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Allison Croghan is a Weather Anchor/Social Media Reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah. She is a graduate of the University of Mississippi who loves traveling, fashion, weather, and sports.

She started her career as a reporter at KSNF in Joplin, Missouri. While in Joplin, Allison covered the aftermath of one of the deadliest tornadoes in America’s history. She was promoted to morning show weather anchor before leaving the Ozarks for the Intermountain West.

When Allison isn’t in the Connect Center on Facebook and Twitter, she enjoys sleeping in, exercising, volunteering, trying new recipes, and reading.

If you have any story ideas for Fox 13 connect, send them her way: allison.croghan@fox13now.com

Recent Articles
  • 11-22-thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving by the numbers

    (CNN) — 2 — The ranking of Thanksgiving on the list of America’s favorite holidays. Christmas is No. 1. 2 — The maximum number of days the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests keeping a fresh turkey before cooking it. 2.5 — The number in miles of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade available for public viewing. 4 — Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year on the fourth Thursday of November. 5-5.5 — The number of hours it takes to cook a stuffed […]

  • Source: http://www.gofundme.com/NataliesCakesnMore

    Rowdy protesters trash Ferguson bakery; crowdfunding picks it up again

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Thanksgiving is looking up for Natalie Dubose, the Ferguson entrepreneur whose bakery was trashed by rowdy protesters overnight Monday. Dubose owns Natalie’s Cakes and More, and has raised more than $84,000 since creating a crowdfunding page Tuesday afternoon to rebuild her business. “I am just so grateful for all the love and support that’s been showed to me,” she told CNNMoney after learning that another $30,000 had been added to the site since the last time […]

  • Holiday Travel

    Messy mix of snow, rain on the menu for Thanksgiving travelers

    (CNN) — Don’t be thankful for this morning’s sunny, crisp fall weather just yet. A wintry storm is hours away from snarling travel across the East Coast on Wednesday, causing delays of up to six hours on the busiest travel days of the year. About 30 million people from the mountains of North Carolina to Maine could be affected. “The storm will have a major impact nationwide to air travel, as the ripple effect from delays and cancellations in the […]

  • Actor Bill Cosby became one of TV's favorite dads when he served up tough love to his five children on "The Cosby Show."

    Bill Cosby allegations continue

    (CNN) — It seems lately as if every day brings another allegation that further dismantles Bill Cosby’s image as the jovial, pudding-loving patriarch whose family-friendly brand of comedy tickled successive generations. Though the star has vehemently denied most of the accusations that he drugged and sexually assaulted young women seeking career guidance, the stories are taking their toll on his reputation and bankroll. The stories of Cosby’s purported misdeeds have been around for about a decade, but they recently got […]

  • Lammily Doll

    Watch children react to ‘average Barbie’ with acne, stretch marks

    It began for Nickolay Lamm as a question: What would Barbie look like if she had the dimensions of an average woman? His answer came in the form of the Lammily doll: a shorter, broader, brunette version of the idealistic blond Mattel doll. Now Lammily is ready to make her debut, complete with a sticker pack that features pimples, moles, cellulite and scars that can be applied. “I feel she looks so real, so ordinary, that you don’t focus on […]

  • kidspaintmess

    Viral Video: Man scolds kids for making mess with paint, can’t stop laughing

    Around three minutes into the video, the man can hardly contain his laughter.

  • peanuts

    WATCH: New ‘Peanuts’ movie trailer released

      (CNN) — The first official trailer for 2015’s “Peanuts” movie has been released, and good grief — it’s actually pretty cute. Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox rolled out the two-minute clip on Tuesday, giving another look at what Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the rest look like in CGI. The companies released a teaser trailer in March. The new trailer was supposed to be unveiled on Thanksgiving Day but leaked online early — and it seems Snoopy […]

  • willsmith

    5 things we learned from that Jaden and Willow Smith interview

    (CNN) — Perhaps The New York Times’ T Magazine should have had Stephen Hawking interview Jaden and Willow Smith. Or the Dalai Lama. In a sort-of philosophical, sort-of promotional interview, the two children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith talked about the flexibility of time, the feeling of the Pacific Coast Highway and, well, some new music. The interview attracted wide notice on social media, where the general reaction was, “Huh?” “Have you guys read this bizarre Jaden & […]

  • WORDS2014

    The Oxford 2014 word of the year is…

    (CNN) — Sorry, “bae.” The noun — a ” term of endearment for one’s romantic partner” — was shown no love by Oxford Dictionaries, which instead selected “vape” as the 2014 word of the year. “Vape” can be used as either a noun meaning “an electronic cigarette or similar device” or a verb in which one would “inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.” According to a press release from Oxford, research showed the […]

  • samesuit

    Viral Video: News anchor wears same suit for one year to prove a point

    AUSTRALIA– To prove a point, a television anchor in Australia wore the same suit, on-air, for an entire year. Kkarl Stefanovic claims not one single viewer noticed, or complained, that he sported the same blue suit, day after day. However, he insists the same was not true for his female colleagues. Stefanovic says it’s unfair that they were under constant pressure about what they chose to wear in front of the cameras. The stunt lit up social media around the […]

  • cute-rapper

    VIDEO: Man secretly records wife rapping, her response goes viral

    Sir Prise captioned the video “My wife is THE most beautiful human being I know and I absolutely adore the moments I get to watch her being herself. Don’t be shy people, say you love your loved ones, treasure the little moments and don’t worry if people are judging you!” What’s your favorite quirk that your significant other has?

  • Ebola virus

    Doctor’s death marks second U.S. Ebola fatality

    (CNN) — Marking the second Ebola death in the United States, Dr. Martin Salia died at around 5 a.m. ET Monday, according to Nebraska Medicine spokesman Taylor Wilson. A legal permanent resident of the U.S., Salia was working in West Africa when he contracted the virus. Salia arrived Saturday at Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. The hospital tweeted Monday that he was “extremely critical” when his treatment began and “unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to save him.” […]


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