Senate votes to pass medical marijuana SB 89; now goes to House for vote

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SALT LAKE CITY – The Senate has voted to pass Senate Bill 89 which would allow for limited medical marijuana use in Utah by a margin of 18 to 8 Monday.

SB 89 will now head to the House for consideration.

Lawmakers said the Senate plans to address SB 73 Monday afternoon.

Sponsored by Sen. Mark Madsen (R-Saratoga Springs), it would allow for expanded medical marijuana use to treat ailments.

Officials said a vote is possible Monday.

WATCH LIVE:  Debate on expanded medical marijuana SB 73 on Senate floor to begin Monday afternoon.


  • Terry

    While the State of Iseral over 15 years ago developed the part of the Marijuana Plant to control severe seizer-like conditions in Children, Utah is way behind in allowing that formulation to be used here… However I also see the danger in allowing the “Wolf” get his nose just far inside the door for the flood gates to push wide open. Look at all the States where Medical Marijiuana is feely dispensed! Great caution should be taken here or we’ll end up like these other States….

  • Sue

    To Terry and all those who think like Terry, No “WOLF” is being let in the door. That “WOLF” called Alcohol and prescription pain pills are all already here and are killing people as we speak. Alcohol and opiates have no medical benefits and both are deadly. Marijuana has never killed anyone by over dose or long term effects of using it. My husband is dying from seizures and whole plant marijuana medications with THCA and THC are going to need to be a part of his medication. CBD hemp oil is not enough for him. How dare anyone keep this plant illegal anymore. The benefits are enormous. Do you believe alcohol should be legal as well as over prescribed opiates? If you do, then you are condoning the really gateway drugs.

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