The Cost of Caregiving

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The Cost of Caregiving
Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services

Utah will see a 40% increase of those individuals living with Alzheimer`s or related diseases by 2025. $1.5 billion is lost in productivity each year from the Caregiver. In 2017, Alzheimer`s and other dementias will cost the nation $259 billion.
By 2050, these costs could rise as high as $1.1 trillion.

The following are an average for costs of caregiving:
Home Health Aide about $25 an hour
Homemaker about $22 an hour
Nursing Home Care about $6000 and a month
Assisted Living Care about $3,000-$6000 a month

Some in-home services can be accessed through private pay, private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and community programs such as Aging & Adult Services. For help and guidance with caregiving go here.