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Allison Croghan is a Weather Anchor/Social Media Reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah. She is a graduate of the University of Mississippi who loves traveling, fashion, weather, and sports.

She started her career as a reporter at KSNF in Joplin, Missouri. While in Joplin, Allison covered the aftermath of one of the deadliest tornadoes in America’s history. She was promoted to morning show weather anchor before leaving the Ozarks for the Intermountain West.

When Allison isn’t in the Connect Center on Facebook and Twitter, she enjoys sleeping in, exercising, volunteering, trying new recipes, and reading.

If you have any story ideas for Fox 13 connect, send them her way: allison.croghan@fox13now.com

Recent Articles
  • DEA

    Facebook tells DEA: Stop impersonating users

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Facebook has sent a letter to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration demanding that agents stop impersonating users on the social network. The letter follows a BuzzFeed report that revealed how the DEA seized a woman’s phone and later created a Facebook account in her name. Sondra Arquiett was unaware as the DEA masqueraded as her while speaking to her friends. The DEA even posted photos of her with her son and another photo of her alone […]

  • Oscar Pistorius is seen at the North Gauteng High Court on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 during his murder trial.

    Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison for girlfriend’s killing

    (CNN) — From a globally lauded athlete to convicted killer, Oscar Pistorius’ fall from grace culminated Tuesday with a five-year sentence in the shooting death of his girlfriend. The sentence was imposed for the charge of culpable homicide, which in South Africa means a person was killed unintentionally, but unlawfully. Under South African law, he will have to serve at least one-sixth of his sentence — 10 months — before he can ask to be considered for parole. Pistorius was […]

  • alec burks

    Alec Burks schools Kobe Bryant, goes viral

    LOS ANGELES–  The Jazz took on the Lakers for a preseason game on Sunday night. Alec Burks was back in the lineup after missing the last two games and ended up with 21 points. But it’s this particular play that’s going viral… As of Monday morning it was the top trending story on Facebook: “Alec Burks: Utah Jazz shooting guard fools Lakers’ Kobe Bryant with behind-the-back move in preseason game.” The Lakers ended up winning the game 98-91. Click here […]

  • lockedinstore

    U.S. tourist gets trapped in London bookstore

    (CNN) — There’s nothing like getting stuck into a good book — but getting stuck in a good book store is a different matter. Just ask Dave Willis, a tourist from Texas who was inadvertently locked inside a London retailer for several hours, after strolling in minutes before the store was closing. Willis, from Dallas, entered the Waterstones store near London’s Trafalgar Square on Thursday evening to use the store’s WiFi. “I walked into the store about five minutes before […]

  • Weight Loss

    Employers measure workers’ waistlines

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Your mother isn’t the only one who wants you to eat right and exercise. Employers are increasingly prodding their workers to lose weight and get more active. Companies are going beyond just handing out pedometers and offering Weight Watchers. Now more are measuring waist sizes, recording body fat levels and penalizing those who carry around too many extra pounds. Wellness programs have been around for years, but they are evolving. Companies are doing more biometric screenings, […]

  • Image courtesy CNN

    Coming soon: Call Starbucks, and have your latte waiting

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — For those of you who just can’t wait to spend $4 for your Venti latte, Starbucks is about to allow customers to pre-order and prepay for their daily caffeine hit using a mobile app. The service, aimed at attracting customers who are put off by the lines during the morning rush, will debut in the Portland market later this year and be rolled out to stores nationally in 2015, the company announced Thursday. The announcement comes […]

  • teal

    Teal Pumpkin Project aims to make Halloween safer

    Halloween can be extra scary for kids with food allergies. Chocolate is frightening if you’re allergic to milk, and a candy bar with nuts can be deadly. With eggs, soy and wheat also common allergies in kids, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, finding treats without tricks can be a challenge on Halloween night. That’s why the Food Allergy Research & Education organization wants Halloween lovers to go teal this holiday. Their Teal Pumpkin Project encourages […]

  • turnip

    Turnip + Michelle Obama cutting loose = viral Vine

    (CNN) — Michelle Obama, never one to turn down an opportunity to champion healthy eating, has co-opted a popular tune — and, in six seconds, created a viral sensation. Here’s how it happened. In an #AskTheFirstLady segment, Barack Obama impersonator Imman Crosson, or @AlphaCat, asked Obama, “How many calories do you burn every time you ‘turn up’?!” (That’s lingo for … well, in the safest sense, cutting loose). Her six-second response, posted on the White House Vine account? Well, just […]

  • dirtydancing

    Viral Video: Kid recreates Dirty Dancing routine, nails it

    Nobody puts Charlie in the corner! If you can’t get enough of his moves… check out another video of him dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

  • pslremix

    Hilarious! Man loves pumpkin spice and remakes Taylor Swift hit to show it

    It’s safe to say this guy loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

  • Dallas nurse's pet pup

    Can pets get or spread Ebola?

    DALLAS – A nurse’s aide in Spain catches Ebola; her dog is taken away and put to death. A nurse in Texas catches Ebola; her dog is fed, taken away and put into quarantine. The stark difference in treatment illustrates the lack of solid protocol on what to do with Ebola victims’ pets — and highlights what little is known about the risk. Why are we even talking about this? Focusing on the cases of two dogs can seem trivial compared […]

  • coxwhoamit

    Video: Lieutenant Governor of Utah asks residents about the Lieutenant Governor of Utah

    Do you know who the Lieutenant Governor of Utah is? Spoiler alert: the correct answer is Lt. Spencer Cox. He recently hit the streets of Utah to ask residents if they knew the answer to that question. Watch the video above to see if other Utahns are up-to-date on their political knowledge.  


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