Authorities identify woman hit, killed by semi after exiting car along I-15 near Nephi

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NEPHI, Utah -- Utah Highway Patrol says a woman suffered fatal injuries after she was hit by a semi-trailer on I-15 north of Nephi Wednesday, and northbound lanes of the freeway were closed for more than an hour as authorities investigated the crash.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, things began on I-15 near mile post 229 at about 2:40 p.m. when a woman inside of a Honda Pilot traveling northbound removed her seat belt and attempted to get out of the moving vehicle.

The driver of the car pulled to the side of the road and stopped the car as he attempted to keep the woman inside the vehicle. However, the woman exited the vehicle, ran around the back and then out into the road.

The woman, later identified as 39-year-old Emily Dyches of Salem, was struck by a northbound semi that attempted to stop but was not able to avoid the collision. Dyches was killed on impact.

Northbound I-15 was closed in the vicinity for about an hour and a half as crews investigated the scene.


    • Britney

      Emily had severe Postpartum depression and was having a panic attack when this happened. Think before you speak.

      • Brian

        In general, we have a poor public understanding of how mental health episodes affect people. There is too much societal stigma attached to it. I went with my wife to an InstaCare as she experienced an anxiety attack- and the looks she received were interesting- some were helpful most were confused and had the look of plague on their faces. Not sure what we can do here, I get that people are uncomfortable, but a good starting place is for us to try not to be in denial about it and the scope. I am sure everything was being done for Emily, this is soooo sad and tragic, and we do not know all the specifics. This is an opportunity, sad and painful reminder, for us to be mindful of those who suffer, DO NOT attach the stereo-typical stigma, and help those close to us get the care they need as soon as possible. I have known people who allow those close to them to “tough it out” for years and years without getting help or medication because depression and anxiety is socially embarrassing. I do not mean this is the case with Emily, we do not know and cannot say, but we each need to be more aware, kind and involved.

  • Joe Magnuson

    I waited a few days to get more details on this story, but still nothing.
    The investigators obviously have the statement from driver of the Pilot, but won’t give his name or relation to the deceased nor any insight as to why the woman so desperately wanted out of the vehicle?
    News people… Is this story not odd to you?

    • Joe Magnuson

      Sorry, I should have read the comments first. This is a very terrible and sad situation. Having experienced depression first hand, when at one time I was the guy that called it an excuse and not a disease, I know full well how devastating depression can be.
      My heart goes out to everyone involved.

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