3 Questions with Bob Evans: An animated chat with Pat Bagley

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Pat Bagley has had a front row seat for nearly four decades of Utah news, politics and culture, and the award-wining political cartoonist recently sat down with Bob Evans to share some of his insights.

Bagley is known for making a point with pictures, but check out the video above for his interview, including his answers to the 3 Questions listed below:

  1. What is the process you go through from getting an idea, to executing it in a comic, and then having people say, "Oh, I get it."
  2. Is there any topic that, as a political cartoonist, you just wont touch, you won't lampoon?
  3. From the vantage of a political cartoonist, who do you want to win the election: Who is going to provide you the most material?

See below for the full interview with Pat Bagley.