Donald Trump defends size of his penis during GOP presidential debate Thursday

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FILE: Donald Trump.

By Gregory Krieg


(CNN) — Donald Trump assured American voters Thursday night that despite what Marco Rubio had suggested, there was “no problem” with the size of his hands — or anything else.

“Look at those hands, are they small hands?” the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination said, raising them for viewers to see. “And, he referred to my hands — ‘if they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

Rubio in recent days revived a decades-old old insult, mocking Trump for having relatively slight hands.

“He’s always calling me Little Marco. And I’ll admit he’s taller than me. He’s like 6’2, which is why I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5’2,” Rubio said in Virginia on Sunday. “And you know what they say about men with small hands? You can’t trust them.”

The New York billionaire has heard similar comments about his hands or, more precisely, his fingers, for years.

As Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter recalled online last year: “Just to drive him a little bit crazy, I took to referring to him as a ‘short-fingered vulgarian’ in the pages of Spy magazine. That was more than a quarter of a century ago.”

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  • Anotherbob

    This is the race for POTUS ladies and gentlemen, it has become a literal dick measuring contest. Wonder when Hillary will whip hers out.

  • Craig Smith

    I watched the debate. I saw Cruz and Rubio attack Trump all night. The same attacks they have leveled during the other 10 debates. I’m not sure why they even have more debates. We have heard the same responses to every question in every debate. Cruz and Rubio give me reasons not to vote for Trump, but they haven’t given me any reasons to vote for them. Kasich is the only one who has concrete ideas, whether you agree with them or not, and he has the necessary experience. He just doesn’t have the votes. I fear after Romney stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong, we should get comfortable with President Hillary.

  • SeniorsForTrump

    A systemic condescending superiority complex by establishment GOP Party Leaders and their spineless puppet candidates are killing the GOP Party and Mitt Romney personifies this disaster. These GOP mini dictators are now taking steps to muzzle and manipulate their own GOP voting members because they do not agree with their own GOP voting results. The GOP Party is also obsessed with destroying TRUMP because the GOP voting members prefer TRUMP. The GOP Party should not be campaigning in America. The GOP Party should move to CUBA where mini dictators and dictatorships belong. IDIOTS!

    America is not a dictatorship, at least not yet anyway! Voters’ choices are Americas’ choices. Americans are lucky to live in a country where they can agree to disagree. This is the essence of freedom and it must be protected. When party leaders, of any party affiliation, lose their moral compass it’s time for all American voters to take a stand! Don’t let corrupt parties and politicians destroy America. Every American and every honorable candidate must say NO when corrupt campaign strategies are used to control voters and discredit innocent candidates. Corrupt campaign strategies and all who support these strategies are the real threat to ALL Americans and Americas’ hard fought for Freedoms, not TRUMP.

    Thank you, Donald Trump, and every honorable candidate, for running for President and offering informed voters choices and a path to a better America for ALL Americans!

    Don’t panic; lighten up; if you can’t have fun with it, have a little faith; American voters know exactly what they are doing. Trust in American voters’ ability to make the right choice for ALL Americans.

    TO DO LIST: Build another wall to keep Americans refugees out of Canada. Canada will pay for it.

  • David John Francis

    The disappearing auto industry in America and jobs lost.

    It’s no wonder the prior President of Mexico President Vicente Fox is throwing vicious profanity and the current President Enrique Peña Nieto furious about the vanishing jobs in the auto manufacturing industry. I found a very interesting diagram of multi national companies that have moved to Mexico, thereby stealing jobs and manufacturing from workers in the United States. This is not fair trade, NOT FREE TRADE IN MEXICO’S AUTO PLANTS. Mexico has seen a 40 percent rise in auto jobs, since 2008 to 678.000 last year, while the United States saw only a 15 percent increase in the same period. Neither Sen. Cruz, Rubio nor Kasich are dumb on the loss of jobs to Mexico for the $55.6 billion for the year. I found 3 Ford auto plants, then Fiat-Chrysler, General Motors, Mazda, Honda, Kia, Audi, Volkswagen in different Mexican states. America’s trade imbalance with Mexico is at quite high right now in terms of dollars. Last year, for example, the U.S. imported $53.8 billion more of goods from Mexico in 2014 than it exported. Over the first six months of 2015, the figure is $27.8 billion,


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