spencer, Glover posted a review that began with “Worst ever,” and proceeded to criticize Spencer. Spencer asked Glover to remove the Yelp review, the court ruling states. When Glover refused, Spencer sued him for defamation, […]

  • In lawsuit over ‘Deadpool,’ theater says Utah law over sex and alcohol misapplied

    SALT LAKE CITY — A movie theater facing the threat of losing its liquor license over showing “Deadpool” is asking a federal judge to grant a permanent injunction against the state of Utah. In a court filing obtained by FOX 13, Brewvies argues the Utah law prohibiting liquor licensees from showing full nudity or explicit sexual acts shouldn’t apply to it. “Defendants (the Utah Attorney General’s Office) have conceded that ‘Brewvies is not a business that focuses on sex’ and […]

  • Utah asks judge to toss former AG Mark Shurtleff’s lawsuit

    SALT LAKE CITY — The state of Utah is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it by former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, seeking more than $1 million in attorney’s fees. The filing by the Utah Attorney General’s Office says it should be dismissed because Shurtleff is no longer in the office. “In addition, Shurtleff’s statutory claims fail because the court dismissed the criminal charges against him as a result of the prosecutor’s motion to dismiss, not […]

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders brings ‘Come Together and Fight Back’ tour to SLC

    SALT LAKE CITY — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who rode a wave of progressive support to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, returned to one of the states that offered him a strong base. This time it was to unite a somewhat fractured party against a common enemy: President Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled congress. Sen. Sanders appeared alongside newly elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez as part of a nationwide “unity tour.” They spoke to a crowd […]

  • Rep. Chaffetz considers leaving Congress before the end of his term

    SALT LAKE CITY —- The day after making a jaw-dropping announcement that he won’t seek re-election, Congressman Jason Chaffetz told FOX 13 he may not even finish his term in office. “When I contemplate another 200 nights away from home, it is just too much,” Chaffetz told FOX 13 news anchor Bob Evans. Hours later, Chaffetz released a statement, adding: “My future plans are not yet finalized but I haven’t ruled out the possibility of leaving early. In the meantime, […]

  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he will not seek re-election in 2018

    SALT LAKE CITY — Congressman Jason Chaffetz stunned Utah’s political scene with an announcement he will not seek re-election in 2018. “You know what? I just turned 50. I’m sleeping on a cot in my office. I spent more than 1,500 nights away from my family and it was time to recalibrate,” he told reporters on Wednesday. Chaffetz insisted there were no “ulterior motives” for his desire to step away from congress, but a desire to be with his family […]

  • Who wants to run for Chaffetz’s seat? Who does he face if he runs for governor?

    SALT LAKE CITY — Within minutes of Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s announcement on Wednesday, the political jockeying began. Names started emerging as potential replacements for Chaffetz to represent Utah’s Third Congressional District. Names also began circulating to go up against Chaffetz if he were to run for governor of Utah in 2020. Here’s who has told FOX 13 they’re interested (and not): Damian Kidd has already announced a challenge, previously vowing to go up against Chaffetz in a GOP primary. Provo Mayor […]