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How to plan a family trip to Yellowstone National Park

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Randy and Natalie Ockey from shared tips for planning a family trip to Yellowstone National Park. To find more travel tips from them go here.

1. Animals: Plan to be at the best spots to find animals and know what times you are most likely to see them.
2. Hiking: There are hundreds of hikes in Yellowstone, and tons of them are family friendly. Getting out of the car is where you will avoid crowds, and see the true beauty of Yellowstone. Our favorites are Trout Lake and Storm Point.
3. Geysers: Yellowstone is famous for Old Faithful, and you don't want to miss that, but there are lots of beautiful spots to see geothermal spots.
4. Waterfalls: You won't believe how many waterfalls you can see in Yellowstone, and most of them are right next to the road.
5. Junior Ranger: There are two different Junior Ranger programs for kids in the park. They do cost a few dollars, but they really help families learn more about this national park.