Groups provide furnished apartment on Mother’s Day for family displaced by fire

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SALT LAKE CITY - From heartbreak to cloud nine, that's the roller coaster of emotions one Millcreek woman experienced this Mother's Day after getting a surprise from two local organizations.

Athena Reese, her boyfriend, and two children lost their apartment during an accidental fire in Millcreek last Thursday. The expecting mother, who is 20-weeks pregnant, thought she had lost all her possessions, including the new baby supplies and furniture she bought.

Thankfully two local organizations, Children and the Earth and Little Miracles, provided a fully furnished apartment to surprise Reese and her kids Sunday morning.

"I was very surprised," said Brian Jeremy, Athena's boyfriend. "They have everything for us. We are so grateful."

Jeremy hit the nail on the head. Every detail, every appliance, every piece of furniture and clothing was provided, almost as if a family had been living there for months.

"We have a lot of amazing people that came forward," said Jodi Frkovich, with Children and the Earth.

"Jodi sent out the call and she said, 'We need this, and we need that," said Tiana Shoemaker of Little Miracles. "We have clothes, kitchen dishes, a brand new couch."

Shoemaker explains that her organization will be providing furniture for two more mothers Sunday afternoon thanks to donations that they receive.

Frkovich can be reached at, and her organization can be reached via their website. 

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