Space Venture Coalition: Take an interactive and wild ride through space

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Space Venture Coalition was created by a group of musicians in Provo. SVC is a space rock opera. The Velour Music Venue is converted into the Starship Fermi as they take the audience on an interstellar adventure. There are characters, villains, heroes, and emotion. The story takes place about 100 years in the future, as they have the first ship to travel faster than the speed of light, they take the audience on a mission to investigate a strange signal coming from The Beautiful Planet.


The creators say the music is kind of modern rock meets 1970's rock, with David Bowie and Moody Blues in the mix. Anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to go to space is invited to the show. Families of all ages are welcome.

What: Space Venture Coalition

When: October 8th

Where: Velour Music Venue in Provo