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1 deputy dead, 2 injured after shots fired at Colorado cops serving eviction notice

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By Dana Ford


(CNN) — A suspect opened fire Wednesday on three members of the Park County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado, killing one and injuring two, authorities said.

The shooting occurred as the deputies were attempting to serve an eviction notice, Susan Medina, spokeswoman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, told reporters.

One deputy was killed.

A second deputy is believed to have life-threatening injuries, Medina said. The third officer’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

“It is a dark day, and he would ask for prayers and thoughts, and just focusing everything you have on support of the Park County Sheriff’s Office,” the spokeswoman said of the sheriff.

The suspect was not identified.

Jacki Kelley, with the sheriff’s office in neighboring Jefferson County, said the shooter is dead.

It was not immediately clear how the shooter died.

CNN’s Seth Kovar contributed to this report.

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      The liberals who praise gun control should be aware that Colorado passed some tough new gun legislation. Intelligent people realize that all the laws in the world mean nothing to the criminal element.
      Of course it is possible that the limp wristed liberals have a solution ………? No? I didn’t think so.

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