Inmate dies after assault at Utah State Prison

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Jeffrey Vigil (image courtesy Utah Dept. of Corrections)

DRAPER, Utah — A Utah State Prison inmate has died after he was assaulted Monday.

Jeffrey Ray Vigil, 24, was assaulted by another inmate in a common area of the Oquirrh 1 housing unit around 6 p.m. Monday, according to a statement from the Utah Department of Corrections.

Vigil was treated at the prison, then taken to a hospital, where he died of his injuries around 7:30 Tuesday morning, the statement said.

The Unified Police Department is conducting an investigation into the assault. The name of the assault suspect has not been released.

Det. Jared Richardson of the Unified Police Department said Vigil was kicked and punched in his torso and head.  An autopsy will be performed by the Utah State Office of the Medical Examiner, which will help police to determine whether or not any weapons may have been used in the assault.

Richardson said there is one person being questioned about a potential role in the assault.

Vigil had been incarcerated since June 2, 2015 for a parole violation. According to the statement, his criminal history includes convictions for theft by receiving stolen property, failure to stop at the command of a police officer, possession of a forgery device and possession/use of a controlled substance.

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  • Anotherbob

    Not a big loss, he’s obviously not a first time offender and has wasted is prior 2nd chances. It will take a while before the state breaks even though on all his past costs and future costs related to this incident.

    • Tweir

      You can save tax dollars by shutting down the prison all to gether and focus on helping people understand that there is more out there in life than a world full of hatters, there is beautiful things out there, why not send our fighter to fight for our country instead of to a cage to each other give them pride in the name they carry no shame , I know that these men would fight for there country and this is how we treat them, come on .


        We don’t give guns to criminals so that would make it difficult for them to defend our country Tweir. Looks like he messed with the wrong guy and paid the price for his mistake.

      • Bob

        If they were willing to fight for their country they would be living different lives. All of them had the same opportunity as the rest of us to join the military. They have proven they are not worthy of our trust to live in society, let alone handle weapons and be told to fight.

      • Real Juicey

        Good job Eric Anderson you’re right, give young innocent boys who never even raised their voice in school , give them guns to go out and die for a country that allows them to come back with no legs and wait 18 months to get government help. Welcome to real world buddy, Or Wait until your gold fish dies then you will realize life matters.


        @REAL JUICEY
        Your comment has a phony faux ring to it. Nothing in this story suggests this criminal served any time in our military. Kinda immature comment we’d expect from a liberal.

  • Denise

    Regardless of the fact that this person was an inmate (heaven forbid he is himan and made mistakes), I find it sickening how mean spirited some of you are to overlook the fact that this was a human being, a son, a real person. RIP


      Jeffrey Vigil wasn’t in prison because he made a mistake. He got sent to prison for committing a felony, and got sent back because he violated his parole. Prison is where we send people that can’t behave.

    • bob

      You make it sound like committing a felony is an accident.

      He made CHOICES. And he chose poorly. No one was responsible for his being in prison except himself.

  • Bryan

    Hey people all of the comments saying stuff about jeff that doesn’t need to be said, he has family a girlfriend an babies that are heart broken an dont need to see yyour negative comments

    • Tweir

      I am so sorry for your loss, this is so sad. Let you find peace and let man find heart and let God help men hear in America find there feet so that they will stand up for others and helping others stand up too.


        Brian’s loss is decent society’s gain. Jeff wasn’t in prison for being late to Bible school.

  • chanelle

    I can not belive my eyes what i am reading there are so many ignort people in this world for them who know jeff he was a good boy he made mastakes just like everyone in this world no one is purfect and he did ndid not desurve to die no person on this earth deserves to die expeshaly in that place and does the bible say everyone is for given for there sins right he was human just like u so for all who talked down one this boy jeff vigil should think how there family filles what if that was your child or brother grandson husband you will be missed all my heart and respect goes to your family


      You don’t get sent to prison for making mistakes Chanelle. You have to commit crimes to get there. Too bad this man didn’t set an example hie would want his children to follow.

      • Amy

        Yes, you have to commit crimes to get there, but they don’t have to be violent crimes. Based on the record listed he was a petty criminal and possibly an addict, but he doesn’t appear to be a violent offender.


        This criminal was given a second chance and release from prison on parole. Too bad he didn’t think more of his children and girlfriend. I’m not saying that he should have married the mother of his children but apparently that wasn’t a priority for her either.


      My condolences to Jeff’s girlfriend. Now she has to go out and find a new boyfriend. My condolences to Jeff’s children who never had a father whose example they could follow.

  • Real Juicey

    It’s truthfully sad how ignorant people can be, make degrading comments, then hide behind an Internet screen.
    I honestly pray for your mental health you sick people who believe any living creature deserves any sorts of abuse or violent death. We all make mistakes, most of us don’t get caught & abide that then believe we’re untouchable. It’s pathetic. These comments break my heart & I sincerely pity you all with such negatives views.
    Maybe one day your eyes will open… Or
    God bless your hearts.

    • Tweir

      I agree with you 100 percent! This family just lost someone they loved and this is a joke that any one would be so blind and ignorant really shows how good there father was! This is a learned behavior and passed down from fathers to sons and the kind who have not grown up enuf to see love or know it so every one show love every chance you get so mabe one day we will not see comments like these hate filled and head turning as these, this is the kind of stuff that was said about Jewish people,people before they went to camp, people who died wile men like Bob who marched the poor people down the trail or tears, watched as they died for not good reason, when will we stand together and say no more!

      • Stewart McDonald

        Give it a rest Tweir. Decent men set examples that their children can follow. You can’t set a good example for your children if you’re in prison. Not to worry Tweir. The children’s mommy will have a new boyfriend before you can say “birth control”.


    Not sure what you’re blubbering about. Instead of being at home with his children we were supporting his stay in the Utah State Prison.

  • Selena Gomez

    He was my very best friend, I had moved back to Ogden Ut.
    Love you my friend.
    Losing my brother is tragic his absence in our lives and in his childrens lives as well, condolences to the Martinez Vigil Family, We love you Jeff.

    • BOB

      The tragedy is that Jeff made the choices that put him in prison. What a unnecessary waste of a human life.

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