Is Trump leaning toward Romney for Secretary of State? New report says yes

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WASHINGTON — In the "Trump Transition" all the talk of a "Team of Rivals" has been just talk, but that may be about to change in a big way as a new report suggests the President-Elect may soon pick Mitt Romney as Secretary of State.

Wall Street Journal reporters Michael Bender and Damian Paletta report two sources close to the decision-making say Trump is leaning toward the former Massachusetts governor.

Here’s a portion of their report:

'Delaying Mr. Trump`s decision about Secretary of State is an internal tug of war between supporters of Mr. Romney, and those urging the selection of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. A third group is pressing the president-elect to keep searching for candidates.'

A high-ranking Utah Republican tells Fox 13 that the deliberation may be on Romney’s side. Romney, now a Utah resident, was an early and vocal opponent of Trump’s candidacy.

The selection would be popular for political centrists wanting a level, respected voice for America around the world. It would also likely reassure European allies in NATO worried about a possible U.S. tilt towards Russia.