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Heavy winds cause damage in Clearfield

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CLEARFIELD, Utah — Strong winds reaching more than 70 miles per hour swept through parts of Davis County on Monday morning. Trees in Clearfield were uprooted, roof shingles were tossed off, garbage cans grounded, and tree limbs thrown across the neighborhood.

“I watched it fall over it went over with a big bang; of course our mailbox went with it,” said homeowner Bob Wulf, as he laughed about the damage. Wulf said he was happy the tree that uprooted in his front yard did not topple over onto his home. However, it did uproot the sidewalk several inches and that combined with the tree’s roots lifting up also knocked over their thick brick mail box. It came crashing to the ground.

“That wind was strong; it was really strong,” said Wulf.

Wulf and his wife Carol have lived in their Clearfield home for more than 20 years. They lost another tree, right next to the one that fell Monday morning, back in the fall- also due to strong winds.

“We have one more left, I think we might take it out so it does not fall on top of someone’s car next time,” said Wulf.

The Wulf’s neighbor, Pam Carter, came by Monday morning, like she said she usually does to check on the Wulfs, and was shocked by the storm damage on their lawn.

“I was afraid it hit their home,” said Carter.

Luckily, it did not. Other neighbors came by to check on the Wulfs once they drove by and saw the damage. The tree service crew was out all afternoon cleaning up the mess.