Do you need a break from social media?

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Therapist Jessie Shepherd tells us how to step back and take control of how we use social media every day.

How to do a Social Media Cleanse:

Day 1: Determine your goal of social media- staying in contact with family, business, awareness.
Day 2: Delete social media apps from your phone- remove distractions
Day 3: Determine times & areas you can check social media- not during family times, not during social events, no checking at dinner, so on.
Day 4: Eliminate all non-human sites from social media- unless you interact with them on a regular basis or in real life.
Day 5: Eliminate all upsetting humans- anyone who causes you anxiety, frustration, negativity or who are upsetting
Day 6: Narrow social media time down to one hour a day- not including anything you need to do for work
Day 7: Determine a whole day in which you will not personally use social media.

You can get more information about Jessie here.