Salt Lake City man gets LeBron James’ crying face tattooed on his leg

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SALT LAKE CITY -- LeBron James gets love and hate from basketball fans, but one Salt Lake City man's crying LeBron James tattoo takes that passion to a new level.

Kalen Gilleese loves sports and tattoos but isn't as fond of the 3-time NBA Champion holding court in Cleveland.

He said he respects James' talent but doesn't like the way he plays the game. Now he sports a tattoo of LeBron James' crying face on his leg.

"I give all the respect to LeBron and everything like that, he's a legend and everything like that," Gilleese said. "I just hate the way he flops and cries, and always looking for calls. For how big the guy is, to me, it's just kind of pathetic."

Gilleese is a big-time fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and he said he doesn't love the comparisons people draw between Jordan and James.

He said at the end of the day, LeBron's tattooed tears are about scoring a laugh.

"I like to make people laugh, and it's not my first funny tattoo that I've ever gotten, so I decided, 'Hey, what the hell, you only live once,'" he said.