Indoor Steaks

This is a great way to prepare a steak, especially a lean cut such as a London Broil or a round steak. By slowly heating the steak to your target temperature, then searing, you’ll get a caramelized outside and a perfectly even inside.
Sea Salt-iodinated table salt does not work
Cooking spray or canola oil
Round steak or London Broil
One thing you need to decide ahead of time is how done you like you meat.
Rare-Still red is 130 degrees
Medium Rare is 135 degrees
Medium is 140 degrees
Well is 145-and a waste of a good steak.
If you have a long round roast, steak it by cutting 1 inch sections across the grain. Rub a thick coat of sea salt on both sides of the steak enough it looks like a sugar cookie. Use your fingers to work it into the meat. Please the steaks on a cookie sheet and allow them to sit at room temperature for one hour.
Preheat oven to the lowest possible setting-use convection if you have it.
If using a steam oven, start at 140 degrees with all steam.
Rinse the salt off the steaks with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. Lay them out on a baking sheet and insert the oven thermometer. Leave in the oven until they reach the target temperature. They will not look great. These should still be treated like raw meat and are not yet safe to serve.
Heat your pan, indoor sear grill, or outdoor grill to screaming hot. Coat generously with canola or avocado oil.
Sere the steaks on both sides until they become brown. Don’t press with the spatula. Turn them to the sides with tongs to sear the sides.
Allow the steaks to sit for five minutes, and then enjoy.
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