6 No Bake (Edible) Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Blogger Nina Lewis show us some fun and super simple Halloween treat ideas. All of the ideas can be done by kids as young as 3 years old.

  • Witch`s hat - fudge stripe cookie with a Hershey kiss on top
  • Witch`s broom - mini Reese`s Pieces cups with a pretzel for a handle
  • Oreo spider - stick straight pretzels in the frosting in the sides of the cookie and add M&Ms for eyes
  • Chocolate donut spider - cut round pretzels for legs, stick them in the donut, add M&Ms for eyes
  • Monster eyeballs - donuts covered in white powdered sugar, green gummy rings and black licorice added to make eyes
  • Pumpkin pudding - draw a pumpkin face on a clear plastic cup, make vanilla instant pudding with a couple of red drops of food coloring added, pour into cups

You can get more fun ideas from Nina at her blog Grandma Ideas here.