Western Family recalls lot of green beans after Utah woman finds snake head

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FARMINGTON, Utah – Western Family has recalled a lot of green beans after a woman in Farmington stirring the veggies found a snake’s head staring back up at her.

Troy Walker said she was stirring green beans in a crock pot while cooking for about 100 members of her church's congregation.

“And I looked and thought, ‘Oh, there is a burnt bean,'" she said. "So I picked it up with a spoon, and then I picked it up and I saw eyes! It was a snake."

Walker said she screamed in terror.

“We were in the kitchen, and everybody came over and got their cameras out and started taking pictures,” Walker said. “It was terrible. Ugh!”

Walker had purchased dozens of cans of beans for the large meal for members of her church, but after spotting the head they didn’t want to take any chances on finding the body elsewhere.

“We threw all the beans away,” Walker said. “I saved the snake head, and I put it in a can, wrapped it in a plastic bag, and I ran it back down to Harmon’s, who, they were awesome, the were so apologetic.”

Walker has been in contact with Western Family’s Vice President of Quality Assurance, Sharon McFadden.

'We have stopped distribution on that lot of canned green beans,” McFadden stated. “We have issued a recall to wholesalers. That product was produced in August 2014 in Oregon. We are investigating how this happened.”

Walker said she let the company know they may have other unexpected chunks of reptile in their cans.

“When I called Western Family, I said, ‘You know what, there is a body out there somewhere: We only have the head.’”

Walker said she’s calmed down since the incident rattled her, but adds that it will be a while before green beans are back on the menu.

“I would probably never eat green beans again,” she said. “Done. Done. Done. Done: Game over!"


    • Scoop Cavazos

      Ryan it has NOT BEEN RECALLED. There is no recall. This was a one off. And, on the other site with this story, the comments are ridiculous: “Big deal, it won’t hurt you” and such things. Number one, that’s NOT the issue- the issue is this poor woman was in revulsion at the fact she found a snakes head in the cooking pot. We KNOW snakes are “natural” and live in fields, and so on. The fact is, she, like ANY one young or old- would be horrified with green beans for years after this experience, as I was with Cup O Noodles after biting down on a hard “stick” which turned out to be a hairy, long, jointed water bug’s leg. At first I was thinking I over-reacted and it was just a piece of grass or stem, until I inspected it carefully in my hands and found it indeed WAS a very large roaches leg. Yes that horrid feeling in the pit of your stomach you feel reading this is a fraction of what I felt. I can no longer eat Cup O Noodles- I am so disgusted by it years and years later. So, quit it with the phony “So What” comments on KSL, you know good and well you’d be repulsed by it for years later yourselves.

  • Vicki Lynne Short

    It was recalled
    Western Family Cut Green Beans
    Western Family has withdrawn from the marketplace:
    Western Family Cut Green Beans
    UPC#: 15400 01409
    E 4
    If you have product with this lot code, found on the can lid, please return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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