Brian Head Fire crews announce cabin escorts

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Brian Head fire

SOUTHERN UTAH – At 42,800 acres the Brian Head Fire is currently the largest blaze in the country.

Fire crews have worked both day and night to contain the flames and have managed to achieve 8-percent containment. Thanks to recent success ¬†Garfield County Sheriff’s office has announced cabin escorts will be running every two hours. This service will provide a limited number of residents the opportunity to retrieve some of the things they weren’t able to bring during evacuations.

A Garfield County Deputy told Fox 13 crews they are relieved that winds have calmed today. Forecasts show however, that tomorrow could take another dangerous turn. According to the deputy, wind is what has made the fire especially hard to fight and tomorrow could bring a lot of wind and even thunderstorms. Lightning is one of the top three causes of wildfires behind humans who start up to 90-percent, says the National Park Service.