Utahns have millions in unclaimed funds; check here before pawn shop

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SALT LAKE CITY – Could you use a little extra cash right now? Of course you could.

It’s almost like winning the lottery, you could have unclaimed funds and not even know it.

Utah State Treasurer David Damschen announced Tuesday the State of Utah’s Unclaimed Property Division received more than $37.6 million in abandoned property in the second half of 2015.

“Each year as tax season approaches we remind Utahns to check mycash.utah.gov to see if they have lost or abandoned property – anything from dormant bank accounts and deposit refunds missing a forwarding address – to forgotten safe deposit boxes,” Treasurer Damschen said.  “And I’m proud to report that Unclaimed Property’s 2015 outreach campaign and new website increased paid claims by 107 percent.”

Click here to check if you have unclaimed money

Lived in other states? You can check those as well.

About 40 other states participate in the program.

There is no charge for this service.


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  • bob

    I’ve been checking this thing for YEARS. Nothing.

    Two possibilities: I really have my sh1t together. Or I have no life.

  • John H

    There are companies that specialize in finding people entitled to unclaimed money and unclaimed property, perhaps the best know is Heir Hunters International out of Los Angeles. In the main, such companies handle the “hard cases,” where the funds have been dormant for a significant period of time, more likely than not because the original owner is deceased. In order to find to whom the funds belong, such cases involve a significant amount of research, which requires financial resources, for example paying for researchers or for travel to libraries/courthouses/archives, often abroad. When approached by such a company, always run your name in the relevant databases, but also understand that your name, more likely than not, will fail to appear. The golden rule is: legitimate “heir finders” never, ever ask for you to provide money up-front, but are paid out of the share the “missing heir” receives after the firm has secured the inheritance

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