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The changing rules of flying

SALT LAKE CITY -- Anyone planning on flying nowadays should arrive at the airport early, pack their luggage carefully and know their legal rights.

Several recent high-profile events including one involving a passenger dragged off a united flight have airline passengers nervous about getting on the plane.

What rights do you as a passenger have? What rights do the airlines have as carriers?

When a ticket is purchased the buyer agrees to what's called The Contract of Carriage. This is the 'fine print,' which most travelers don't take the time to read.

The rules for each airline vary, and some are changing. For example, United Airlines can now offer up to ten thousand dollars to a passenger to give up their seat on an overbooked flight.

See the video for more information and tips from travel experts.

If you've had a bad experience, The Federal Aviation Administration tracks incidents on airplanes. Using this link you can report problems, and learn how to file airline passenger complaints.