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Movement detected in North Salt Lake landslide area

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NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah — More ground movement has been detected in North Salt Lake, where a landslide destroyed one home and prompted officials to preemptively demolish several others, according to the Utah Department of Natural Resources.

"Rick Allis from [the Utah Geological Survey] says they are detecting movement again at the N. Salt Lake landslide area. Working with city to monitor," the Utah DNR wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Allis, who was cited in the DNR's Tweet, is the Director of the Utah Geological Survey.

In 2012, the City of North Salt Lake negotiated with homeowners in the Springhill neighborhood to buy up and demolish homes threatened by a slow-moving landslide.

In August 2014, a landslide in North Salt Lake's Eagleridge neighborhood claimed one home and threatened three others, leading officials to evacuate 27 people from their homes.

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