Dad builds incredible Ninja Warrior course in yard for daughter

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DENVER – A dad in Colorado built an impressive American Ninja Warrior obstacle course in the backyard for his daughter.

Gavin MacCall posted the video of the course he made for his 5-year-old daughter, Lylah, on Facebook and it has since gone viral.

He told the USA Today, “The day she turned the green chair around and climbed over it was the birth of the first course.”

MacCall has set up a GoFundMe page raising money to make another training course for Lylah.

This super active little girl would love more opportunity to play and train for future Jr. Ninja Warrior* compeitions [sic]. With funds raised we can build new obstacles get some scaffolding to experience new training techniques. (*Jr. Ninja Warrior competitions are completely made up by Lylah’s Dad)